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Wizard101 Balance Meme

5/7 schools meme completed. Enjoy Balance Wizards as you force yourself to do it!
Remember to GIVE credit where credit is given!
(In other words: Credit back to this meme if used! Make sure to at least add my name in your credit for making the meme and link the meme back here so I can meet your Balance Wizard!)

EDIT: Oi! I just notice a big spelling error at number 4! XD Yay for Myths! Any-who sorry Balance students for it I'll try and fix it.

~Also NO meme is wrong! It can be screens of the game, drawn in paint, drawn with a mouse, drawn with a tablet, drawn with your hands, drawn with a computer, or whatever, Nothing is every wrong for a meme (Unless it one that ask to do one of the above...). In other words, DO IT! Anything is art!~

*The World of the Wizard101 © KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc

Other Memes:
1)Myth ~ [link]
2) Life ~ [link]
3) Ice ~ [link]
4) Storm ~ [link]
6) Death ~ [link]
7) Fire ~ [link]

*SWEET* Examples:
:icontheyuo: ~ [link]
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1.) all my free time looking at memes, i kinda knew one day i'd get sucked into one...
anyway, my name is Robert Roseflame (i named myself before i learned i couldn't wear pink, but i rock light purple, so close enough...)
I'm 24 years old, turning 25 this October at the time of typing this, and i'm currently at level 9, almost to ten, but as a freemium it's a struggle...

2.) i thought we went through this, i'm not a kid...
as for favorite schools other than my own, i pretty much use everything, which i guess is natural for us Sorcerers, but i mainly sub Myth and Storm Spells. sure Storm has the worst accuracy of all schools to compensate for it's high attack power, but thanks to the Precision buff spells i naturally learn from the Balance School, i'm confident i can make it work...!

3.) as of right now, all i added to my dorm was a Crafting Bench. it's also awkwardly placed because i... don't know how to... rotate furniture... in my... room... next question please? i'd like to change the subject.

4.) ok, first off, i'm not a party guy, so you wouldn't need to worry about that.
secondly, Screw you too!
and finally I'm a Freemium as of right now, so when faced with picking my favorite between a Teacher i can interact with right now and a Teacher I've never met, nor can I in my situation, you can't blame me for being biased in favor of the one i actually know.
what i'm saying is Dog-man, all the way!!

5.) I absolutely LOVE the buffs and debuffs that come naturally with my School, but as for Attacking Spells... (looks at my pet Cyclops, Mister Muffin, and the Cyclops Spell card he comes with,) ... does my favorite attack Have to come from the Balance School? i mean, aren't we supposed to be the Wildcard School, after all...?

6.) anything that can speed up Pip production and Spell Accuracy is fine by me, though it wouldn't hurt to add a good Ward or two for good measure. in short, if given the opprotunity to create a new Balance Spell, i WILL end up breaking the game...!

7.) (wrestles a Basking in the sun Shark to the ground and pummels it,) YOU DON'T DESERVE THAT NAME!! WHAT KIND OF POOR EXCUSE OF A BASKING SHARK ARE YOU?!? (looks up at everyone beating up a Seasonal fish with his bare hands,) ... um, a-as for tagging people, i dunno many people who play this game who also main this School. so screw it, you decide- let the tags be Dealer's Choice.
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OH I WANNA DO IT BUT FIRST I WANT you to see my character :P
click in this… to acess my character profile i hope you like
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 Cool character! Can't wait to see the Meme!
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Ooh! I see Balance! Mine. *steals* Wait, what was that font you used?
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How did you get it? I don't have that one.
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Find a site to download it from. I think I where I got mine's
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Ooh, I think I'll do this, but it will just be screenshots because I can't draw on a computer D:
I love my balance wizard ^^
TheYUO's avatar
Pictures are perfectly fine too
ranmas2's avatar
[link] Here it is, if you are interested ^^ Sorry for bad graphics and such
TheYUO's avatar
Nicely done! And thank you for doing it!
ranmas2's avatar
Thank you much, and you're welcome! ^^
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Errr.... Thanks?
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TheYUO's avatar
I shall await your meme!
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