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General Rules and FAQ

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 10:50 AM by cherrichan13:iconcherrichan13:

General Rules

Be respectful!

Treat each other with respect, and don't insult people or comment with a negative attitude on their work. This group is about the power to transform through language, so consider your own comments!

That being said, however, this group is primarily about helping each other improving your skills as writers, so please don't hesitate to give honest (albeit constructive) criticism to help the writer develop their work.

Submitting to the Gallery

Submit to the gallery when you would like feedback on your written work. Keep in mind, though, that your pieces will not appear right away. They need to be approved by our administrators before they can be officially submitted. Pieces submitted to the gallery will be evaluated on grammar, originality, quality and effort.
    All submissions must:
  • be English. (Sorry, but most of our members aren't fluent in other languages and therefore would not be able to critique accurately, and most of the admins wouldn't be able to moderate the submission. Another group, LaRevolucionEscrita is designed for other languages.)
  • be your own original work, which means we do not accept fan fiction.
  • a stand-alone work of roughly 1,500 words or less for the Prose or Poetry folders, or one of roughly 1,500 to 3,000 words for the Longer Works folder, and a work of roughly 3,000 words or less for the First Chapters/Prologues folder.
  • be formatted correctly. For prose, that means paragraphs and coherent sentences. This is a bit different for poetry as we understand the need for artistic expression.
  • include a specific request for constructive criticism in the deviation description. If you'd like more help with this, check out our guide, How to Ask For Feedback. You can also ask any of the admins for more help, and we'll be happy to help you think of something.
  • be accompanied by a link to a critique you have written. When you submit a piece to our group, in the artist's comments OR in the submission process page, you must provide a link to a critique that you have written for another person in the theWrittenRevolution's gallery. If you are submitting to the Longer Works and to the First Chapters/Prologues folder, your critique must be on another piece in that folder. This critique, which is simply a detailed, well thought-out constructive comment, must be written within one week of your own submission to the group. For help on how to write a critique, have a look at this guide.
    We're less likely to accept:
  • 'Mature' deviations. We want this group to be open and acceptable to all members.
  • Personal poetry, the meaning of which cannot be understood simply by analyzing it or interpreting its imagery. (For example, if someone would need to know personal things about you to get anything out of it.)
  • Deviations already accepted by a number (about more than fifteen) other groups, with a lot of feedback. This isn't about exclusivity, this is about giving exposure to the people who need it most.
We won't accept:
  • Journal submissions to our galleries. Even if your journal contains literature, that Lit should be appropriately categorised and belong to your gallery, not your journal which is the space where you share your life and personal things. If you want to submit your journal for a contest, Literature event, writing tutorial or anything of the sort you're welcome to do so through the "new blog entry" button on the Journal tab of our profile page, on the left. The rules to submit your blogs to us are outlined here.
  • badly researched work. Whereas poor grammar and mistakes are expected from the deviations you submit to us and are the reason why our group exists, researching isn't a part of this. Check your sources.
  • Trolls, hate speech, inflammatory deviations, and related stupidity. But that should go without saying!

If you disagree/are unsure about any of these factors, send us a note :note: or leave a comment and we'd be happy to discuss it.

We're sorry if your submission is declined because it doesn't meet these requirements, and we know it might be painful to be rejected for these reasons, but we regularly receive so many deviations that we must have high standards. If you don't understand what you need to do to make your deviation acceptable for the group, just ask! We want you to be included in the group. Keep in mind that because we decline one of your submissions, that doesn't mean we'll decline all of them. Feel free to submit again!

Note: We have a policy of one submission per member, per week.

Submitting a :+fav:

We have a number of folders, so here is a neat explanation for all of them! :D
Keep in mind, submissions to our Favourites folders don't need to follow our gallery rules.

In the Featured folder, we'd like you to submit other deviants' work that impressed you - not your own.

In the tWR Related folder, you can submit visual/written work that you OR others have made, that is related to our group - like supporting stamps!

In the Revolutionary folder, you can submit visual/written work that other deviants did fits the theme of revolution.

