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Anime USA 2014: Chef! Haru x Maid! Kou by thexwierdxgroup Anime USA 2014: Chef! Haru x Maid! Kou :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Neko Sweeto by thexwierdxgroup Neko Sweeto :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 2 the illusion by thexwierdxgroup the illusion :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 0 violet petals by thexwierdxgroup violet petals :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 100 petals by thexwierdxgroup 100 petals :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 0 Tea time by thexwierdxgroup Tea time :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 kero-chan drawing from Cardcaptor Sakura by thexwierdxgroup kero-chan drawing from Cardcaptor Sakura :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 2 3 Anime usa 2013: magi by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013: magi :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 0 Anime usa 2013: black  butler by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013: black butler :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Anime usa 2013: homestuck tricksters by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013: homestuck tricksters :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 2 0 Anime usa 2013: the lorax by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013: the lorax :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Anime usa 2013: heart no kuni no alice by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013: heart no kuni no alice :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Anime usa 2013 : free by thexwierdxgroup Anime usa 2013 : free :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 1 free iwatobi at Animeusa 2013 by thexwierdxgroup free iwatobi at Animeusa 2013 :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Sebastian and Grell at Animeusa 2013 by thexwierdxgroup Sebastian and Grell at Animeusa 2013 :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 0 0 Psiionic at Anime usa 2013 by thexwierdxgroup Psiionic at Anime usa 2013 :iconthexwierdxgroup:thexwierdxgroup 1 0


