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Sunderance by Kulkum

Sunderance - Whistle Stop
    The upbeat tune did little more than drift through the dimly lit room, even drowning out the sound of rustling papers and almost managing to drown out the creak of the under oiled office chair as the figure sitting in it rocked back. Whistling was a good way to keep the stress down, he had found. That was the theory, anyway. At the very least, it required a bit of focus that otherwise might have been spent grinding teeth or chewing on nails or some other habit that would best be avoided. As a male who had never wanted to be in the position he had settled into, bad habits were an easy thing to come by, a fact that his wife often pointed out when she caught him falling into them.
    Even with the whistling, it was hard not to fall into them as he looked over the folder in his lap. The melodic notes were a contrast to what he saw as rusty paws flipped from one photo to the next, each one showing a different wolf in various parts of the city. To
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Mature content
Sunderance Chapter 23: Faux Pas :iconkulkum:Kulkum 48 13
Mature content
Sunderance Chapter 22: Dark Passage - Complete :iconkulkum:Kulkum 51 31
Mature content
Sunderance: Chapter 21-Weighing of The Heart :iconkulkum:Kulkum 44 15
Sunderance - In the Hall of the Mountain King
Chapter 20

    They changed cars three times in fifteen minutes.
    She had seen this sort of thing happen in the movies but had never expected to be doing it herself. They returned to the office to give her a chance to collect anything she might have needed to continue investigating on her own while he was gone, a time during which he had made a phone call that even her sensitive ears picked up as light muttering. After announcing that she had everything she needed and following him outside again, she had been surprised to find that the car waiting outside wasn’t the same one they had been driving around in for the past week. Instead, it was a car designed for a mammal larger than Nick - maybe a lion or some other big cat – painted cherry red and modified with a seat lift and extended pedals to allow him to drive it with relative ease.
    Three blocks later, in the shadow of an alley between a ba
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Sunderance-Chapter 19:The Devil of Devon -Complete
    “Pardon me, Administrator,” came a deeply masculine voice, drawing her sparkling gaze to the large white-tailed stag who sat regally above the foxes nearest to him. He met her gaze and tilted his antlered head in a slight bow when she nodded for him to continue. “While I think most of us agree that the lawyer is of interest to the Council, shouldn’t we begin with the topic of our fallen member? There have been no leads, no claims of responsibility, and no seeming reason for the sudden move against the Council.”
    The vixen gave him a warm smile that she reserved for those who she enjoyed having seated at what was her table. That he had spoken first was not unexpected. A natural leader, Frederick was, and one who saw a need for balance in all things. She was sure that was why he also called Hopps ‘the lawyer’ rather than ‘the bunny’ as she had and was sure most of the Council would. They
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Sunderance Chapter 19 ZNN Article by Kulkum Sunderance Chapter 19 ZNN Article :iconkulkum:Kulkum 81 13
Sunderance Chapter 18 - Conspiratio (Complete)
    Watching him move around the office with the purpose of searching every room made her very aware of how quickly things could change in a life. In her first day in Zootopia, she had found the way he checked every corner of the tiny office to be ridiculous. Even after the encounter with the tiger, which some stubborn voice in her mind had quietly tried to convince her was an isolated incident, she had found his desire to keep the doors open simply overbearing. Bordering on creepy, if she was completely honest with herself. Now, as he reached the final step in his search and went down on one knee in front of her desk to check under it... If he had done that on the first day, she had no doubt she would have rolled her eyes and complained.
    Now, she simply stood and waited until he rose and gave her a quick nod. “All clear, Carrots.”
    “No wiretaps under the desk then?” she asked, though her tone wa
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 81 19
Sunderance: Chapter 17 - Enoch and the Watcher
    The guards that patted him down even after a pass through the metal detector quickly noticed that he still wore his holsters. The lion, who had been forced to get down on one knee to easily reach the smaller mammals, subjected Nick to what he considered a very intrusive paw presses over every inch of his body. Including between his legs as if they didn’t believe his sheath was really his sheath. It was the nervous glance that the predator gave the other guards in the room when his fingers fell on the empty holsters that almost had the otherwise stoic fox releasing an annoyed sigh.
    “I wasn’t told that you turned any arms over to the steward,” the guard said evenly, looking about as uncomfortable but wary as a lion standing in front of a fox one fifth his size would look.
    “My weapons are not city property,” Nick stated firmly, ignoring the slanted glance that Judy shot him out of t
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 77 28
Sunderance Chapter 16 - An Actor's Life For Me!
    Why had they stopped themselves?
