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What is this group about?

We want you to grow as a writer and help others grow! We're a literature group centered on critique, encouraging you to critique people’s work and for other people to critique your work as well.
To keep the flame of creativity alive, we provide writing prompts, chat events, and workshops. We also share contests and events from the Literature community.
We feature our members on a regular basis.

How do I get involved?

FIRST: Critique the Work of Others

The purpose of this group is to promote critiquing, so before you submit your own work, please critique another member’s writing. Peruse our gallery to find a piece that interests you. A link to the piece you critiqued is required in the description of your deviation in order for it to be accepted into our gallery.

How to Critique in this Group

1. Thoroughly read the writing that you want to critique, keeping note of what stands out to you.
2. Check the deviation description. This will give you a starting point for your critique, because all submissions to this group require a specific request for feedback.
3. Read the written piece again, keeping the feedback questions in mind.
4. Begin writing your critique, starting with what you like about the piece.
5. Answer the feedback questions. Remember to be honest in a polite and friendly way.
6. If something really stood out to you that hasn’t been addressed by answering the feedback questions, mention it in a polite and friendly way.
7. To end your critique, point out the best things about the writing again. This will help the author feel less discouraged and more confident.

For a more detailed explanation with examples, read this guide.

THEN: Prepare Your Deviation for Submission

A link to the piece you critiqued is required in the description of your deviation in order for it to be accepted into our gallery. Your critique must be written within one week of your own submission to the group. (If you are submitting to the Longer Works or to the First Chapters and Prologues folder, your critique must be on another piece in that folder.)
Include a specific feedback request in your deviation description.

How to Ask for Feedback

1. Think about the aspects of your writing that you are unsure about, and base a question on that.
2. Ask a more generic question, such as, “What did you like most about this piece?” or, “What do you think the message of this piece is?”
3. Remember that though only one question is required, more questions promote a variety of feedback.

For a more detailed explanation with examples, read this guide.

FINALLY: Submit Your Deviation to Our Group

Submit to our gallery when you would like feedback on your written work. Keep in mind, though, that your pieces will not appear right away. They need to be approved by our administrators before they can be officially submitted. Pieces submitted to the gallery will be evaluated on grammar, originality, quality, and effort.
If your deviation does not meet the following guidelines, it will be rejected. However, you are free to resubmit your deviation once you make the appropriate changes.

NOTE: We only allow one submission per member, per week.

Submission Guidelines

• All submissions must be in English.
• All submissions must be formatted correctly. For prose, that means paragraphs and coherent sentences. This is a bit different for poetry, as we understand the need for artistic expression.
• All submissions must include a link to the piece you critiqued in the description of your deviation in order for it to be accepted into our gallery. Your critique must be written within one week of your own submission to the group.
• All submissions must include a specific feedback request in your deviation description.
• A stand-alone poetry piece of roughly 1,500 words or less goes in the Poetry folder. Visual/found poetry is acceptable.
• A stand-alone prose piece of roughly 1,500 words or less goes in the Prose folder.
• A stand-alone piece of roughly 1,500 to 3,000 words goes in the Longer Works folder
• A first chapter or prologue of roughly 3,000 words or less goes in the First Chapters and Prologues folder.
We're Less Likely to Accept:
• Mature deviations. We want this group to be open and acceptable to all members.
• Personal writing that cannot be understood in any way simply by analyzing it or interpreting its imagery. (For example, if someone would need to know personal things about you to get anything out of it.)
• Deviations that have already been accepted by more than fifteen other groups and have a lot of feedback. This isn't about exclusivity, this is about giving exposure to the people who need it most.
We Do Not Accept:
• Fan fiction.
• Journal submissions. Even if your journal contains literature, that Lit should be appropriately categorized and belong to your gallery, not your journal, which is the space where you share your life and personal things. If you want to submit your journal for a contest, Literature event, writing tutorial, or anything of the sort, you're welcome to do so by clicking on your name and icon at the left and then choosing Submit a Blog Entry. The rules to submit your blogs to us are outlined here.
• Badly researched work. Whereas poor grammar and mistakes are expected from the deviations you submit to us and are the reason why our group exists, research isn't a part of this. Check your sources.
• Trolls, hate speech, inflammatory deviations, or anything of the sort.

If you’re unsure about any of this or you disagree, please leave a comment or send us a note :note:. We’ll be happy to discuss it.

BONUS: Submit to Our Favourites

Keep in mind, submissions to our Favourites folders don't need to follow our gallery rules. :+fav:
  • In the Featured folder, we'd like you to submit other deviants' work that impressed younot your own.
  • In the tWR Related folder, you can submit visual/written work that you OR others have made, that is related to our grouplike supporting stamps!
  • In the Revolutionary folder, you can submit visual/written work that other deviants did fits the theme of revolution.
  • In the Prompt-inspired folder, you can submit the deviations you wrote after prompts (not necessarily ours, but please link to the prompts you wrote the deviation after so other people can try too!).
  • In the Member's DD and DLRs, you can submit the deviations you got a DD or DLR for.
  • In the Writing Resources folder, you can submit useful writing-related articles that you or others wrote.


How do I join?

Easy! Click the Join Us button, and you'll get a message from an admin regarding our group rules. And if you just want to passively be a part of this group, that's great as welljust Watch us. Added to my devWatch!

How do I find the link for the critique that I've written?

Go to the deviation for which you wrote the comment. Find your comment and look beside your username. There should be an indication of how long ago you wrote the comment (this is called a timestamp). Click it, and then copy the URL it takes you to. Paste the link into the description of the deviation you are submitting. Still unsure? Ask us :note:! We're happy to help!

What are the guidelines for writing a critique?

We don't expect you to write a full critique every time (unless you want to!), because that could take up too much of your time. However, we do have a standard. At its most basic level, we expect your critique to be constructive and make points that will help the writer improve. Not sure what to do? Start by answering their feedback questions, or check out our guide on How to Give Feedback.

Why is my submission taking so long to be voted on?

We know it seems like nothing's going on, but the core of the group is a bustle of activity, and even though it seems like there's a large amount of admins, we all have specific roles, and not all of the admins are able to vote. Also, keep in mind that we're people too, with school or a job, family and friends, and other commitments that we tend to. Sometimes we just can't spend as much time in theWrittenRevolution as we'd like to.
Each submission requires two votes to be accepted, and should be accompanied by a critique and feedback request, both of which must be verified. Voting takes time because there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to fairly regulate the voting process. Your submission will expire after one week, but we will do our utmost best to ensure that it does not take that long; only in an emergency situation would it come to that.

Why aren't submissions to the Featured gallery folder allowed?

The Featured gallery folder is for the selected deviations of Featured Members.

Can I get an administration position?

We post a blog entry whenever we need new administrators, so stay tuned.

Can I affiliate my group with you?

Send us a note and/or an affiliation request, and we'll consider it!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, let us know, and we will be happy to reply! Send us a note Note, visit us in tWR Chat, or leave a comment anywhere around the group and we'll get back to you.

Keep writing! We look forward to reading your work!

This guide is adapted from General Rules and FAQ (outdated), How to Write a Critique, and How to Ask for Feedback.

Welcome to theWrittenRevolution's monthly prompt!
Before we get into this month's prompt let's take a moment to congratulations to @Asahi-Taichou for winning 100 points for their piece, "The Legacy of Thomas Godfrey" for August's Prompt: Rites of Passage!
The Rules
:bulletgreen: Each month, one participant will be randomly selected to win 100 points.
:bulletgreen: To be eligible for points, your finished piece must be submitted to the prompt folder no later than September 30, 2022
:bulletgreen: Both prose and poetry are accepted.
:bulletgreen: Prose entries have a word limit of 3,000.
:bulletgreen: Mention the prompt in your deviation description
:bulletgreen: Submit the prompt piece to the September Prompt: Guilty Pleasures
:bulletgreen: You don't need to be a member of theWrittenRevolution to participate, but we do encourage it!
Now, on to the prompt!
Let's admit it: we've all got a few guilty pleasures. Celebrity gossip, trashy TV shows, cheating on our diets, and bodice-ripping romance novels...there are plenty of things that we love, but maybe don't want other people to know how much we enjoy it. What is it about these things that make us want to hide our predilection for them? What would happen if you came clean about it? Why is h
Some quotes to set off your muse:
“Expensive pleasures will soon bring the richest person down.”
Stephen Richards
“Everything in the garden was like that: lovely but impossible to enjoy properly, with that worrying feeling inside that they were only there through an odd stroke of luck, and the fear that they'd soon have to give an account of themselves.”
Italo Calvino
"It's refuse to be shamed o'clock!"
Sunny Cho
Welcome to theWrittenRevolution's monthly prompt!
Before we get into this month's prompt let's take a moment to congratulations to @MaggotsX for winning 100 points for their piece, "Early Rust" for July's Prompt: Rites of Passage!
The Rules
:bulletgreen: Each month, one participant will be randomly selected to win 100 points.
:bulletgreen: To be eligible for points, your finished piece must be submitted to the prompt folder no later than August 31, 2022
:bulletgreen: Both prose and poetry are accepted.
:bulletgreen: Prose entries have a word limit of 3,000.
:bulletgreen: Mention the prompt in your deviation description
:bulletgreen: Submit the prompt piece to the August Prompt: Legacy
:bulletgreen: You don't need to be a member of theWrittenRevolution to participate, but we do encourage it!
Now, on to the prompt!
When we leave something - a job, a relationship, life itself - we leave something of ourselves behind. Some people are obsessed with their legacy, striving to be remembered for doing something great. Some never worry about the traces they leave behind, only caring about this life or this moment. Many of us walk in between those two extremes. In thinking about legacy, what kind do you wish to leave? What legacies have you already created, whether it be from leaving school, a job, or even a friendship? What part of you stays around, even after you're gone?
Some quotes to set off your muse:
“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
- Greek Proverb
“I just want to be enough for you, but I can never be. This can never be enough for you. But this is all you get. You get me, and your family, and this world. This is your life. I’m sorry if it sucks. But you’re not going to be the first man on Mars, and you’re not going to be an NBA star, and you’re not going to hunt Nazis.”
- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
"You create history within yourself. You create history within your own family. You create your own legacy. Because I create history without even trying to and that's when the best parts of history are created."
- Bianca Belair
More Journal Entries


We're the leaders of the revolution.
A dedicated and inspired group of writers that have developed into a cohesive team determined to make theWrittenRevolution the best it can possibly be.

Got a question for the admins? Send a note. :note:





