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[the written] revolution |ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən |
1. a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it.
2. an auspicious movement dedicated to the evolution of writers and their various distinct crafts through a cycle of community-based motivation, critique and improvement.

Group Rules

theWrittenRevolution is a critique group. We do many activities, most of them are centred around giving and receiving constructive criticism. To submit to our gallery, you must first of all:

  • write some feedback questions in the Artist's Comments of the deviation you want to submit, and critique a deviation in our gallery.
theWrittenRevolution exists to give our members criticism to improve their work, and so this is the most important rule! There are a few others, of which we give you here a brief overview (which doesn't really mean you shouldn't read the complete Rules and FAQ linked below and in the blog on the right-hand side of this page ;P):
  • "Prose" and "Poetry" gallery have a 1500 word limit, "Longer Works" and "First Chapters/Prologues" folders 3000;
  • you must show us the critique you wrote on someone else's work in our gallery (it must be written in the last week);
  • We unfortunately only accept deviations in English, and only ones without excessively mature content;
  • We only accept, as chapters submissions, the first chapter (or a prologue). We don't accept fanfiction.

Please read our complete Rules and FAQ blog here for a more extensive, detailed explanation of how things work of feel free to send us a note. :note:

Other useful links:

tWR Guide | Lit News | How To Critique | How To Ask For Feedback

Our Gallery Folders

These are the different galleries you can submit to


prose | proz |
noun • written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.
Here you can submit prose deviations, of maximum 1500 words.


poetry | ˈpōətrē; ˈpōitrē |
noun • literature that gives special intensity to the expression of feelings and ideas through distinctive style and rhythm.
Here you can submit poetry deviations of maximum 1500 words.

Longer Works

longer | lɒ́ŋgər | adjective • having more length than others Here you can submit both poetry and prose ranging from 1500 to 3000 words. To submit here, you must critique a work of this specific gallery!

Prologue/1st chapters

pro·logue |ˈprō- ˌlȯgˌläg | noun •
1. preface or introduction to a literary work.
2. the beginning part of a novel.
Here you can submit the first chapter or the prologue of your novel, provided it's less than 3000 words long. To submit here, you must critique a work of this specific gallery!

You can get involved in...

... all sorts of things, really! Read the list below to get an idea. And we feature Literature contests, articles, news and all that is writing-related, so if you have something you want us to share, :note: note us!

We are currently posting:

Join us and be a part of the revolution! And remember, the words are the spark!

As with our journal skin, kudos to ginkgografix for this amazing design!

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