In the Prompt-inspired folder, you can submit the deviations you wrote after prompts (not necessarily ours, but please link to the prompts you wrote the deviation after so other people can try too!).

In the Member's DD and DLRs, you can submit the deviations you got a DD or DLR for.

In the Writing Resources folder, you can submit useful writing-related articles that you or others wrote.


How do I join?

Easy! Click the 'Join Us' button, and you'll get a message from an admin regarding our group rules. And if you just want to passively be a part of this group, that's great as well - just add us to your :+devwatch:.

Can I get an administration position?

We post a blog entry whenever we need new administrators so stay tuned. (:

Can I affiliate my group with you?

Send us a note and/or an affiliation request and we'll consider it! :thumbsup:

Why is my submission taking so long to be voted on?

We know it seems like nothing's going on, but the core of the group is a bustle of activity, and even though it seems like there's a large amount of admins, we all have specific roles and not all of the admins are able to vote. Also, keep in mind that we're people too, with school or a job, family and friends, and other commitments that we tend to. Sometimes we just can't spend as much time in theWrittenRevolution as we'd like to.

Each submission requires two votes to be accepted, and should be accompanied by a critique and feedback request, both of which must be verified. Voting takes time because there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to fairly regulate the voting process. Your submission will expire after one week, but we will do our utmost best to ensure that it does not take that long; only in an emergency situation would it come to that.

Do I have to be a Premium Member to participate in critique?

No, you do not! If you can't utilize the official critique feature, that does not matter whatsoever!

What are the guidelines for writing a critique?

We don't expect you to write a full critique every time (unless you want to!) - that would take too much of your time. However, we do have a standard. At its most basic level, we expect your critique to be constructive and make points that will help the writer improve. Not sure what to do? Start by answering their feedback questions. Or check out our guide on How to Give Feedback.

How do I find the link for the critique that I've written?

Go to the deviation for which you wrote the comment. Find your comment and look beside your username - there should be an indication of how long ago you wrote the comment (this is called a timestamp). Click it, and then copy the URL it takes you to. Paste the link in a comment on your submission page. Still unsure? Ask us! We're happy to help! :note:

I went to the chatroom and it was empty. Why?

The chatroom is right now only used when chat events are hosted, and we usually advertise those through polls or blog entries, so keep an eye out!

How can I get involved in the Mentorship Project?

The current Mentorship Project is ongoing, so you can't officially participate, but you can check out our lessons in the links in our profile page.

Why aren't submissions to the Featured gallery folder allowed?

The Featured gallery folder is for the selected deviations of Featured Members.

Can I submit visual/found poetry?


What's the Writers of the Revolution thing all about?

HERE is what you're looking for. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask! :note:

What's this "tWR Critiques You!" thing all about?

HERE is what you're looking for. If you still have any questions, again, feel free to comment on the blog or note us! :note:

Who made your profile page design?

ginkgografix, the CSS fairy. :heart:

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, let us know, we will be happy to answer them! Send us a note :note: or leave a comment anywhere around the group and we'll get back to you.

Keep writing, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

>>All hail ginkgografix for this beautiful skin.

:star: Stay up-to-date on the literature community. :star:

[Last updated: February 4th]

This is theWrittenRevolution's blog for literature community news promotion. I'll post highlights from my 'Love DA Lit' news series, the DDs for that week, as well as listing some updates from our affiliates! This journal will be updated once a week, on Sunday, along with my news article. Please feel free to comment or send me (HugQueen) a note with any comments, questions, or suggestions! I am always happy to include literature relevant things[or things from our affiliates I might have missed]! :eager:

Love DA Lit: Issue 283

Literature Community Relations

Our Affiliates:

