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first were the parties
music and dancing and angels in white flowers
second came the sorrow
anger and hatred and burning hot showers
third came the healing
friendship, safety, security
fourth my ridicule-ity
a sham of love, clouded with infidelity
but fifth there grew beauty
fifth, growing strong
choices had weight
but the lessons; right or wrong?
figure what you want
might need a little shove
get it all figured
because sixth will be for love
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
attention whore
smile for the camera
you slutty little bitch
don't pass go
200 dollars stuffed down your bra
your panties if you can't keep them on
there's a cavity as well
just in case
smile real wide
bat your eye lashes
good for nothing
smash crash smash
shut up and take it
just don't you speak
and ruin the pretty
little images you've created
pushed into a neat little line
perfect for that next fucking fix
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 2 0
It was so fucking simple
a little peck, a little flash
of him and his scent and his breath
down down down down down she goes
it's not a fucking fairy tale
this story has no good
it starts with a sigh, a whisper, a glance
a song, a frown, a dance
it progresses to a hyperbole
with a hint of metaphor
pride like flesh and thoughts like a knife
cuts are only skindeep, they can't hurt you
no no no no no no no no no
stop it
it ends with the end
she's just so fucking done
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
I knew.
I knew from the very fucking start
what was love to you
but a petty little game?
Cat and mouse, in and out
weave your lies, your deceptions, your hidden truths
Get the fuck out of my head
I let him kiss me
I told him to
I took the plunge
dove in headfirst
I hate you, I hate you, I fucking hate you
I love you
I hate you
I wasn't confused, depressed, or alone
you hated me, you used me, you abused me,
so did I
and I loved every second of it
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 2 0
the lion, the lioness, and the lamb
the lion loves the lioness and all is right with the world
the lion provides for the lioness, though she can hunt on her own
a labor of love
the lion finds the lamb with the intention of caring for the lioness
the lamb bats her pretty little eyes and shakes her hips
the lion loves the lamb more than the lioness
it's messy and confusing to love your food
to crave them in a sense more carnal than hunger
to need them for more than the basic sense of survival
pure idiocy to protect them from your own kind
no sense in letting them near yourself
yet the lioness is too domineering
too brash, too bold
the lamb is soft and gentle and kind
the lioness can be too
who would ever respect a lioness without ferocity?
the lioness hates the lamb
but the lamb is protected by her love
the lioness' love
the lioness loves the lion
the lion loves the lamb
the lioness is alone
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
Boldfaced Desire
maybe it's the passion I crave most of all
the uninhibited need of your skin against mine
the idea of you and me in the same space, the same moment
breathless and reeling inside this happy little daydream
how long can this fantasy last for me?
the breathe that you own escapes from your lips
intoxicating me, blinding me to everything
use your hips, your eyes, your lies,
bend me to your will
it's not abuse if it's me giving in
don't question me
use your butterscotch lips to build me up
break all my rules
bend me to your will
all that is craved
all that I desire
what I need so desperately
is you
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
The Moments of You and I
She was a girl, in the very essence of the world.
He was a man with the intentions of a young, foolish boy.
They should never have been
They should never have even met
But the best loves are those that are forbidden.
She was a writer at the best of times, a poet at the worst.
She narrowed her eyes at the paper, squinting thoughtfully. She was the only one he'd ever known who relied so much on paper. She hated technology, preferring to rely on her pens and the pure white sheets she nicked from her mom's office. It was as though the words were already written into the very fabric of existence; all she did was pull it out. And the worlds she pulled out, so full of the longing and passion. They made even him feel.
Silently, he watched as she traced the ink with the care of a mother touching her newborn child.
It was then that she looked up, as if suddenly feeling him watching her. They locked eyes and she smiled, a dreamy, slightly absent expression on her face. His breath caught
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 3 4
Mature content
~ :icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 0 4
Too Many Titles To Name
I stare
I ponder
I wonder and sigh
what would have
could have
should have
but it won't
I have no claim
I have no right
I've made my choice
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
i like to begin
with a
Once Upon A Time
and end
with a
Happily Ever After
after all,
i do only write fiction
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 4 3
she was warm
she was bright
she was caring
she was kind
she was Sunny
she didn't hate
she didn't discriminate
she didn't speak unless spoken to
she didn't shed a single tear
she tried to make him happy every single day
but I guess sometimes she gets in the way
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 2 0
Mature content
your fault :icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 3 2
SixWordStory - Jimmy
3 am.
"You're blind."
"You're beautiful."
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 4
DERPING by theycallmeiris DERPING :icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 1 0
I dream of knives
slashing in their twisted, cruel faces
for there's no room for "friends"
in these empty blank spaces.
Am I too close for comfort
too close to feel?
Are you feeling the slightest
itty bitty bit of zeal?
They all think I'm mad
tat I've lost my mind.
But really, thinking that?
How could one be so blind.
I have a plan, love, a plan
so incredible, so delightful.
(And really just the slightest bit eerie and frightful)
This plan that you hear
it may give you quite the shock
There's really no time,
hear the clock tick-tock?
Really, darling, this plan packs quite the zap
and for years after people shall wonder,
"Who was mad enough to do that?"
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 2 4
is it wrong
is it wrong
that his words still take my breath away
every line
every syl-la-ble
leaves me unable to speak
I could sing
I could cry
I could rule the world
all because his words
remind me of what was
and then he asks me
why I look so strange
like I've been swept off my feet
when he hasn't even spoke
and I have to lie
and tell him everything is normal
is it wrong
:icontheycallmeiris:theycallmeiris 2 0

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