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My corporal lover ch.1I have a huge thing for crossovers, and my favourite shippings aren't excluded from that. so, I happen to intensely ship LeviXHanjiXNanabaXHijikata in a happy foursome. But This is gonna be from Ol' Toushi's POV and his attempts to get into Levi's pants – ehem, win his love. PS. I write futanari. Just a quick warning. Both genders are physically similar so to speak. As in, girls share the same anatomy as guys. No boobs. None of that shit. But they both have dicks.PPS. Sex jokes. heads up. Both "heads" if you catch my drift ;)PPPS. The scouting legion members include characters from other animes whom I thought would be great as soldiers. because I needed more members using characters I actually like. No Sasha. No Connie. No Christa. Might be mentioned but under certain occasions. See now how far my crossover issue is? :/ so if you find strange names, don't get too confused and enjoy.PPPPS. Heads up. The characters own Digimon partners. One thing I want to say about the digital monsties that each has a single name for the entire evolution line. On other words, their names don’t change when they digivolve.PPPPPS. the details from the last two PS's can be found on my DA account journal XSamuraiEdgeX xsamuraiedgex/journal/my-fanfiction-policy-headcanon-807738848 or you can just ignore them :DPPPPPPPPS. So many sarcasm , stupid scouts, perhaps some cringe and a horny Toushi.PPPPPPPPPS. nothing. i felt like saying it.PPPPPPPPPPS. Please excuse the many PS's.You know when you get hard/wet/both from the slight contact with that person that you know you're falling for them. Miserably. I don't know when this has started to happen, but whenever Levi is less than 5 ft away from me, chaos ensues upon my body.It doesn't help when we're both together in front of his underage subordinates. Though these hormonal teenagers are no strangers to sex – not one of them is even a virgin – that won't make things any less awkward when my pants look like that little monster from the Alien movie would burst out of them.And it's not just my dick that would get me in trouble, my asshole of an asshole would want in on the action too by drenching my damn clothes. There was this one time when I had a sleepover at the scouting legion and I was in my underwear. One of Hanji's junior lieutenants, Eren Jaeger, said this one thing that made me want to jump out the two story window:"Hey, Hiji-San. Are you okay? There's a stain in your boxers." luckily, it was kinda hot that day, so I was quick to give an all believable explanation.,"Just sweating, Eren." and that seemed to do the trick. Especially that the kid didn't look too dry himself either so he was quick to buy it. Shit, I oughta wear darker clothes for occasions like these.And it's all because I saw Levi on the other side of the room take off his shirt. damn, am I really that bad?,Now, before you start jumping to conclusions. I don't want Levi just for his smokin' hot body, oh no no no no no not at all. I'm in love with every shit he could offer. I'm not gonna start on the cheesy cringe-worthy ‘I love his body, mind and soul’ and all that soap opera crap. I just love the guy for who he is and that's that – basically the same reason why I bang Hanji and Nanaba, not just for these… mmmm! Yummy cute aps, Sweet little booty, glorious pecs and those hellishly pouty lips *cough* carrying on then.And it’s not just Levi I’m having the hots for. Hanji and Nanaba have had a relationship already established with me some time ago. It all started when the three of us were alone having some beer in Hanji’s office. Levi was in the backyard tending to the horses with the help of some of the kids. I was peeking at those two hot mofos from over the rim of my cup clearly struggling with my feelings towards more than one person at once. Dammit, why did those bastards have to be so fucking attractive? ,,, ,,And what didn’t help – or maybe it did – that Hanji made us play with her Truth or Dare. It all starts with this game, doesn’t it? Some shitty drama has to come from that blasted game one way or another. I’ve seen enough cheesy fanfiction to confirm that.And since I was too lazy to move from my spot to go through with some potentially terrifying dare that psycho might dream up, I picked Truth. Might as well get this fuckery over with. I swear, she spends too much time with teenagers.But all these grumpy thoughts morphed into ones of shock when that mad woman threw a really personal question in my way. “So, Toushi. Do you jerk off?” she slurred the question like she just asked me how often I smoke. And that dumbass hiccup made her look even dumber.