One Year Later Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 2, 2011, 7:56 AM

:new: Send in your submissions now or never. We're starting judging. :salute:

Our contest has been posted as a news article! Go read/comment/:+favlove:, whatever takes your fancy. :glomp:

A lot can change in a year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,765 hours. 525,948 minutes. 31,556,926 seconds.
One year ago, theWrittenRevolution didn't even exist.

To celebrate our first year and our presence in the literature community, we're hosting another spectacular contest. Check out the details below! :dummy:

The Contest

For this contest, you can write about anything you want. But there's a twist: you must include the words "one year later" in your piece. The idea is that you play with time a little bit – it can be a powerful tool to use in short stories. Please note that it does not have to relate to theWrittenRevolution. Let's see some imagination!

The Rules
    We have a couple rules:
  • Any deviant who is a member of theWrittenRevolution can participate!
  • The submission should follow the General Rules of the group.
  • The submission should be new and preferably created for this group (this is optional, but recommended).
  • One submission per deviant, so make it your very best!
  • All submissions should be linked via note to theWrittenRevolution.

The deadline is just about a month away; you have until January 30th to submit your entry. So get to it! :eager:

The Categories

The categories will be the same as they were for our previous contests. There will be one overall winner, as well as a prose winner and a poetry winner. There will also be some honourable mentions who will be featured along with the rest of the winners.
You may only submit one entry; you have to pick either prose or poetry.

The Prizes

Let's see what you've got, dear members. You have all been fantastic. So give us your best for this contest! :w00t:

from the theWrittenRevolution Administrators

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