    It was the first coherent thought she had on waking. A thought that took a full five minutes to form as she lay on her back covered in sheets that felt too hot, wearing clothes that felt too tight. Even her fur itched. Every breath was filled with the phantom scent of… Him. Her body tingled where the dream lover, whom she had absolutely no problem identifying, had touched her with those large ruddy paws. Her tongue slipped out over lips that could still fell the heat of his against them, deepening her regret in those first few moments of full wakefulness. Her dream had lacked taste. She didn’t know the flavor of his lips, her mind had nothing to compare, so that left her feeling as empty as the ache between her thighs. Thighs that rubbed together as she squirmed over the sheets uncomfortably, long front teeth chewing on her lower lip as the scent from her dream refused to fade.
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Sunderance - Chapter 15: Reflection (Complete)
    Silence had followed them into the office, though she had expected that after the fox had taken a full ten minutes checking every room, every corner, and every shadow. She understood. Even with the surprising revelations that he had shared with her about Yurei, he had also reminded her that someone had sent a squad of killers to do what the tiger had failed in. The idea of questioning him never crossed her mind and she stayed just inside the doorway, her eyes following him as he moved from one side of the room to the next so quietly that the only sound she could detect was that of her own heartbeat in her ears. Thorough wasn’t the word Judy would have chosen as he checked under every surface, in every openable object, and if the fact that she saw his tail close to the ground through the small bit of the bedroom she could see, under the bed. She was pretty sure he even checked between the mattress and under the toilet seat, which might have made her smile i
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 96 32
Sunderance: Chapter 14 - Kitsunetsuki (Complete)
    The display was nothing if not theatrical. He had to admit, the sense of danger - of lethality - in air tainted by the coppery stink of fresh blood was somewhat enhanced when twin embers appeared from the shadows. There was something tangible to the shadows, however. Something real watching him as impassive green eyes returned the gaze curiously. While he expected the image and the bodies would have caused most others to panic, the tingle that ran down his spine as he stood his ground was one of disquiet and tension. Preparation. Fear was a survival instinct, after all. He could already sense the way the world around him sharpened and focused as adrenaline surged through his blood.
    His nostrils flared and his nose gave a few curious twitches as he took a few slow steps away from the door leading back into the DMV. Even if this new arrival entered the building, he had no doubt that Flash had not been exaggerating about the difficulties any
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 83 62
Sunderance Chapter 13: Glacial Surge (Complete)
    “The DMV?”
    Judy really hadn’t intended the question to come out with an amused lilt but she was in a mood that wouldn’t allow her to maintain an entirely professional attitude. At least, not as she walked beside the fox as he led her away from the car. The feeling of uncertainty that trickled through her mind was mostly because of how confused the rest of her emotions seemed to be. She couldn’t decide between abject terror that tempted her nose to twitch every time she looked at him and the pleasant giddiness that set her stomach into excited spins now and then. Their dinner conversation had been the groundwork for something more than what they were now, of that she had no doubt.
    Mutual attraction. Glancing at him now as he led her around to the side of the building, she couldn’t deny her own. His expression had returned to the serious, blank and unreadable one that he wore most
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Sunderance - In the Eyes of a Fox
    The sun hung brightly in the sky, washing the street in a warm and welcoming light that kept the street buzzing with activity. Most mammals, normal mammals, believed that violence avoided such days, preferring to come in the dark. In secret, shadowy places like alleyways where greed slashed the throat or the silence of a bedroom in the middle of the night where jealousy changed a lover’s claws into a murder weapon. The fox kit, currently celebrating his tenth birthday, knew the truth of it already. He watched his father leave the prey owned candy store, adjusting his crisp and cleanly pressed jacket with a bright smile turned towards his son. As if the smell of blood hadn’t wafted from the door, into the kit’s sensitive nose, as he left the building. Through the glass doors, the kit could see the limp paw of the ram who had knocked him to the ground just for looking through the window.
    He pretended not to notice, of course, when h
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 85 33
Mature content
Sunderance: Chapter 12 - Prima Sonata :iconkulkum:Kulkum 104 51
Sunderance: Chapter 11 - The Devil in The Detail
    The interrogation room at the ZPD, also known as the I.I.U. for the sake of keeping the word ‘interrogation’ out of actual interrogations, was about as welcoming and comforting as the inside of a refrigerator with no food. It was a perfect square, with one large and obviously two-way mirror on one wall and cameras in two corners in opposite corners that kept a constant eye on both mammals that sat at the small metal table in the center of the much larger table. The chairs, designed to hang from the sides of the large table when not in use, were only lightly cushioned and being ram-rod straight backs ruined any idea of comfortable reclining. It was not a place intended to make anyone feel comfortable, or unwatched. Bland gray walls and air stale with the scent of multiple past visitors only added to the discomfort as an affront to the eyes.
    Judith Hopps was well familiar with rooms like this. She had been in more than a dozen d
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 79 20
The ZootopiaNewsNetwork finally got around to ask questions to Kulkum and I!
For anyone who was ever interested in hearing my lame voice saying things, you can give it a go. :)

