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This began as a companion piece to Lost Chronicles back in December 2016. At the time I did not feel like I had the talent to finish it, now I saw it through. As always, original idea belongs to PvtScott.

Lost Chronicles by TheWyvernsWeaver

After a massive meteor had collided with the moon, the subsequent ejecta showered the earth in a cataclysmic bombardment. Global climate turned on its head, dooming whatever civilization could have prevailed. The husked remains of Zootopia is a haven for survivors, operating the last precious technologies that lingered on from the old world. Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are the sole law enforcers of this fortress, free to depend on no one but themselves, they hold their city safe from the invaders and savages that would seek to plunder its enticing riches and destroy the last beacon of hope for the mammalian kind.
- Premise by RasputinRemix.

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Marvelous work with the particle and lighting effects.