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Same-side Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2023   Writer
June-to-July Jubilee Jumble Contest [ENTER HERE]IT IS TIME. IT IS TIME FOR THE CONTEST.In case you've forgotten, or you're here for the first time, the June-to-July Jubilee Jumble Contest has some wonderful prizes!For Best “Jumbled” Script (2-5 random elements), the prize is:1800 points& 1 CritiqueFor Best “Extra Jumbled” Script (6-9 random elements), the prize is:1800 points& 2 Critiques For Best “Super Extra Jumbled” Script (10 random elements and 1+ random twist), the prize is:1800 points& 3 Critiques But wait–there’s more! Whichever script from among the top three winners impresses the judges as being exceptionally great in quality will win something exceptionally special in return…For Overall “Best in Show” Script, the prize is:1 Custom-Drawn Thumbnail Illustration drawn by @ChalklineChickadee of your winning script& 1 Interview/Spotlight Group Journal PostTo compete in this contest, all you have to do is write a script within the two months of the contest from June 1 to July 31! The script you write can be any genre (e.g., sci-fi, drama, historical, absurdist) and can be meant for a “performance” in any medium (e.g., screen, stage, radio wave, graphic novel page). The script you write should also incorporate at least two (2), but no more than ten (10) of our jumbled up random elements from the Jubilee Jumble table.INSTRUCTIONSIf you want to participate in the contest, comment on this journal with the number of elements you want to try incorporating in your script. If you request to have between two (2) and five (5) elements, your script will qualify for the “Jumbled” Script category. If you request to have between six (6) and nine (nine) elements, your script will qualify for the “Extra Jumbled” Script category. If you request to have ten (10) elements, your script will qualify for the “Super Extra Jumbled” Script category, and it must also include at least one (1) “Super Extra Jumbled” Random Twist in addition to your ten (10) random elements.If you want to write multiple scripts for the contest (giving you, perhaps, better odds at winning a prize), comment on this journal which tiers you want (e.g., Jumbled, Extra Jumbled and/or Super Extra Jumbled) along with your preferred quantities of random elements.We will reply to your comment as soon as we can with your random numbers. You will pick your elements accordingly. For example...If you wanted to compete in the “Jumbled” tier and asked for three (3) numbers, and we replied with “1, 2 and 3,” you could...... decide to pick Character #1, Setting #2 and Object A #3. Or choose to use Object B #1, Object B #2 and Object B #3. Or feel free to mix and match the numbers and prompts however you like, as long as they are 1, 2 and 3!Once you receive your set of random numbers, reply to us with the elements you have chosen. Then get writing!MINUTIAEYou can start writing anytime within the two months of the contest. We will be answering requests for numbers throughout the contest, though due to our schedules, it might take up to a day or two for us to get back to you. Don't miss out—request sooner, rather than later!The script you write should be submitted to the contest folder.Members of House of Playwrights and our affiliates are welcome to participate, as well as non-members. If you are not currently a member, we hope you’ll consider joining House-of-Playwrights. No strings attached.All genres are accepted, but please adhere to the House of Playwrights content policy.Each script should be no fewer than one hundred (100) words and no more than six thousand (6000) words long. (This word count limit includes stage directions, character descriptions, sound effects, etc.!)We will be judging both on the overall quality of the scripts and on your creativity in incorporating the random elements. JUBILEE JUMBLE TABLE & LIST OF RANDOM TWISTSThere are four categories of numbered random elements: Characters, Settings, Random Objects A and Random Objects B. Each has fifteen (15) corresponding items. You can use these however you like within your script.CHARACTERSa child adopted at age 15a schoolteacher one year away from retirementa necromancer (real or imagined) with a grudgea dedicated birdwatchera shoe factory worker with amnesiathe last person that should be trusted with a secreta felon on the runa moon landing skeptica telepathic dragona town cryera spoiled teenagera frenchmana cranky grandparent with a broken bonea disembodied alien beinga corrupt judgeSETTINGS the Mediterranean Seabeneath a palm treeskyscraper with a viewdeep undergroundthe day before (or after) the aliens arrivean apolitical paradean animal hospitala Dyson sphereelection weekan augmented realityan interrogation roomtwenty years in the futurea slimy pondsunrisea locked bathroomRANDOM OBJECTS Aa pair of pink woolen socksa dried flower buda broken locketmarblesfried mushroomsa fossilized tootha paperclip necklacea metal keyhandcuffsa pillan incomplete jigsaw puzzlea blank sticky-notea microphonean overdue billa divorce decreeRANDOM OBJECTS Ba mugshotthe Magna Cartaa bookmarka sodden/soggy boxtorn tissue paperoversized feathersa roadsignfermented milkjelly donutsconfettian animal collara scalpel a steering wheelropestriped underwearFor those of you working on a “Super Extra Jumbled” script, here is your list of random twists: • Has a non-linear plot. • Includes lines in a non-English language. • Has a sweet villain and an unkind hero. • Includes the line: "But what shall we do about the missing _______?"DEADLINEYou have between June 1 and July 31 to write. The deadline for submissions is July 31 at 11:59 p.m. IDLW (International Date Line West).When you've finished writing your script, send it to the contest folder!Comment below to enter the contest. (Or ask questions. We'd love to hear from you.)...
We have a writing contest going on at an affiliate group, if you are interested.
Ken-chan94 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2022  Professional Traditional Artist
