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The victims of fashion, art and cool here in town started a project of playing cards and invited some artists. I'm not even close from the art scene members here but I joined the project because a friend of mine, also named Thiago, was part of it. The thing was so disorganized that Thiago himself left the project. By seeing it as a good opportunity, I decided to continue. So each suit would be raffled between the artists involved — something's wrong here, because the project has two whole decks but the number of artists doesn't fulfill even a single deck! But that's OK, not my problem. I was hoping to get some Club suit because I wanted to do something Celtic with green and orange, but unfortunatelly I got 2 of Diamonds.

It took me some time to start my project — weeks, actually, and, to tell the truth, I started it today, and today is the deadline to deliver my art. Before getting to work, I thought a lot this morning on what to do. Then I decided by the candles and the owl. I drew this here in the office, digitalized it and put on the suit template they gave me.

This is when I have myself a probation on how I treasure and accept my own art. Coz most of the artists participating on the project are actually, I don't know how to call this... designers? Digital artists? Adobe Photoshop pilots (or pirates)? Whatever. They do colorful and psychedelic 3D computer arts and I come with this full-white/blank thing. Then I say to myself "Ease! I am what I am!"

And I've got a lot of delayed stuff, so I better control my ADD and start working hard.
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OK, I'm sorry, but this is big. (that's what she said!)

The Coletivo WC, a web comic collective of which I am a member and of which I have talked here before, launched its first print magazine, Sanitário (Portuguese language for "toilet", despite it resembles "Sanitarium"), a compilation of short comics from some of the members. What I didn't expect to happen was an event thrown by Comic House, the only comic book store in town, to launch the magazine. The owner announced the launch of the magazine + a book signing on Facebook and requested our presence.

I was not fan of the idea (actually I'm still not fan of it) and I didn't want to attend to it, so I didn't even told my family or my friends. But Facebook is like a virus out of control and some people got aware of the event. They came to me like "Hey, how is it going to be?" and I would go "Dude, I don't know, I'm not attending to it!" So I heared a lot of "C'mon, it's your magazine! You should come!" "Your fellow members will feel underestimated and discredited if you don't come" "If you're not coming you're being disrespectful towards your comic mates" "Don't be such a smug!" and all that jazz. So I went to it.

I don't know why do people like autographs. I don't see myself asking for a book I bought to be sign even to my favorite authors like Dash Shaw or Adrian Tomine. So I had no idea of what to write. I was firstly just signing T.Leal while all of the other guys were asking the readers' names and writing messages... so some time later I start writing messages like "So long and thank you for all the shoes" (for the NOFX recording!), "Several leagues over the sea" or drawing whales, elephants, ducks, penguins...

In the end, it was kinda funny and there were more people than I could imagine. I thought only some family, relatives and friends of the members would show up, but, I guess, there were something close to 100 people and we sold 45 magazines.
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That's it again. My idea in managing to be a comic artist is not only make a living, but getting to know other artists, getting to know other ideas, creative processes, making friends. I expand my ideas by reaching other artists' works, that's why I like to exchange comics, be in zines and all.

Larry King ( sent me his zines. I received them some weeks ago but I haven't even told Larry yet because I was waiting to post this.

Larry's minicomics are not just well-drawn but also have inventive scripts. The very small formats are so convenient because they fit anywhere, they're easy to carry. My favorite one, Flapjack and Friends, depict the most oddball characters oddball characters since [adult swim] best shows.

The comics photo can be seen here:…
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Well, I'm starting a home-printing zine.

It will be a black and white 12-page zine (cover counting) and its size will be 8.3x5.8 inches - half a standard sheet of paper.

Anything is welcome. Comics, illustrations, photographies, short stories, poems... anything goes. But the zine has a specific topic: night. So its content must be anything related to night - sleep, dreams, insomnia, nocturnal activities, nocturnal animals, nocturnal behavior, coffee, night itself etc.

I still have six pages left first issue, so it's totally opened to contributions.

I have no restriction on lenght, but the shorter, the better. The best would be a single-page stuff or something that fit on a single page. Fell free to send me any longer stuff if you want though. As long as it fit the issue I will surely publish.

Also, I'd rather not to publish mature content. But, once again, I have no restriction on it, just talk to me if you're interested. or
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I should have done this entry so long before. Gretzky sake, I'm such careless! Well, better late than never, so here it goes.

Some time ago I received two issues of The Society of Erotic Poets Quarterly, fanzines made and edited by smallish-deer

The zines are very good. Nice content and nice edition. So much better than good part of collective zines I see around. I contributed with one issue, sending her an one-page comic that I did for publishing. Some of the content in her zine is x-rated. My comic isn't though. Once again, what delights me is the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures. As Eadie is Australian, I'm talking about someone in the other side of the world to me.

I have submited both pictures of Eadie's zines and the comic she published, named Day-to-daydream, which I subtitled Toothbrushes.

I'd like to thank Eadie for publishing my stuff and greeting her for such nice work.
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Some weeks ago I received by mail two zines from a dA mate, Josh Lees…

I just submited a photo of Plaid and a Sense of Reality into my gallery. Sure I asked Josh for permission first. And I thought it would be a good reason for doing my first journal entry. Besides reading two good short comics, I could have a taste of folks. I like getting stuff from all around the world, wether professional or independent. It gives a broader view of what's happening and the opportunity of soaking up different cultures. It's nice, we open mind for new ideas.

Maybe we can not embrace the world with such short arms... but spreading our work to people in different locations is the closer we can get to it.

This a Sense of Reality cover instantly became one of my influences in concept.
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