Recent DDs:

re:micromortsmicroprobability states
after consuming one-thousand bananas over the course of your lifetime
and subsequently every one-thousand more beyond
your chance of sudden death increases
by .0001 percent
exactly the same
as drinking half a liter of wine
smoking one-and-a-quarter cigarettes or spending
two days in new york city
so if you find me one day
smoking a cigarette at a wine bar in manhattan while eating a banana split -
casually sipping and puffing and spooning and sighing -
ask me if it's all been real
What We Wantthere is nothing simple about
what we want of this ghost
nor what it wants of us
our every word
ticks familiar nothings
along the rotary travel
of the context dial
and behind every note
of our skyward intentions
chirps the same
swirling nightful of insects
a mechanical enmeshment
of barbs strumming harpstrings
in prayers that somehow
its echo chamber might rename us
might not know us, might not realize
there's nothing
holding the strings taut
but myth and magnetic repulsion
i have a recurring dream
that i awake alone
in the backseat of a car
barreling down the highway
and from what i dream-remember
i'd already been driving it badly
before crawling into the backseat
for a rest, without stopping
there is nothing simple about
the ease with which
we forget
to stop
us saying we're already dead
merely mimics
what the echo chamber
has always named us
because war is all we've ever been
winter flowseeing this river
wide spanned by a wooden bridge
lit by swaying lamps
lift your heads and smell the salt
we'll be in port by daybreak
on a wooden bridge
the winter river running
to the salty sea
unlit lamps smelling of oil
wait on this day's setting sun
the magpies gather
lamp-wick black and frosty white
on wooden bridge rails
coveting the sun sparkles
on the swift water below

Mature Content

Three Million DollarsBy no means was I surprised when the first pop-up appeared on my computer screen. I had been surfing through the internet for about 30 minutes when it happened, and I just assumed it was some sort of stupid virus. Or scam. I mean, it had to be, right?
“Click now to receive three million dollars! Just press “Accept”!”
How wonderful, the sarcastic little voice in my head meeped. No, thank you. I quickly searched for the red “x” button on the top right corner of the message and pressed it, hoping that wouldn’t bring me to another site full of ads and even more misery. Can’t I look through my social media in peace?

“Click now to receive three million dollars! All you have to do is press the button below!”
Another one? Now, this was just getting annoying. I repeated the same step as I did before. Holding
Effects of RadioactivityHorror Scenario
Was this power plant not a big ember,
Ignited through the reactor’s tremendous energies?
Its flaming beam cut the courage of firefighters
In ever-consuming ectomies.
In the firestorm, they saw nothing but sparks;
Again and again, heat waves flood after flood.
What here burned will never bloom again,
No phoenix will be resurrected.
It will only survive the wind and its shrill disphonies.
Even today people in the region suffer from radiation exposure.
Whole areas were contaminated.
Especially children are affected by the radioactive food:
The children of Gomel, just a few kilometers away from Chernobyl.
Help in Need
Since the year 2000, our community allows the children of Gomel
An annual recovery stay.
The mayor takes care of host families in our three small villages.
Gomel students and their teachers spend happy days with us.
Our mayor supports the commitment of the children's aid Gomel, and
Our community has been a partner of the a
QueerWhen I started preschool, I was a loner, because none of the boys wanted to play with me. I only had a few friends, mostly out of the other boys who were loners.
I didn't want to play with the girls. They liked boring games. None of them wanted to play with dinosaurs, and they thought kickball was stupid.
I eventually learned that girls were supposed to like pink, and that boys weren't allowed to. I've hated the color ever since. I don't even know if I genuinely hate it, or if I hate everything society has made it to be. They have become inseparable in my mind.
There was a girl at my elementary school who had short hair. Everyone mistook her for a boy. I tried to hang out with her and acted like we were friends.
We weren't. I was just jealous.
When I started to develop my own clothing preferences, my mom wouldn't let me wear black t-shirts. She said that black wasn't a color for little girls. I was so mad. I didn't see any difference, and decided it was all just unfair.
I'm 22 years ol
Rainlight    Rain crackled as it hit the ground, scattering sparks in every direction. It was a nostalgic kind of rain, with a warm electric glow and steam that curled upwards as the falling water smashed into the pavement.
    It was a beautiful sight, but a dangerous one.
    A familiar voice startled him from behind. “You actually came.”
    Cathias turned from the window to see the soft glow of Matiah’s eyes blinking from the doorway. Blue eyes, the color of a sparkmoth in flight. “Of course.” 
     “Come then. We need you to see this.”
     “The worms.” Cathias said, keeping pace with her. “You said it was urgent.”
    She sighed as the door slid open.
    Cathias winced as he stepped into a room. Research lights were painfully bright, reflecting off the angular metal walls, and revealin

>>All hail ginkgografix for this beautiful skin.