The 100 Gray Girls Attack Of 1947These facts are not narrated in 1947, but we are in the epoch of the year 2010. This story begins in a modern American city.In the evening the cities are less crowded than usual, in the streets we find a few cars passing, some puddles left by yesterday's storm; some passer-by in the streets passes, trampling the water from the puddles which makes a great noise; some street lamps flash illuminating the dark streets; stray cats on the streets rummage through garbage cans, looking for food; by dropping a garbage can and with a loud noise they wake up the surrounding neighborhood; a little girl is awakened by the noise, so she looks out to see what is happening outside, in the hours of the night;looking out he finds four friends drunk from what they have drunk, the girl chases them away telling them that she will call the police if they don't go away; in the end the drunken group ran away. The characteristics of the three boys are: Ben and Thalia are tall and thin, both have blue eyes and curly blond hair; Instead Tommy is a boy of short stature and a bit chubby and has black hair and a curly cut, a bit long. So one day Thalia comes to school, where that day she was dressed differently than usual, she was wearing an open shirt with blue shorts, she didn't have the usual school uniform.Thalia thus enters an empty classroom and begins to change clothes, wears a sparkling blue dress and begins to wear a lot of make-up, smears lipstick on her lips, to appear more beautiful, and then heads to the gym for prom.but first she reaches her locker, and strange objects begin to come out, shoes, printer paper, biro pens, until she is sucked into the locker, where inside it contained a space-time vortex; thus she is sucked into another era.Due to the space-time vortex, his body has had changes; Thalia is a girl who is 12 years old and finds herself in the modern era in the year 2010 and not in 1947, she was escaping from the colorless Graywold dimension, after having been trapped for 50 years together with her classmates.In the modern era so suddenly in a telephone booth, a space-time vortex appears inside it, at that moment a gentleman was passing by, who, intrigued by the light that emanated from that booth,was curious to know what was inside, suddenly an enormous foot appears which destroys the cabin, and trampling with an enormous hand, the gentleman who is crushed by this gigantic hand and can no longer free himself, where with his enormous weight he is crushed and killed, splattering blood from all sides.Thalia thus emerges from this vortex in the form of a giant, like skyscrapers. Due to the time she traveled in the vortex her clothes were torn, so she now wears a green striped bikini.Thalia feels so confused, she looks around and sees small people, “What's going on, and what place have I ended up in? ” Thalia said.Thalia thus starts walking, causing destruction and terror in the crowd, people start running away, seeing a girl of enormous size.Thalia walking causes strong earthquakes and cracks in the ground, walking through the narrow streets, with a huge foot she crushes cars, she feels pain under her feet, so she starts grabbing objects she has never seen before, starts grabbing flashing neon billboards, grabs sports cars, and observes that a person is inside, starts shaking the car and it knocks the person over and as he falls he blows his brains out, impaling himself with a metal blade and dying, he throws the car he was holding in his hands.Thalia trips over a parked car, falling on her butt and making a loud noise. Talia sitting on the ground, “I'm sorry, I didn't want to create any destruction.” Thalia said to the crowd; people yell at her, a bunch of guys start pounding her leg telling her she has to go away. The 12-year-old giant begins to feel very hungry, who suddenly goes crazy and no longer understands anything, and starts eating fast food, restaurants, everything he finds in front of his eyes, thus eating all the food supplies and finding a source of water in the center of the city, so Thalia starts drinking all the water she can find.After eating and drinking a lot, Thalia begins to hear strange noises in her stomach, so she starts making powerful eruptions “BUURRRRRRPPPPPPP”; up to making the whole city shake creating earthquakes, to cars with alarms, up to people screaming from the loud noise, up to blood coming out of their ears from the commotion caused by Thalia, who starts apologizing “ Oh, sorry everyone ”; for the mess caused by Thalia, he starts taking one of the citizens, a little boy named Willy, who starts playing with him; Willy gets very angry and starts screaming, Thalia gets scared by mistake and breaks a skyscraper.After Thalia has kidnapped Willy, the military arrives with helicopters to try to capture her, but Willy realizes that Thalia doesn't want to hurt anyone, so he gets in the way.“Run Thalia.” Willy said.Thalia for his great gesture of Willy kisses him and she runs away and hides in the woods.Some of the little adults who are terrified, run away from the giant girl who spews high-pitched swear words in pain, creating more destruction.Some of the townspeople start to say profanity about Thalia.Thalia bumps into tall skyscrapers and damages them with her butt, stepping on various things, such as injured people, or broken glass car remains.Some people lost their lives in this great war, some of the citizens, died, suffering damage to their bodies, until they broke and opened in half, showing the entrails and guts coming out of their bodies.Thalia was heading towards the woods, but suddenly, in front of her she finds a soldier maneuvering his helicopter, who loses control, the soldier at the wheel was no longer able to maneuver the helicopter which accidentally crashed into Thalia who had blocked herself with one arm to defend herself from the great explosion.Thalia, frightened by the explosion, returned to normal form and together with Willy they ran away into the woods.Story commission for @Supermarvel5... 
TwilightsFall Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2022  Hobbyist Writer
Good to see this place still going. This is one of the first groups I joined.
TheseKrimzonFlames Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2022  Professional Writer
I am a co-founder of this group, and it honestly makes me really happy to see that it's still going. Truly remarkable. Well done to everyone over the years, truly.
Fundelstein Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
I've noticed that Game of Genres doesn't happen on the same month every year. When's the next one gonna start?
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