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Hello fine ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today with some interesting news!

The Opportunity

phoenixofthenet tells me that Eastern Kentucky University's MFA (Modern Fine Arts) in Creative Writing program publishes an annual literature journal called the 'Jelly Bucket'.

They also tell me that the reading period for the Jelly Bucket has recently begun, meaning that they are accepting submissions to feature and publish within the magazine.

The published pieces would gather no royalties or payment, however, this is still an opportunity to get some work published in a Creative Writing journal; the type of text that remains housed within a library for hundreds of years, being passed on from one reader to the next. You could be referenced in essays, your work could be read by people across the globe and you'll have a piece out there with your name on it, in acrylic print. Oh, and you'll receive a free copy for yourself if they feature you.

Sound exciting?

How to submit:

The submission page can be found here, with more information on the journal itself available here.

As a point, I'd like to highlight two things, for the first, I'll directly quote phoenixofthenet:

They don't seem to have any clear theme for submissions, so don't worry that you work might not fit in. If it's high quality, it'll have a good chance of getting published. Don't worry either about being too controversial or risque -- as long as it's well-written, it probably won't matter.

Secondly, I would like to make the point that they will not accept anything that classifies as previously published; this includes anything that is already submitted to your deviantART account.

Any questions can be stuck below or sent to phoenixofthenet. Good luck! :eager:

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Thank you for notifying us! :salute: