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Omg I'm shivering this comic is awesome!
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"Who throws blueberries?" Hah. I love that line.
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oh damn, the "protect your family, that's what really matters" is so much more powerful now after reading 25.1..... you guys are amazing.
fakescs's avatar
wow, nick looks super cool!!
but, wait. It's Nick, is not it?
Revolutinary's avatar
I can't read a damn thing damn you 144p! 
Reikotsu's avatar
Holy smokes! I am digging everything about this comic! Super cool! :D
ShioriSasaki's avatar
Looks to good for me :D. You have a new follower xD from dominican republic. 
rideronapalehorse12's avatar
Gotta say this is pretty damn glorious.
FlexFreak's avatar
*Blueberry shower!*
Wow, esto es una trama del carajo, espero ver que sigue :v
Holy Crap. this comic is amazing. like. proper manga amazing. you got skills. serious serious skills =D
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Meanwhile, on Earth 2...
icer67's avatar
This is wonderful. You're doing a good job keeping up with the writer.
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I really enjoyed this short comic. CUUUTE!!!!!
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The strong atmosphere the story and comic expresses is so strong. I'm so excited for more to come. I feel like the only thing missing is the characters eyes being the only thing that needs to be colored in. Like in the prologue.
WarwolfPrime's avatar
I like this. I love Zootopia AUs, and this is one of the more interesting ideas. Faved.
Well, it could be interesting.
You have my curiosity.
DatSemTX's avatar
This is awesome! can't wait to see the 2nd chapter <3
Kishiama's avatar
Got me on the edge of my seat for the next one.keep up the good work
TheUnknownChaos's avatar
I can already tell this is going to be good!
KungFuFreak07's avatar
I hope we get the next part soon! :squee: 
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