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Who dresses in style?

By theX-plotion
based off this: [link]

the thought just came to my mind (plus me being hyper helped out quite a lot :D) and i just wanted to doodle it down. Then i ended up coloring it |3

so yes. another random comic with no real purpose

apparently there's cable up there in the clouds :O go fig..
Edit: fixed the last panel as i forgot to add her hind leg :D

MLP (c) :iconfyre-flye: and hasbro
art (c) me
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© 2011 - 2021 theX-plotion
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And that your grandma
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Hahahaha that’s funny 😡
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We have dubbed your comic(Dubbing Is Magic)…
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Minty, "One of my friends got their brain's replaced with that of a mare from the first version of the show, how do you think I feel? You're not even Rainbow Dash, you're Firefly having taken over Rainbow Dash's body."
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Rainbow is really pissed off right now!
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Lol, that was funny.
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*sight* why do bronies hate g3 that much?
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That’s her grandma
*sneaks up behind her in a wardrobe*
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Dang it! Why I forgot to put this classic in my favs?

Done. Love our Dashie so much more.

Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz :iconsaysplz: I'M NOT ANGRY!!! DO I LOOK ANGRY?!
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It was that your grandma
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This speech is from Tanks for the Memories.
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Yep. You got it.
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Is that a crack a gen 3?
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G3.5 go in hell with Hitler
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Generation 3.5 rainbow dash  not you when ur hungrey.
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