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Planet Creatures

I love this color scheme and I just love painting animals. (I finally realized how strongly fulfilling it feels to me!) My goal here was to design something slightly new but still very close to the real world and additionally to show they come from the same place while using similar colors. 

I wonder if some of you got a favorite animal? A creature which really inspires and fascinates you? ^_^
Doesn't matter if it is a fantasy creature or a real animal. I grew up with 3 dogs and a cat, nowadays 2 cat sisters enrich my everday life, and I love to watch their movements, such a masterpiece of nature! ^.^

I would be really happy if you would support me on ArtStation… and/ or Twitter   : D
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First off, I LOVE THE SHADING on all 3 of these.
It's just amazing looking. And the textures on all three. PLUS THE EYES. Mah gawd, the eyes probably deserve mentioning the most, and that's saying something.

Secondly, I'd say my favorite animals that inspires me the most are probably cats (including big cat types too) I've noticed. But I do love cats (and have one). So it makes sense. XD
Birds, flying animals, and flying mythological creatures are interesting too, since I use those to base the Valkyries I create around.
Passed that, there's so much and many interesting mythological creatures, that it's hard for me to pinpoint just one. Especially since I'm a mythology buff. >_<

Thirdly, how have you been and what have you been up to, by the way?
Feels like forever since we last spoke and caught up.
I guess one thing to note on my end is that I've gotten into digital art a lot more in the passed year. So if you haven't checked out some of what I've done and been up to, go ahead and check that out if you're curious to see my adventure in that.
I hope all's been well with you since we last spoke!
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Hey, thanks a bunch for these nice words!

Yes, I know what you mean, it's hard to choose. : D So many beautiful creatures on this planet and then so many inspirations from fantastical ones!
Somehow cat's often manage to get this special spot, haha. 

That's so right, it's been a while. I'm doing lots of stuff, because I'm freelancer since march.
Doing work, bureaucracy and improving my portfolio keeps me busy, but in a good way, because I can manage my time how want now. : ) But it's hard for me to be super active on all the websites, my DA watch list is flooded with thousands of new artworks, I don't know how to check all of them. ^^°
I hope you're doing fine, too, I will check your stuff of course!