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What we accept

Any writing, or Lit-related blogs that would benefit the community, and that have some relevance or interest to our members – for example blogs advertising your Lit contest or writing challenge. We don't accept personal advertisements because it would be unfair – we only share blogs that promote other deviants' participation.

So, something like "please help promote my novel/give me critique" would not be accepted, but something like "I'm looking for people to participate in a literary collaboration/I'm holding a literature chat event" would be. Other blogs we'll accept are writing guides, discussions about literature, interviews and announcements of events. See the list below for examples of member-written blogs!

Also, if there is a piece of news that you think tWR members would be interested in, but it's not long enough for a blog post or you don't want to write one, you can always note us and ask us to promote it on Twitter or Facebook. (If it's dA-related, you can also ask HugQueen to include it in her Literature News, which is updated every Sunday.)
If you want to suggest a prompt, please send us a note and we'll consider it.

You can also write a Writers of the Revolution! You can either write out the blog following the WoR format (which we'll give you a template for, just note us for details!)

Guidelines for blogs

  • Your blog must be literature-related in some way, and must be something that would benefit or interest a larger community.
  • While we appreciate that writing is often controversial and welcome discussion, we will not accept anything we consider to be hate speech or otherwise hurtful/disrespectful. Please consider the feelings of others and how your blog might read to other people.
  • If your blog contains mature content or anything that might be triggering for people (such as discussion of abuse or terminal illnesses), please warn for it. We will not accept blogs with excessively mature content or blogs that violate deviantART's Terms and Conditions.
  • Your blog must be in English, as this is the language our group operates in and we don't have enough admins fluent in other languages to be able to moderate blogs in other languages. Sorry about this! However, we are happy for you to include a translation of the blog in a different language, so long as it is written in English as well.

Guidelines for Writers of the Revolution

  • Please check the Writers of the Revolution and Past Featured Members list to make sure the person you're featuring hasn't been featured before. If you want to feature one of the admins, note us and we'll consider it!
  • Please check that the person you're featuring is a member of theWrittenRevolution (to do this, go to ; if theWrittenRevolution doesn't show up under the list of groups, they're not a member).
  • You don't have to write the critiques and resources part of WoR if you don't want to – you can just write the Featured Writer part. If you do, though, please make sure that the critiques have been given by members of tWR to a piece in tWR (you can check if someone is a member by using the method above, and you can check if a piece is featured in tWR by looking at the list of groups it's featured in on the side).

How to submit a blog

(yes, I put this at the end so you would have to read all the guidelines first :evillaugh:)

Go to the group home page and click "Submit a Blog Post". We'll take care of the formatting for you. :)

If you prefer, you can also send blogs to us by note and we'll submit them for you.

So, that's all there is to it! We hope to see lots more member-written blogs soon :la: If you have any questions, leave them below or send us a note. :heart:

Past member-written blogs

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The You Poem by Blzzard, August 12th, 2011
On Critique: To Do It Well by angelStained, September 18th, 2011
NaNoWriMos, unite! by ErrantCrow, November 2nd, 2011
What makes tWR chat events different? by ozzla, February 6th, 2012

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