What we accept

Any writing, or Lit-related blogs that would benefit the community, and that have some relevance or interest to our members – for example blogs advertising your Lit contest or writing challenge. We don't accept personal advertisements because it would be unfair – we only share blogs that promote other deviants' participation.

So, something like "please help promote my novel/give me critique" would not be accepted, but something like "I'm looking for people to participate in a literary collaboration/I'm holding a literature chat event" would be. Other blogs we'll accept are writing guides, discussions about literature, interviews and announcements of events. See the list below for examples of member-written blogs!

Also, if there is a piece of news that you think tWR members would be interested in, but it's not long enough for a blog post or you don't want to write one, you can always note us and ask us to promote it on Twitter or Facebook. (If it's dA-related, you can also ask HugQueen to include it in her Literature News, which is updated every Sunday.)
If you want to suggest a prompt, please send us a note and we'll consider it.

You can also write a Writers of the Revolution! You can either write out the blog following the WoR format (which we'll give you a template for, just note us for details!)

Guidelines for blogs

  • Your blog must be literature-related in some way, and must be something that would benefit or interest a larger community.
  • While we appreciate that writing is often controversial and welcome discussion, we will not accept anything we consider to be hate speech or otherwise hurtful/disrespectful. Please consider the feelings of others and how your blog might read to other people.
  • If your blog contains mature content or anything that might be triggering for people (such as discussion of abuse or terminal illnesses), please warn for it. We will not accept blogs with excessively mature content or blogs that violate deviantART's Terms and Conditions.
  • Your blog must be in English, as this is the language our group operates in and we don't have enough admins fluent in other languages to be able to moderate blogs in other languages. Sorry about this! However, we are happy for you to include a translation of the blog in a different language, so long as it is written in English as well.

Guidelines for Writers of the Revolution

  • Please check the Writers of the Revolution and Past Featured Members list to make sure the person you're featuring hasn't been featured before. If you want to feature one of the admins, note us and we'll consider it!
  • Please check that the person you're featuring is a member of theWrittenRevolution (to do this, go to ; if theWrittenRevolution doesn't show up under the list of groups, they're not a member).
  • You don't have to write the critiques and resources part of WoR if you don't want to – you can just write the Featured Writer part. If you do, though, please make sure that the critiques have been given by members of tWR to a piece in tWR (you can check if someone is a member by using the method above, and you can check if a piece is featured in tWR by looking at the list of groups it's featured in on the side).

How to submit a blog

(yes, I put this at the end so you would have to read all the guidelines first :evillaugh:)

Go to the group home page and click "Submit a Blog Post". We'll take care of the formatting for you. :)

If you prefer, you can also send blogs to us by note and we'll submit them for you.

So, that's all there is to it! We hope to see lots more member-written blogs soon :la: If you have any questions, leave them below or send us a note. :heart:

Past member-written blogs

On Writing by WyvernLetDie, June 26th, 2011
Poetry is poetry. Or is it? by Car5, July 22nd, 2011
The You Poem by Blzzard, August 12th, 2011
On Critique: To Do It Well by angelStained, September 18th, 2011
NaNoWriMos, unite! by ErrantCrow, November 2nd, 2011
What makes tWR chat events different? by ozzla, February 6th, 2012

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Resources for Aspiring Authors

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2011, 11:09 AM

We're all writers here, and with nearly 50% of our members aiming to become fully published authors, we thought it would be beneficial to create a compilation of resources about what it takes to get your work on the shelves.

This isn't a definitive list, more of a work-in-progress. We're would be more than happy to add any suggestions – so if you know any good resources, on deviantART or off, link them in the comments! Feel free to discuss your goals and experiences here too.

