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In trying to read this on my phone but its to small

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I haven't started to read this comic until now. Glad I did cause now I have much to read and watch. 
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OMG!!! i already love this. 
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Nevermind, it's all good now :)
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This looks interesting
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Finally found this again!
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This feels like a legit blockbuster opening!
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Love this prologue.
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I am totally and completely obsessed with this work of yours at this point, and that animated prologue... #canteven I wish you had a team to continue that process, I know it's a lot of work for a very short video but, damn.
Seriously, A+++ work, super stoked and will probably be reading this for the rest of the night LOL
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I love seeing Nick training so intensely!
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I just saw the views..... TOTALLY DESERVED
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Oh. My mistake. Sorry. I wanted to tap on 'Add a comment', somehow i got on 'reply'. Sorry again. (Dafuq how can this happen?)
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It is a bother when it happens...
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You had my curiosity, and now you have my attention
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And that, ladies and gents, is how you hook people on the first page of your comic.
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This is fucking amazing.
ok i am intrested
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Am i only one that have The dark Knight feeling on this comic ?
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It could translate your comic and upload it to my youtube channel? I'll give you credit. :3
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