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I love your style of drawing!! It's so amazing BOI . I love how you draw both Nick and Judy, and your story is super awesome as well.

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oooooooo this is getting good :D

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I wonder if that tiger stabbed Mrs. Otterson. Because that's how the killer would have stabbed her.
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I love the addition of only putting in the eye color. It really shows that this is an important part of the character development and Hopps starting to trust Nick.
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Nick kinda does remind me of Vinnie from sift heads in this comic- so cool!
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I just had to re-read this again! I love the panel with Nick's eyes! I love reading your work!
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I love Nick's eyes!!! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )
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whoa... I love it
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Maybe, you must sell this history for aomeone manga studio. With another chars, it would sell well. ^^
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Wonderful style and great way to tell the story!
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This comic is astounding. Holy shit.
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Damn he looks better even without the glasses.
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Wow Nick. Those eyes!!
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just amazing...
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Nick is not here for your shit, toger guy.
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Oh my,
really really nice!
It's very cool to see the old characters in a completely new story-line
and I like this sketchy drawing style.

So you take the Sunderance story by Kulkum and move it into the comic?
Cool thing guys. Sounds like a nice deal (seems that I also need a partner person who writes good stories to draw them down, haha)
I'm very excited to read/see more.
Thanks for your good work here!
Y ahí viene el macho-pecho-peludo (literalmente) de la trama
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nah, es solo un bruto contratado. 
Yo hablaba de Nick :v
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Nick es el suave y astuto artificie de la trama. 
Yo lo veo como macho-pecho-peludo 
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cada uno lo ve como quiere 
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Adrenaline going up at reading this beautiful piece of work!
Stay on it, you are amazing. Really.
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