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There won't be an Earth left to save

Tali 'Zorah, my favorite ME Character. *_*

I'm not sure how long it took me, maybe 4 or 5 hours.

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Tali CSI I say, this is epic!
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Yay, thanks a bunch! :squee: 
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no problem :happy: 
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That look just makes me think that she went postal if shepard was sent to the batarians before me3 and she blames the systems alliance for his death.
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She got suicidal at the end of my second ME3 run :( All just because I couldn't erase the geth from the universe.
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the moment she takes of her mask was soooo breathtaking!
Did you know she can die in ME 3? 
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Yes, I know, I cried! D: 
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I just wanted PEACE between both races and my fav character just says "no fuck you I'm jump from that cliff there" D:
This was the point I canceled my second gamerun^^
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haha, yeah I had a kinda similar feeling with that scene! >_> 
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Come on everyone, play more Paragon! Then you can save BOTH!
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i like tali too
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A bit too dark for my take on Tali, but still a very good piece.Thumbs Up 
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So...why does she have human blood on her?
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cerberus? %50 of the u are killing cerberus. ^^
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It could be Quarian, considering that they also have red blood.
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true but it is a little darker that human blood...
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ohohooo... so awesome U__U
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I just want to say that you have done an absolutely fantastic job here! :D
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'Suit rat,' huh? Try saying that when she has a shotgun! See that blood on her? That's used to belong to someone who would underestimate the Quarians as pushovers!


Keelah se'lai! Headbang! 

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she does look like a suit rat, but just look beyond the mask
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