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The Praetorian

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Sunderance Logo - Copy by TheWyvernsWeaver

Got inspired by the animated prologue, this was the result.
Many thanks to CaptineWilde once again. :D
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dam nymph you beat me to it
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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:iconinuspazplz: AMAZING!!  I LOVE HIS GLOWING GREEN EYES!!:iconinuloveplz:
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Swiggity swooty He eyeballin dat booty
TheWyvernsWeaver's avatar
Nick can't wait to take that bite!
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This fox means business.
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He looks like he's made up his mind. 
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This looks really amazing that must have been some animation. Do you know when kulkum suspension will be over.
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Dammmmmmmm this is nice!
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Damn shame that I'm crushing on a fox in a suit, but I'm cool with it. 😂
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That look in his eyes really sells the point of how seriously he takes his job. 
Looks really good. 
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Man your art just gets better and better.
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Zootastic work here! :clap:
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Preatorian, final stage of a Xenomorph hive caste, serves as the Royal Guard of the Queen
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This looks amazing and maybe it's nick before the sunderance story :V
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The way they stare and look at each other, especially with the eyes being in bright color, is the most important part of the comics. It's the thing I like best because it's very intense.
Your art is great, very different from the movie and highly recognizable. It's dark but not depressing, that's why I like browsing your gallery.
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I love how his posture and expression make it look as if he was saying, " Are you shitting me?"
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