Anniversary by TheWyvernsWeaver

A few weeks ago Sunderance just passed its second year since the release of the Prologue.
How time flies! How far we've come! To be frank, I expected to have uploaded more chapters at this point, but the best laid plans and all that.
Regardless, the story has reached a point we are EXTREMELY excited for. Expect epic things in the coming updates.

If you wish to support me and Kul, check out our Patreon!
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Ivan Griscenko
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If you wish to support me and Kul, check out our Patreon!

And this where I add art I consider inappropriate and miscellaneous. :D
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I feel like I should be saying something since a Sunderance update has been WAY overdue (real-life/illness). Chapter 23 is in full swing, and will be released in a single batch. Expect that coming around very soon. :D
I'm just here to tease anyone who's eagerly following our story of "Hereafter", since ScaraMedn has just completed the exquisite Chapter 20. It's now undergoing proofreading, and should be out at around Monday. :D

And ye shall be gods. by TheWyvernsWeaver"I'll make you a deal."
So! Out of some necessity, I am going to be momentarily opened for commissions. Due to my work schedule, I will only be able to work on one or two. If I get a handful of offers, I will select the most promising of the batch.

Simply send a private message if you're interested. As always, prices are not set. 
We made it! We have reached the deadline for March 4th. Expect the video this Sunday. :D

Sunderance by TheWyvernsWeaver
We are about one week away from releasing our Sunderance video. Our awesome animators are working hard on the very last shots, and we are going to do our best to aim for the second anniversary of Zootopia, March 4th. To avoid dropping too much stress on ourselves however, I will leave the exact release date vague as of now.

Stay tuned, everyone. :)

Sunderance by TheWyvernsWeaver


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brokencreation Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say I just kind of binge read your comic and it's a very bloody good read. this alternate universe spin is a very fun concept you're playing around with!
Mars8844 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Question: What are the specs of the Zootopian Military in the Surrenderance timeline?
TheWyvernsWeaver Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
The equivalent of a 21st Century Wehrmacht.
Mars8844 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018
That's 14,800,000 men. Also, what are the borders of Zootopia's greater territories?
Mars8844 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018
So basically the same numbers, but with modern equipment?
TheWyvernsWeaver Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Zootopia single biggest advantage is its technology. It's more accurate to say that it's the equivalent of a Wehrmacht over a hundred years younger with maximum innovative potential. Its personnel would be less in size due to not being in war times, but still large enough to sustain an intimidating power projection worldwide.

The city is a colonial power, so its territories and influence would look similar to that of the British Empire. Though not at all identical.
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hey yo
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Hey, TheWyvernsWeaver. Do you do art requests/commissions?
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I judge commissions based on the pitch. I cannot promise to take them, but you can send a note for me to review it. :thumbsup:
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I really like your style of drawing Nick!
It's honestly the second best style I've seen in my opinion(close behind the style of a japanese artist but I cna't remember his name.. it's puki or smth like that)
that's why I wanted to ask you if you do commissions (with payment in return of course)
I need a Cover for a Story I'm writing about Zootopia in WW2.
It would contain Nick in the uniform af an Allied Soldier on the left side and a Human in a Nazi's Uniform on the right side.
Background should be a muddy Battlefield with dead trees and bushes and bomb craters.
If you are interested please name the prize it would cost.
If you aren't interest then, Thanks anyways for taking your time!

(by the way I LOVE the story sunderance!)
NekoVWMike Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018
man, you make them look as epic as the story itself!  I hope someone animates this one day!  On edge for the next one! :D
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