“Really?” that was my unamused response. “Come on! It’s just the three of us!” urged Nanaba. “Wanna share the dirty bits with us or not?”“We can share some of ours as well!” Hanji wiggled her eyebrows temptingly. When she gets comfortable enough with a friend, she can get brutally bold. But that doesn’t mean she crosses her boundaries mindlessly and ends up hurting someone’s feelings. She’s not as dumb as she looks. Clearly she must know her question wouldn’t bother me that much and she was actually right. “Yeah, I do.” I like those two anyway so might as well let them in on my dirty habit. Who knows? Maybe they would ‘help’ me with it. Am I too obvious? Sue me. “Sometimes I rub my dick and finger my ass at the same time.” I carried on much to their delight.“Oh, would you look at that, Han! Toushi is naughty just like us!” giggled Nanaba.“I’d be happy to let you use my toy, then!” Goodness, the amount of casualness Hanji displays no matter how filthy the topic is! Woman, you’re not lending me a pencil for fuck’s sake!“You’re gonna love it! It’s a 6 inch vibrator that-”“Shush, Nana! Don’t spoil it!”And so the three of us began to disclose some… stuff. Totally innocent stuff. And gradually we become more and more intimate until… one thing led to another.No, we didn’t get naked and have a three way with each other. We confessed. We fucking confessed. Do you know what that means? Turned out those two drool over me the same way I do for them. But we didn’t go the nearest room and did the deed. Not yet anyways. Not until we have received Levi’s blessing first. Doing anything from behind their lover’s back and we’d have a cheating case on our backs and no way in fuck we’re letting that happen. The squad captain… well, actually the whole legion was actually pretty accepting of the turn in the relationship status and once all was said and done, me, Hanji and Nanaba were official. I only have Levi left to land and I’d officially be boning the three scouting legion high ranking officers. Hehe, then I’d be one lucky son of a gun!"Hey, Toushi." GASP! Boner alert! Boner alert! All systems shut down immediately! This is not a drill a.k.a fantasy of Levi! This is the real thing!"Yes, Li?""Would you do me a favor and watch over the brats for me? Hanji needs me to make her coffee. Damn paperwork seems to pile up more than getting it done." We were actually standing in the courtyard where these young soldiers do their training. They'd group in pairs and mockfight together to hone their skills to make sure they don’t fuck up in the battlefield.,"Ok, go to her. I'll stay with the kids." if it means keeping that literal fucker in my pants under control, then I'll be happy to keep some distance from the adorable boner inducing midget."Be sure to give them some tips while you're at it." Levi instructed from over his shoulder as he turned around to go to his commander."Yeah, I know" and watched him walk away with the mini skirt of his uniform cling tightly to that wonderful ass....I really gotta stop talking. This is getting outta hand. I have someone to watch over. So I started barking instructions:"Relax your shoulders, Jean. You look too tense.""Air Groove. Spread your legs to maintain balance.""Annie. Put less pressure on your moves. This is a sparring session not a fucking free wrestling match.""Edward. Don't let Marcus provoke you with height jokes!""Mikasa. You're doing great but keep the murderous look off your face.""Eren! You're getting too angry again!"Speaking of shit spinning out of control, handling these kids is like living in a monkey house. Last time they were left unsupervised, things broke into a pandemonium. Eren and Jean, as fucking usual, were at each other's throats. again. Because ol' Nanaba made the mistake of pairing them together during the sparring session. Here's what happened next:Jean gave Eren a shove. The latter, in turn, stumbled and bumped into Kunieda who retaliated by body tackling Jean, taking Marcus to the floor with them. Edward, apparently fed up with their shit, decided to just attack them all at once. Air Groove tried to interfere to break up the mess but got accidentally elbowed in the gut by Ed. Annie, who had been perioding that time, took out her anger on the nearest person whom I don't exactly remember. Could've been Jean if his blue eye was anything to go by. And Eren, bless the poor little thing, got squashed underneath the fighting human pile. Mikasa was the only one who had the brains to report to the superiors and by the time we all got there, it was a total bar fight. Hanji, with just a snap of her finger, peace was restored as if no one just had their foot up their partner's mouth.You must be wondering what I'm even doing in Paradis military in the first place. Even if you aren't and most likely don't