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Wilde's Card - The Fox's Trap

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Requested by Flipside Remix.

WILDE'S CARD by RasputinRemix (FlipsideRemix)

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KingFaust's avatar
Really nice! ...but her arms... a tad long...XD
Jewel02's avatar
bioazard's avatar
amazing and beautful
julian0123's avatar
LalaNorisu's avatar
It's a trap cause... well... he ain't letting her go. :D
ClaudyLoudy's avatar
Omg !! This was the spoiler that the fanfic warned! And it's amazing !! I want to read this part in the fanfic ! 😃😱
Anglo-Falcon's avatar
Love this. Judy doesn't seem to be quite sure if she's happy with the situation. :)
This is Nick we're talking about. He probably made some fun comment. XD
Anglo-Falcon's avatar
RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
It's wonderful...
Truly romantic and subtle... 
LAZYRUS's avatar
normally I'd yell, no brother, don't do it! RUN!  But i think it'd be alright this time.
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WhisperingPhantom101's avatar
What a wonderful peace of art. Great work. I Love it! :D
JackOrJohn's avatar
I love the design of Judy's dress. Very elegant!
CrosstheX's avatar
Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap!
Judy - Icon What trap? I am just dancing with my fox.
Nick - Icon *grins*
Tails-275's avatar
Thats a pretty impressive work.
Just Judys Tail looks a little strange.
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
The Fox's Trap? How is this a trap?
David31's avatar
Simply superb. :)
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