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Didnapper - Yuti's mod - Beta 3.2 - Academy Quest

Hi everyone.
This is the very last update for my mod.
Long time had passed, I move on other projects.
For now, I'm not interested anymore into extend this mod anymore.
But maybe one day, I'll be back :)

(It's now compatible with Android!)

A video which presents the new feature + the quest :…


New feature : Switch between girls in the lair :

Next to Athena, on the top left on the living quarters, there is a sign.
With this sign, you can easely switch between Suki / Carol / Athena / Evelyn without having to be captured by them.
Suki will be placed in a private cell.
(it will trigger a little cutscene. To get suki back, use the sign again or release her)

Academy quest with Athena :

To trigger this quest, win a practise battle against Athena (with Suki) and choose "Academy Quest".
Story :
As Suki wants Athena to practise escaping, she sell her to the mage Academy and challenge her to escape.
There are four differents ending ! :)
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Will it work on android?
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Yep, check the description, there is a link for android

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And I have it separate from the game files?
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How much was changed between this and 3.1?

I know this mod is not being worked on anymore, but I do have a question. I am trying to do the angel side quest that is mentioned in the changelog. I have defeated the pretend angel and have real angel in the trophy hall. I have the entire party with me and I go to the Inn in Ghiaccio but I can't get the angel to come. I tried interacting with the bed and nothing happens. When I pay the innkeeper, I just get the succubus.

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You need to go alone (without your party) and all of the girls must not be in their cells at the lair.

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Is it possible to continue from where I've left? I completed all the game 100% so I would like to know if I can play this update with that save file :)

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Uh that's great! Do I just copy the save file into the new game's folder?
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Does this version include all the previous versions of your mod as well as the update, or would I have to download them individually?

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It includes everything ^^
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Okay, good to know. I'm having trouble triggering the angel sidequest, I keep getting the succubus instead.

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There are some conditions to trigger it :

- The angel must be in her cell (in the trophy hall)

- Your allies must be free (not in their cell)

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I figured out the issue. If your allies are in your party, it doesn't trigger for some reason. You have to go to the bed alone.

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Oh yep! true ^^

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There's also a glitch in the sidequest for Evelyn's home. Fighting the ropes causes an error and shuts down the game. Just thought you might want to know.

hi you could add a Vine escape system to didnapper as in the image published by Thedawidow and a straitjacket

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I'm not modding didnapper anymore, sorry :/
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Because it's not interesting me anymore and I've moved on other projects.

not even a last mod?

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No :/
I told it in the description : the last update.
Now I'm focused on my minecraft kidnap mod ^^
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