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The Spark of Twilight

By theX-plotion
yet another sketch that i ended up REALLY liked.

So I inked and colored it XD

looking back at this now....i messed up her left wing...*facepalm*...

As for the story behing the pic, lets just say Twilight unlocked the true potential of the power of friendship from the crown of leadership that she gains when the element of harmony come together when they themselves receive a boost of power from THEIR friends and they all come together to--(THEY GET IT!!!)....sorry..

MLP is (c) to :iconfyre-flye:
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You literally predicted Magical Mystery Cure before it even aired!
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Most angelic!
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Her wings are too big
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Her wings are too big
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for some reason or another i can see a song called broken wings fitting with these picture really well done
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can I use the pose?:) (Smile) 
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I don't see how you messed up the wing unless it's smaller then the other it depends on where twilight's body is placed in the pic as it's to the one side and not the center. So it is not messed up heck this is pretty good for fan art.
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Everything is fine except the horn... I find it a little too thick and crooked.
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Agreed. did this when i wasnt good at drawing yet :D
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Submitted: August 19, 2011

Original Airdate: February 16, 2013

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no one cares lol XD
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I can't help but notice mostly positive comments to this picture.

What more proof do you need that when a fan does something radically different, it's considered good, but when a company does something radically different, it's considered rape.
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yeah true that. i actually do like alicorn opinion of course.. not saying the episode itself had no problems at all...but still like the idea and have faith that they can still work with the idea.

then again if it was executed better and/or the episode was a 2 part i have a feeling less fans would complain that much.

even though i agree that the idea of alicorn princess sounds a lot better to end the series,

Thanks for the comment :)
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Actually, most of the hate comes from the concept. There was hate before the episode even aired.

I'm interested in seeing how they play this out in Season 4. And I suspected this was going to happen from the beginning.
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Well yeah, I thought she'd end up like this too. I didnt think it would be this early.

And wow, really? just the concept alone?.. odd and confusing.
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Clearly I was not the only one who saw this coming!
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Wow, you could not have called this any better.
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Ironic how your story is exactly how it ended up happening XD
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<W< many reasons for that....
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