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Totsuki Autumn Election Participants|Food Wars!

This is the shadow-ed version of this:…so go check it out and choose wich do you like more :D (Big Grin) 
Finally i got to upload something after a long (longer than i would like) time, I've never done something so big in one single wallpaper (so many characters!) the files was way too large to upload it here (the limit is just 80 mb but anyway XD).
So, Totsuki Autumn Election Is almost over, who do you think will win? im betting on Akira Hayama even tough Yukihira hasnt shown the full potential of his plate :T
It was fun tough 6/9 would do again -Ign.
Also i'll try to have a new format of uploading artwork, i'll upload a minimal wallpaper wich has shadows, then upload the same wallpaper without shadows, so I'll have the best of both worlds and you can choose your favorite :D
Pd: if you ask about "Food Wars" its because of the character limit in the title XD
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thats was amazing

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Can I use your image ?
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Sweet God in heaven. This is magnificent!

You should read the manga. It's gotten a LOT interesting.
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And ye, thats the plan, i will read it eventually, i love the series! Problem is i got many unfinished manga like berserk, jjba, boku no hero academia, etc and im also playing TF2 like crazy so...