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hey guys! an awesome artist and friend has commissions open! <3 go check them out! <da:thumb id="737341936"/>  vethysnia 
does anyone have any recommendations for someone who does equine art commissions? :3 I follow a few but I've been out of horses for a long time!
thanks in advance! <3
check out mischys awesome raffle! :)

my friend vethysnia is an amazing artist and she is in need of some emergency help! check her out!

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Check out vethysnia  work! She has an amazingly unique style for really great prices!!
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'Ours is a world that has known many stories, legends born of deep magics that touched the earth and sky. Once, we were a simple race, a singular entity that lived and died in the cradle of our creation. We were young, foolish in our ignorance of the evils of predatory monsters and treacherous landscapes. Yet, as we grew older, wiser, the charms livened our blood, quickened our hearts, and wrote the instincts of our mind into our very bones. We grew strong, intelligent, dividing our kin into vast herds and spreading out across the world, claiming its regions as our own. The magic in those places soon became our own, its gilded light claiming us as its children, and we became the true masters of our domain. We were the Orian, the deer of Idris.'

The great realms of the Orian were at peace, noble stags content in their halls of wandering, does safe in their herds of kin and progeny. After a long century of building tension, the accords amongst their people were signed, ending the long-standing grudge between forest, mountain, plain, and cavern. The heroes, near myths in their might of charms and strength, settled as kings and queens amongst their realms of the heart, content in the alliance rising from the crumbled relics of war and hate. While it would take many generations for the pain to wash away, for the suspicion to fade, the land of Idris seemed at last willing to finally begin to heal.

Yet then the stars began to fall. With the Festival of Elkmire approaching, the tears of Good Mother streaked across the sky and the herds gathered together for the first time since the sealing of their pact. In the Glenn of the Sterling Glades, with the light of the Elder trees Charms raining sparks down upon their crowns, they turned their eyes to the heavens, celebrating life and the coming of spring. It was through their eyes the light of the first came, hailing across the darkness of the eastern sky like a comet's tail, brilliant and cerulean. She, for that was what they would soon discover, struck down amongst the timbers. A being cloaked in the mysteries of countless stars; a Cerulis.

If you're interested in our little site you can read more about us…
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still have quite a few up <3
edit: added a few more
Went through some old folders and put up some other characters for sale, including the horse one everyone asks me about. lol

ETA: They are only for sale if there is a price next to them, if there isn't they are not currently available. Sorry for the confusion! <3
I have some old charries up for grabs in my stash, if they have a price next to them they are for sure for sale. I am still debating about some others to list lol Some are just the design and others have a lot of art with them! Feel free to share <3
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<da:thumb id="692243454"/> My awesome internet husband is selling some pretty awesome designs! go check out his journal!!
do you or someone you know do icon commissions? interested in getting a couple! ^^ thanks everyone!
I've been thinking about this for awhile and after chatting tonight with a few members in horse rpgs I thought I'd stick up a journal and see if anyone isn't already doing something or wants to open one together or something :3
It would be a wolf rpg but I want to create an extremely open environment. I want the barest of regulations involved if we can ICly. I can host the site already if thats whats needed too.

- No set species, wolves will instead come from various cultures that may separate or unite them. Maybe a couple of preset cultures members can pick from and then we'll add more/allow members to create their own. Sort of inspired after reading a fae book where they come from different courts but are still "fae" despite their different labels, practices, etc.

- Limited to no shop. Maybe for rarer things liiike albino characters, or rare mutations like multiple heads? Otherwise very open. Your character can start looking almost however you want with as many mutations as you want. I want everything to be super open and for people to bring in their favorite character that has a million mutation and not have to earn those right away.

- No magic levels or anything to earn in this manner. Players will just decide how strong their character is. Maybe some sort of ic requirements to becoming a true god or sort of demi god? I want magic to be open. Maybe members by a single spell item from the shop to create another power, but otherwise I'm thinking just open to whatever.

- No set religion, I feel like every site I see is based on a set up religion. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I've had sites like this and they are awesome, I just would like to try and do things a little different this time :) Instead the different cultures may or may not have a god they worship, but otherwise its up to the players.

- No pre set up packs, players will be able to form them from the start based on cultures.

- Very open story. Maybe some vague history, but otherwise wolves will come along and set up their own stories either as groups or individuals? So there won't be a known backstory of this pack hating this pack and tension forms around that. It will be up to players to decide and play out.

IDK is anyone interested? Or is anyone already doing something like this because I would love to lurk/help however I can if needed <3 
you can add me on discord Tempest#5474
Thanks! :D
Selling some designs I never got to use and also some older characters that may or may not come with a variety of art. Once you buy the design you can do whatever with it, I will send you a zip file of all the images/icons/whatever I have for that character. Prices are sort of negotiable on most? You can note me if you'd like and I'll hold them for individuals for a week if you need me to <3 ALSO may add more, this is just what I've managed to upload today. If there are some you'd like to see some of the other available arts on too I can throw together something so you can see more :3

Design 1 - single image, no other art. Asking $25

Design 2 - single image, no other art. $15

Design 3 - single image, no other art. $15

Design 4 - single image, no other art. $20

Design 5 - #1 and #2 - $10 each. Single image, no other art.

Design 6 - 2 Images. Part of manip shown below and a drawing. $35

Design 7 - single image, no other art - $10

Design 8 - single image, no other art $15

Design 9 - single image? I believe I have a manip of her that I didn't save somewhere! I will look for it. $20 SOLD.

Design 10 - Single Image + ref sort of image. $20 - ref image here

Design 11 - 5 images total I believe. This one is really difficult to try and let go of ;-; $70

Design 12 - 9 manips/drawings, 1 chibi, 1 reference image, 1 icon. $180
Does anyone do or know of someone who does design commissions off a few ideas? :o Doesn't have to be anything super fancy, mostly just scribbles and color for a future bab <3 thanks ^^
Go check out Tasha's awesome new rpg