give a shit, I'll still tell you anyway.Even though I'm a member of the Shinsengumi, which is a special samurai police force, I also happen to be an ally and a good friend of the survey corps. I rarely see them because of my line of work, but I still manage to pay them visits during my day offs. We'd even cross paths once in a while when I'm on patrol.And that's why I'm also allowed a bit of authority on the kids even when I'm not their superior officer. The most I could do is to supervise their training or help with their lessons on new creature species or some kind of a monster motherfucker mumbo jumpo threat. Adding to that, tag along on their expeditions as a guest member. I even got my own Familiars. I have my Pokemon buddy, Gary, the Garchomp and my asshat of a Digimon, Sougo, who's none other than a Thunderbirdmon.,,,And according to Hanji, theirs is the only branch that allows allies from other affiliations to join them on their activities.Sigh. See? That wasn't so bad, was it?Though you must've forgotten what I'm doing in the meantime. Supervising the brats, remember?And this is exactly what I have been doing until one of those fools decided it was a good idea to burp at his partner's face. Namely Edward who must've thought it was a great distraction strategy to throw your enemy off guard. Well that might work technically since poor Eren, who had been on the receiving end of the gas expulsion, screamed bloody murder. Goodness, son! It's just a burp!"Who burped? I can show them!" oh no… whenever someone burps around Marcus, he takes it as a personal challenge to fire back. He's the biggest burper in the corps, might I add. He's one of those gifted people who can actually control their burps. Something Levi isn't exactly proud of. "BUUUUURP!" aaand it started…,"Ugh! Marcus, you asshole!" that was Kuneida's completely reasonable reaction as she was the target of the horrid act, while Annie giggled like a dimwit.Air Groove must have taken this as a great inspiration to do some burping of her own too, and unleashed one right at Jean's face who screamed "FUCK YOU" in encounter, at which she laughed like a hyena.All of a sudden, there were burping here and there. followed by pirate-like cursing in response. I gotta do something to stop this madness!"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled with all my might before this whole shit turned into a complete burping party. I think I scared some birds off the trees. Fucking turd in a fish barrel, this isn't what I was signed up to do!,That seemed to snap the brats out of their burping orgy. Great cuz I couldn't imagine Levi's reaction if he bore witness to such chaos. Nanaba most likely would be chill and perhaps slightly amused and would easily just put everything back in order without losing her temper as much. Hanji probably would laugh her ass off. Perhaps even join them. You don't know with that woman. She may not be as talented with burping as Marcus is, but the sound of her burping is nothing to scoff at."What’s all the yelling, Toushi?" I don't know what's up with that little guy and his tendency to swipe me off my feet. He just does. He came walking in my direction with two cups of tea in his hands. Holding them from the rims like the magician he is. He definitely wouldn't mess the chance of some tea goodness. Make your commander some coffee, why not also make tea in the process?,"Trust me, you don't want to know." I grumbled while accepting the tea from him mumbling a little ‘thanks’ in the process."How did things go while I was gone?" oh some bullshittery that had to do with burping. Don't mind it."It went well. You guys taught these brats how to hold their own." he made an approved hum before pouting his cute lips to take a sip from his cup. Oh crap. I'd better say something quick!"Don’t you ever get tired of tea?""Don’t you ever get tired of mayonnaise?"Good point.------------------------------------------------"So, how did things go? Any boners recently?" that was Hanji's dumbass question to me the second I stepped foot into the barracks this morning. She's the only one who knows that I'm having the hots for the 5ft corporal. And she's not being helpful at all."Is that all you fucking care about, you crazy boner woman?!" I growled while walking beside the deranged commander in the corridor. She really knows how to set a guy off."I'm just worried you might get the Blue Balls by the time he finally notices your feelings! What you're doing to yourself is not healthy, Toushi-Woushi~~!""Shut up before you receive the Blue Eye in return." I paused for a second, trying to contemplate my problem "look... I don't know if he even likes me back. Granted that he knows about my feelings""Well the fact that he didn't