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Daniel Turner (MotH) Cosplay by TheYoukoKurama-san Daniel Turner (MotH) Cosplay by TheYoukoKurama-san
So, I decided it would be fun to use straightened hair to cosplay as Daniel Turner for fun. The hair isn't a wig. It's actually my hair. But straightened with a flat iron. XD Forgive me if I couldn't get the proper amount of "flaring out" that Daniel's hair does at the sides, as I've not yet become experienced enough with this sort of hair styling, it seems. Though, perhaps my hair isn't yet long enough in the first place. I had to colour my eyes. I just hope it didn't turn out to badly, overall.

The character is from "Melodies of the Heart (MotH)" a wonderful comic series by :iconlittle-miss-boxie:
It truly is a wonderful ongoing series in so many ways, which I don't want to spoil for anyone who hasn't read it.
For anyone seeing this who doesn't already know:

I hope it's okay for me to have tried this out. ^^; I'm a bit new to all of this, and hope to get better at it in the future. (Maybe I'll get my hands on the clothing necessary to emulate their school uniform sometime. XD)
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KittyMennie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute!!!! I'm not very familiar with the comic... despite being in the group ^_^; Your cosplay of it intrigued me, and makes me want to get into it ^_^

Very nice cosplay~
TheYoukoKurama-san Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Thank you very much. ^^ I'm glad to have sparked interest.
KittyMennie Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^_^
Little-Miss-Boxie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Professional
Ahhhhhhhhhh Q 7Q!!!
ohgoshicanthandlecosplay akjsdfsjdkfs <3333
ffffffff thank you for wanting to cosplay my bby oh gosh oh man <3333 you make an awesome Daniel!! 8D
im so glad you're enjoying MotH so much too ; 7; that makes me so happy!!
thanks so much i love this gosh <33333
TheYoukoKurama-san Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Aww... Thank you! It was my pleasure! ^^ Impossible not to like it! Keep it up.
Oh you~ Constantly singing my praises, huh?
You're sweet. ^^;

Anyway, I think the straight suits you. And it's good to see you getting into MotH so much. Nice to see you enjoying something on dA. :D
TheYoukoKurama-san Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
I'm only speaking the truth, Dear. ^^;

And thank you. ^^
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November 28, 2013
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