Light (KurokoxKise's Sis! Reader)
(As always thank you for reading and please read KnB Various x Kise's Sister! Reader if you haven't before.)
    Eyes snapping open, Kise (f/n) groaned and said, “Oh no I hope I’m not late for the shoot. Ugh my head is killing me!” (e/c) eyes looked around and took in the scene of an empty infirmary. “Jeeze they should at least have someone here when a patient wakes up.”
    The girl’s legs swung over the side of the bed and she winced in pain then yelped, startled when a voice said, “Kise-san, I’m right here.” An expressionless, blue haired teen stated as though it was the most obvious fact.
    “Kuroko-san! You startled me! Did you bring me to the infirmary? What happened? I can’t remember anything after talking with Ryouta Onii-chan and Yamato-kun.”
:iconpunkyheartdesu:punkyheartdesu 108 10
BJD cosplay :DUCAN by yuegene BJD cosplay :DUCAN :iconyuegene:yuegene 448 18 Crow Tengu by yuegene Crow Tengu :iconyuegene:yuegene 663 35 Matsuoka Rin Cosplay 2 by yuegene Matsuoka Rin Cosplay 2 :iconyuegene:yuegene 2,811 124
Hypnotized!OHSHCxWitch!Reader Intro
“Good morning, class!” the teacher said to the many students in the classroom, “Today I have some wonderful news!  A new student will be joining us today! She’s come to Japan from (country) as an exchange student, and I believe she’ll be a wonderful addition to our school!”
The students of Ouran High School murmured curiously amongst one another at the news.  It wasn’t often that an exchange student would come to their school.  Amongst the most excited to meet the new student was young Tamaki Suoh, king of the school’s famed Host Club. Boy or girl, he was always certain to welcome them in with open arms.
“Everyone, please give a warm welcome to _________ ___________,” the teacher says, turning to the door to the classroom. The class looks at the door, watching the student walk in… and are surprised by what they see.
The student was obviously a girl, given they were wearing the traditional dress uniform for
:iconfaeths:FaethS 38 16
Levi Nii-san! ~Levi x Child! Reader~
(A/N): this is another story for one of my story a day for you! ~ Levi x Child! reader ~ Please enjoy it!
It was a cold day and almost everyone stayed at their own house . Of course it is cold  it's winter after all  you can see the kids at your age playing outside with snow while you just at home watching them having fun. Your aunt is sick and she couldn't move from her bed. You're patiently wait for her next to her bed. You sit and watch the view. You don't have other people to relyon or even to talk.
 "(y/n), have you eat?...Auntie you haven't..." Your aunt tried to get up but she quickly coughed.
"Auntie! .. I already eat! Please just rest!" You pushed her to the bed again worried about her condition. Day by day her condition is becoming worst and you're very scared.
 "Really? You look..thinner, (y/n)..." She smiled gently and you nod.
Actually it's a lie. You haven't eat since yesterday. Because you're house maid run away l
:icon22kurophantomhive10:22KuRoPhAnTomHive10 248 54
Yandere!Rin x Reader- Old Doll
I suggest listening to an "Old Doll" cover that someone did while reading this :3
(Name)'s eyes looked towards the front door to find someone entering the house.
She was wondering who it was, since he didn't look familiar to her.
Hey, can you hear me? I called out your name.
The man looked towards her, eyes wide.
Where are you from? What is it that's brought you here?
He quickly looked away from her, calling Rin's name frantically as he backed away into the wall.
Why wont you answer me? I swear to play nice.
His sapphire eyes were wide with fear; he was visibly trembling as well. He looked around for a place to hide while still calling out Rin's name but, the man would not appear!
Isn't this fun? This game of hide-and-seek.
He ran into a closet, hoping to find some shelter from (Name)'s wandering gaze.
Nevertheless, she still kept talking, in a high-pitched voice that was creeping him out.
I only wanted to hear your voice,
Skin that's warm,
Eyes that cry.
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 40 13
souharurin Free!(gif) by DeerAzeen souharurin Free!(gif) :icondeerazeen:DeerAzeen 1,070 54 Armin Arlert - Nightmare by Pudique Armin Arlert - Nightmare :iconpudique:Pudique 18 5 ^vv^ by jordansweeto ^vv^ :iconjordansweeto:jordansweeto 65 9
(Haru x Reader) It's Not Just The Water
(A/N: hadn't been working, so I couldn't finish my Levi x Reader series, but I managed to finish this. I honestly don't know where i went with this ;w; ) 
"Haru? Who are you looking at?" Makoto asked, looking at the dark-haired boy. 
You had just entered class, and sat down at your seat next to your best friend. You waved hello to him, in which his eye widened and he looked away, a slight, unnoticeable blush (unnoticeable for you at least) covering his stoic features. 
"No one..." Haru trailed off, looking out the window on the left. Makoto sighed and looked at where he had previously gazed, seeing your (H/C) hair neatly combed in it's usual hairstyle. Beside you, a sports bag, and on your shoulder, the student council president band. You were a busy, A+ student, who also excelled in sports. Makoto smiled to himself, knowing Haru had a little crush on you ever since you visited the pool. 
"(F/N)-chan? What are you doing here?" Nagisa asked in a loud vo
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 255 18
saucius. | sousuke
he’s been distant lately. his behavior has been rather off-- regardless of your presence, it seems as if apathy has latched onto him entirely. short replies are given, few words said.
you’re not sure if you’ve done something wrong.
he certainly doesn’t talk about his problems-- not even with those who he cares deeply for. you’ve talked to rin about the issue, but the maroon haired swimmer doesn’t have the slightest clue about what’s going on. he said that his swimming has been a bit off, but otherwise, he seems fine.
concern visible upon features, your eyes glance at the clock before you rise from your seat. although you still continue to spend time together, it feels as if you’re alone. he makes little effort to interact with you; it feels like he’s not even there anymore. the desire to speak up about the lingering issue overwhelms you, but now isn’t the right time. you’ve got work in half an hour-- surely that i
:iconciiren:ciiren 259 41
Free! - Bedouin by giuccin Free! - Bedouin :icongiuccin:giuccin 29 2 Kiss me, dear sister.. by SunshineAlways
Mature content
Kiss me, dear sister.. :iconsunshinealways:SunshineAlways 17 5
Eternal Summer. by YeyeC Eternal Summer. :iconyeyec:YeyeC 57 5
Doctor Italy x reader (NOT A DOCTOR WHO SPOOF)
…but I think I might make one soon!
:iconeetay99:EETay99 13 2




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the only reason i chose my ig username is because of how i thought of the dark pokemon and then that one pokemon named unknown im strange but i still like the other pokemon. Of course i do watch anime apparently i got bored and made a list of the animes i watched its 80+ my ig is: nightmare_unknown
2nd ig: the_nightmare_unknown_family


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