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Cobra's slave, the Baroness

Photo by Jenny Barclay for FHM.

Costume of The Baroness from GI Joe made by me. The pattern and construction of the bodysuit was by me, made from pleather. the breastplate is fiberglass and was custom molded to me. Sculpt for casting was done by Chris Donio, Atlanta sculptor.

..somehow the baroness got stuck doing Cobra's laundry!? not. fair.
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Nice but how is it feel for your skin?
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Gorgeous outfit, dear. S
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What does Destro do? Cooking?
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I think the only person she would do that for is Destro.
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The baroness is a slave to NO ONE!
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Even a villainess needs clean clothes.  ;)
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I do not think Baroness would ever be Cobra Commander's slave. Maybe Destro's.
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Nobody escapes the housework ! Xcellent picture ! nice
I Adore the outfit and its sheer classic flavor of the old GI JOE show, but my question is- why isnt DESTRO doing the Laundry?? love it either way.

And the costume is pretty good too. ;-)
This is very cool :) made me laugh
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For years I have seen this image all over the place. And it's one of my favorites, so I'm happy to finally find out who you are and say what a great job you did! Not only is the costume fantastic, but the idea was perfect as well. Just brilliant. Hope to see some of your fantastic costumes at DragonCon
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I have a question, by chance do you have a larger file of this? Or make prints available? (that I may have just sent a request for;) ) I'd love to have a print of this to hang in my booth at work with my other eclectic display of nerdy things!
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i dont as of yet, but maybe i will do a print of it in the future, good idea! thank you!
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No problem! Let me know if you ever do, I'd love to buy it!
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You're very welcome!
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Very cute picture!
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Cobra has no respect for the Baroness! Having her do their laundry. It'll come back to bite them on the arse!
Do you have anymore pics of the Baroness?
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