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still have quite a few up <3
edit: added a few more
'Ours is a world that has known many stories, legends born of deep magics that touched the earth and sky. Once, we were a simple race, a singular entity that lived and died in the cradle of our creation. We were young, foolish in our ignorance of the evils of predatory monsters and treacherous landscapes. Yet, as we grew older, wiser, the charms livened our blood, quickened our hearts, and wrote the instincts of our mind into our very bones. We grew strong, intelligent, dividing our kin into vast herds and spreading out across the world, claiming its regions as our own. The magic in those places soon became our own, its gilded light claiming us as its children, and we became the true masters of our domain. We were the Orian, the deer of Idris.'

The great realms of the Orian were at peace, noble stags content in their halls of wandering, does safe in their herds of kin and progeny. After a long century of building tension, the accords amongst their people were signed, ending the long-standing grudge between forest, mountain, plain, and cavern. The heroes, near myths in their might of charms and strength, settled as kings and queens amongst their realms of the heart, content in the alliance rising from the crumbled relics of war and hate. While it would take many generations for the pain to wash away, for the suspicion to fade, the land of Idris seemed at last willing to finally begin to heal.

Yet then the stars began to fall. With the Festival of Elkmire approaching, the tears of Good Mother streaked across the sky and the herds gathered together for the first time since the sealing of their pact. In the Glenn of the Sterling Glades, with the light of the Elder trees Charms raining sparks down upon their crowns, they turned their eyes to the heavens, celebrating life and the coming of spring. It was through their eyes the light of the first came, hailing across the darkness of the eastern sky like a comet's tail, brilliant and cerulean. She, for that was what they would soon discover, struck down amongst the timbers. A being cloaked in the mysteries of countless stars; a Cerulis.

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United States
Hello! I go by Tempest <3


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