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“Should I let you know that you’ve not gone unnoticed?” the vixen questioned, amber eyes drifting over the city below her tower as the benefits and consequences wound their way through her mind. “Or do you already know? That seems likely, really. Like your silence. I shouldn’t really be surprised that you found your way to the lawyer. That you caught me unprepared is mildly irritating, but not a diversion without recompense...”

“I think I will let you know that you’ve been noticed, Nicholas,” she concluded, allowing her attention to drift from the shining city to the dark clouds that gathered outside of the glass dome. The fury of lightning and thunder were not far off as the storm gathered strength and started its slow build.

“I wouldn’t want you to feel neglected, after all.”

In collaboration with Kulkum.

Sunderance by TheWyvernsWeaver 
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ah.....she's just pms…