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Spaceship Cockpit HUD

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NOTE: THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD. I made that thing over 6 years ago, the files don't exist anymore. Read below which rainmeter things I used and recreate it yourself if you want. Just takes a bit of googling.

Original Wallpaper by Zane Bien (*z-design), altered by myself using Photoshop. Almost every element there is a Rainmeter skins - the whole thing moves, blinks and is animated. WIP

Used & altered with permission from z-design. Original one here:

Rainmeter skins used: xclock (2 times), RoundHDDMeter, LymeMeter, Implosion, GITS_Nathe, Blue Vision V0.2, Binary Clock (all code)(13 times), Bars II and Arcs, AllYearCalendar2010

Alienware Xenomorph Windows Theme
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