And if you have had your writing published, or have any experience in this area, we'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send us a note :note: about it and we'll add any guidance/advice you have to the blog. :eager:

Guides and Information

On deviantART:

Tips for Editing Poetry by suture.

(Lit) Author Tag Tutorial by Kalen-Bloodstone.

Publishing Resources List and An Idiot's Guide to Publishing by SadisticIceCream.

On Writing – Getting Published and How to Get a Literary Agent by mree.

writingresources has a very useful set of favourites collections.

Resources for Young Writers, Part I and Part II by WineWriter.

Getting Published the Hard Way by msklystron.

Off deviantART:

"Getting Published", a guide by Patrick Ness, UK YA writer and author of the Chaos Walking trilogy:
Are you ready?
Where to send it?
What to submit?

booktrust has a lot of great resources.

How to Get Published by literary agent Rachelle Gardener, and What to Ask an Agent are both useful.

How to Get Published: Novel Publication Tips on Squidoo. ranges from talking about what life as a freelance writer is like to tips on getting published (and self-publishing), as well as advice on the craft itself.

Magazines and Webzines

We've included webzines because compilations of written works are often directed towards young writers and they're a great place to get started in the publishing world.

Strange Horizons
"... a magazine of and about speculative fiction and related nonfiction. Speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and all other flavors of fantastika."

"Voiceworks is a national, quarterly magazine that features exciting new writing by Australian young writers. It is a unique opportunity for young writers and artists (under 25) to publish their poetry, short stories, articles and comics, illustrations, drawings and photos, as well as receiving feedback on their submission. It is produced entirely by young people and relies totally on contributions from the readers to make up the content."

The Missing Slate
"The Missing Slate will be a representation both literally and visually of young, metropolitan life. Its general tone will be one of wit, satire, awareness and criticism but will not be unjustly critical."

A literary magazine published at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. It accepts submissions (up to 5 pieces of poetry or ±5,000 words of any form of prose) from any undergraduate student in the USA, regardless of what school or what major they're studying in. Submissions can be sent as word attachment to (Contact PeanutButterLegs for more information.)

New Pages' classifieds
This page contains a regularly updated list of opportunities to be published/featured in various blogs, journals, webzines and other publications. Definitely worth bookmarking.


If you're connected to the Twitter world at all, it might be useful to consider following these accounts.

Search Engines & Directories

Duotrope – lists over 3,000 fiction and poetry publishers, and has a comprehensive search engine.

Communities & Other – A website from the publisher Harper-Collins, where users can upload their novels and people rate/review them. Novels with a high amount of good reviews can get sent to an editor's desk for review.

TheShelfLife – A group on deviantART run by Memnalar, dedicated to showcasing work from published authors on dA.

And we've been steadily putting together our own collection of writing resources on deviantART:

There you have it: all of the writing resources we could conjure up in a relatively short space. Don't forget to comment with your aspirations/experiences, and to share your knowledge of any other publishing resources with the rest of the literature community!

We hope this helps, and we'll keep an eye out for your name on the shelves. When you're famous, don't forget to write home, okay? :highfive:

Hey, congratulations!

If you earn a Daily Deviation or a DLR on one of your literature pieces, we want to hear about it! It's a great achievement – you deserve to be recognized for it. Send a note to the group or leave a comment to let us know, and we'll congratulate you via Twitter or Facebook (and promote your deviation). Feel free to let us know of any DDs or DLRs you've earned in the past and we'll add 'em to the group's folder. They'll also show up eventually on our Writers of the Revolution monthly feature!

We'd love to add your deviation to the collection! Don't think of it as grabbing for attention. We'd be thrilled to celebrate with you and what better way than to tell the world what you've achieved? :dummy:

Seriously, let us know. :thumbsup:

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Recent Journal Entries

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Awarded December 20, 2010
"theWrittenRevolution by WrittenRevolt shows that very big, very amazing things can happen when people come together and put their minds to it."

(Suggested by Nym226 and featured by ArtisnotanAccident)

What are you writing right now? 

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