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Sun Nov 2, 2014, 4:52 PM by SilverInkblot:iconsilverinkblot:

Have you ever wondered how unique your writing style is? If your readers would be able to pick out your work without your name attached to it? Whose writing is similar to yours?

Me too, which is why I created a little literature game that I call Distinction. The object of the game? Guess the writer. Sounds simple enough, right?

Wrong. Players will be provided with a list of 15 writers to choose from, and you're going to have to go hunting - whose style best matches that of the deviation? Can you figure it out? More importantly, can you justify your choice?

The game of Distinction is played at the account of StyleOverSubstance - deviants are welcome to note a piece of writing that is brand new to dA, to be used as part of the game. The scoring system has been developed in such a way to allow multiple people to gain points, so don't worry about getting the answer first. Here's how it all works:
  • Players are free to begin guessing right away; I will provide a list of 15 possible writers to choose from each day.
  • You get three guesses, max, on each deviation.
  • The real writer is free to guess in the comments as well, and may intentionally mislead players. This is not a requirement, but an option for anyone that likes being sneaky ;)
  • Any player will get one point for a correct guess.
  • The player who gets the first correct guess will receive two points.
  • Any player with clever, creative, or thoughtful reasoning for their guess will receive up to three points, at our discretion, whether the guess itself is correct or not. That means that all three of your guesses can be wrong, but you can still walk away with a maximum of nine points. The maximum score for a single day is eleven points; nine for reasoning, and two for having the first correct guess.
  • At the end of the week, the players with the three highest scores will be our winners!

The game just completed its third round to rousing success, and round four will begin on November 8th this Saturday. If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, please do drop by the StyleOverSubstance account! If you have a piece that you would like to submit to the game, feel free to send a note to either StyleOverSubstance or myself, SilverInkblot.

Hope to see you next round!

(This was a member-written blog, submitted by SilverInkblot)

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November 2, 2014


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