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Hey guys, been awhile hasn't it? Oh yes it has....

If it isn't obvious, it looks that this account has become a extremely dead account. My core ran out, i haven't uploaded anything in quite some time and again i fell behind replying to people once again. 

Well, if you want honesty, behind all the scenes many things happened, from roughly the beginning of the year to now. I made a whole new journal explaining my aim and goals for this place, and what I was trying to do. Yet, here we now even in a bigger runt than before. 

The elements i did portray here isn't the same anymore, Least not fully. Me personally has had it very rough in many ways, from finances... to pure emotions. After all I'm a guy who tends to put himself behind to help someone else, even though sometimes I cant do something for someone. This has changed me in many ways, plus now becoming an adult. 

Bills, work, it changes a man more than I ever thought it could when I began here. I've made mistakes to, like my whole "Deactivate" prank on April fools, or faking a horror like scene for Halloween. All this, plus the "Now" have made me into a different man. 

Is that bad? Can't say it really fully is, I'm still a goofball who is very passionate on what I do, yoshi, to my own work. Even now looking at this page... it pains me seeing so many years I spent now down the drain. I had a moping period for my personal reasons on my own decline... because i won't lie, Past few months I did feel more upset... more depressed and its been hard. Many personal events caught up and I tried to hide a smile. 

Most of those who still talked to me on social media wasn't really aware of this, but I did open up more to them. if they're reading this then they may already know all this.

TheYoshiMaster isn't dead but has declined majorly. However... No matter the decline I take, i still had support and I still love all my ideas. From the Elements to the more sideline projects I did. Can't lie I feel a massive base here came for those Giant bellies and Sexy yoshi's, which I still love to but I try to focus on other things more now. 

I did finally get back into the groove however, and I before I vanished here did hint at the works of the "Official Elements" and more. I still worked on it, and can now proudly say I have a new account I've been working on up. Its still being adjusted but I am posting my written stories, and posting art on my official oc and creations.

I still got thought of doing yoshi over there, but my original content is focus. And if you want to watch me over there, please do so. I have a twitter i'm trying to stay active on, plus updating there. I'm trying to expand myself and make benefits to commissions and more.…

So what about here? 

Well, tbh I don't want to just end this account. I like I always said still want to fix it and reborn it. And hopefully soon in due time I can gt core up and new art back here, because I know you fans have waited so long, probably just gave up on me or deviant art now. I'm here to tell you you don't gotta wait to much longer ;)

If you made it this far, thank you. Thank you everyone who has been here as long as you have, and liked my art. This yoshi fan isn't gone and is coming back stronger than ever. Who knows where the future will go.

With that, like for good ol times, Happy drawing!


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