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“Should I let you know that you’ve not gone unnoticed?” the vixen questioned, amber eyes drifting over the city below her tower as the benefits and consequences wound their way through her mind. “Or do you already know? That seems likely, really. Like your silence. I shouldn’t really be surprised that you found your way to the lawyer. That you caught me unprepared is mildly irritating, but not a diversion without recompense...”

“I think I will let you know that you’ve been noticed, Nicholas,” she concluded, allowing her attention to drift from the shining city to the dark clouds that gathered outside of the glass dome. The fury of lightning and thunder were not far off as the storm gathered strength and started its slow build.

“I wouldn’t want you to feel neglected, after all.”

In collaboration with Kulkum.

Sunderance by TheWyvernsWeaver 
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ah.....she's just pms…

How did I miss these?!!! I mean i know i have a bad memory but dam!
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I love the iridescence effect on her dress.
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Aaaand that's why I did not think that The Administrator is Skye. Why I still think that it's not Skye! While her fur colour can obviously change (Arctic foxes get turn brown/gray during the summer), her eye colour does not match! In every work of art EVER, Skye's eyes are blue, not yellow! And with Jack being her lover...well, I would say something does not add up here :P
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Ok, that's a pretty cool pose :D
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and this was part of the reason especially the last line that made me think she might be nicks mom in this au until when i miss read and missed the last sunderance about nick having his mother fur color miss read it as he had his mother fur (as in just good looking in general if not pretty/handsome) and charm cause she sounds a lot like the administrator who used beauty, charm, and crushing people to get to where she is tho the crushing people seemed to her assassins thing which also happened to seem to be nicks fathers thing. lol i was hoping for a family fued for the fate of the world thing hahahahaha
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Do you hear that? That distant storm? The god's are preparing for battle, and what a battle it'll be.
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noun: superpower; plural noun: superpowers; noun: super-power; plural noun: super-powers
  1. a very powerful and influential nation (used especially with reference to the US and the former Soviet Union when these were perceived as the two most powerful nations in the world).
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If I had to choose who was more intimidating between nick and her it'd still be Nick. She almost seems to consider herself unstoppable with how she fiddles with people and moves the across her chess game.
TheWyvernsWeaver's avatar
When you are in charge of a world superpower, you tend to get cocky. :D
PercivalHewajima's avatar
With a body like that and an assassin that can damn near phase through walls how has she not taken over the world yet?
TheWyvernsWeaver's avatar
Who says she hasn't already? ;)
PercivalHewajima's avatar
😱😱😱😱 And now I debate with myself if you're fooling with me or being serious.
Oh by the way I hope you're doing well and as always love the art. 😀
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Like always I like your artstyle Weaver! Fantastic work.
DrummerMax64's avatar
Fantastic work Weaver! A worthy foe indeed for our fox and rabbit.
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Great work here Wyven. 
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Looks stunning and beautiful, WyvernsWeaver. :)
i wonder if her name is also wilde...
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:iconinuspazplz: Oh, so this is the mysterious "Administrator"?  I'm curious as to how Nick is involved with her.  This is so awesome!!:iconinuspazplz:
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I already like her 
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