break your fingers when you held his hand is a good sign." she said while taking a seat on the leather couch in her office, with me following next to her."That doesn't mean anything. It's because we're friends that I have the privilege of not getting mauled to death. Did you see what he did to that Mustang guy from Briggs military? His arm hasn't healed yet.""It’s because that asshole tried groping Levi's you-know-what." she stated in a matter-of-factly tone. As if she just didn't censor her language like a damn child. "And he's a stranger to boost. He's one of those playboys that would try to fuck anything that has junk. But you're different." she carried on with a soft expression on her face. "He really likes you. He even lets you put your arm around his shoulders. Even though Levi is the type of guy that prefers his personal space." She said patting my head proudly as if I have done some sort of accomplishment by befriending Levi, which's not far from the truth. Guy can be awfully picky with who he chooses to be friends with."I'm not the only one. You, Nanaba and the kids get affectionate with him all the same. He simply doesn't mind some contact when people get on his good side.""And you're not an exception, Toushi. In fact, you can be more than that if you just try to make some small advances on him. He's outside right now training the kids. Maybe it's your chance to make a move""Like what?""Just listen carefully."----------------------------------------------Alright. according to Hanji, I should take this really slowly. Levi isn't paying much attention to me since he's preoccupied with instructing the brats.,Step 1: close the distance.Okay, this should be easy.Scoot scoot.Hmm, still not close enough.Scoot.Did he notice? Not yet.Scoot scoot scoot. Okay that's enough. The closer I get, the shorter he appears. Heh, he looks sooooo faraway down there, he doesn't even reach my shoulders! Hopefully, this won't be a problem when I mercilessly French the ever living fuck out of that yummy looking mouth of his. If he returns my feelings, that is.Step 2: make a small physical contact. If you say so, Hanji.I slowly moved my arm to touch his. Come on, just a little closer!"Not like that, Jean! Make your kick a little higher!" Dang it. He moved his arm upwards to emphasize his instructions. And it so happens to be the one I'm trying to touch. His arm went back by his side again. This time, I moved faster.And we finally made contact.Still not enough though. The signal just seems too casual to be noticed. Even if people normally would put some distance, this little touch could easily be brushed off as accidental.Therefore, oh so innocently and nonchalantly, I placed my hand on his back. He was wearing his gear straps so I only felt the fabric attached to the harness there. Too bad. Wanted to get a good feel of these muscles beneath my palm. Wonder what Levi would look like wearing just the straps - Ugh, fucking focus! Then went for a move that may or may not set him off: I placed my elbow on his head, leaning on him like a table.Using will alone, I held back my snicker. The reason why I deemed this dick move safe cuz that's pretty much the same treatment he receives from everybody. When someone has to crane their neck upwards just to get a good look at your face, your inner jerkwad rears its ugly head.“Hrmph.” He grunted before sipping again from his tea. Apparently, he isn’t very amused by the Short Guy treatment, to my own amusement. I also considered moving my hand on his shoulder, and if he showed no reaction to this one, go for the head again. But I thought that'd be enough groping for now. Subtlety, Toushi. Subtlety is the key here.One last thing before entering the next step; I moved my hand near his so that their backs are facing each other and made them touch.At first, he showed no reaction. I tried looking at him from the corner of my eye. But all I could see was the top of his head in my peripherals.Dammit…And I don't dare turn my head to take a quick glance at him only to find him staring back giving me the ‘what the diddly fuck are you doing?’ look. I just can't imagine his reaction if he found out that my small gestures were deliberate. Let's not forget that I'm just warming up.Step 3: if he doesn't break fingers, initiate the hand holding.This is kinda risky. I did hold his hand before, but it's more in a casual impulsive kind of way. It happened last week when I was dragging him with me to go drinking after they came back from that expedition. Poor guy looked like he needed to let loose. When I took him home, Hanji was waiting on the doorstep with that ‘did you fuck yet?’ grin on her face. To make a long story short: we didn't fuck.,And this time I'm gonna hold his hand because I wanna show my feelings, not because I wanted to drag him away from that blasted circus of a military and it's psychotic commander.I know he wouldn't hurt me. In the worst case scenario, he'd just pull his hand and move away altogether. If he was feisty enough to break my fingers, I could have them treated, but the same won't go for my heart. I can handle rejection but not like that.I held his hand in a fast movement but not too fast so as not to startle him. Because moving too slow not only is time wasting, but seems kinda suspicious.And I waited…And waited…Until…He held my hand too.Aww!Unexpected but totally pleasant!Step 4: if previous step worked, link your fingers together.And that I did! Considering Levi's reactions so far, I grew bolder. I made sure not to push my luck though. There's a difference between simply holding someone's hand and locking your fingers together like a Disney couple.But guess what!He returned this gesture too!Hallelujah!"UGH!""Hey, what's going on?" Then he removed his hand all of a sudden and walked over to one of the kids. Apparently someone must have sprained his ankle. Damn, I was entirely distracted by following through with Hanji's ‘how to win Levi's affection’ strategy plan that I paid zero attention to the monkeys in the monkey house.I hurried over to where Levi crouched next to one of the brats."Edward. Are you alright? Does it hurt?""Not exactly, Captain. I'm fine." He said while rubbing where the pain is."I'm really sorry, Ed! You know I didn't mean it!" said Marcus worriedly. Considering his hotheadedness, damn fellow could get outta control sometimes."Don’t fret, man. Just watch it or I'll burp at you too!" threatened Ed while getting up carefully.,Oh no…"Oh come awn!" yelled Marc indignantly in the midst of everyone's snickers."Come again?" that was Levi's tone of doom. He's really sensitive about these sorts of things, is he?I thought I should act before Levi hurts more than Ed's ankle."Alright, everybody. Back into position. Nothing to see here. Show is over!" and that they did, still giggling like the group of baboons they are. Then I went back to my previous spot while Levi was still behind with the midget kid after I have made sure it's nothing too serious.Shortly after, Levi came back mumbling a ‘what’s wrong with those brat?’ under his breath before standing by my side and what he did next… was just too good to be motherfucking true.He stuck next to me, then linked our fingers together!What the what!Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 all done in mere two seconds by Levi himself!dum dum dum dum dumDon’t mind that. That’s just my heart beating with ecstasy and rainbow giddiness.,O-okay. Get yourself t-together, Toushi. You need to c-cut back on this ‘notice me, Senpai!’ affair a bit.S-s-step 5: kiss him anywhere but the lips. Don't look at me. That was Hanji's idea.Good thing she was wise enough to take the kissing step somewhere more innocent. Any idiotic and sudden moves and I could ‘kiss’ this whole thing goodbye.But I'll make sure it's gonna be Levi who gets to receive the kiss. I won't do it randomly though. I can't just give him an out-of-nowhere peck on the head then pretend nothing has happened. This sort of thing needs timing and dare I say that this is probably the most dangerous and sensitive part in this entire operation."Mikasa. Put less pressure on your kicks. You don't wanna hurt her, do you?" then came Levi's thunderlike voice that was a total contrast to his usually calm tone.Good. I thought it was another interruption. Anymore of their shenanigans and it'd be a little hard to control my temper. Especially after their burping situation.Then I decided that the best course of action is do nothing at the meantime. Just holding hands like that should be enough right now. So far the progress came with such unbelievably good results that flying pigs and unicorn cats seem more reasonable by this point. The last thing I need is push my little angel away just because I wanted to do as my dick says.Speaking of which, what's the Little Guy doing down there? Normally he'd explode with blood at the mere sight of the cute widdle ass, and then when I finally come in contact, he bails on me? Can't really complain. I don't want a moment ruining woody. Not here. Not now. And I don't need to explain why.If Hanji sees us together, boy, would she be proud…-------------------------------------------------"Brats. That's enough training today. You're off." and on cue, everybody stopped what they were doing. Too bad I couldn't miss out on the dumbass remarks of "I was gonna kick your ass" "get you next time" "you're lucky the captain stopped us" blah blah blah, I get it. You’re tough as shit now move on.I was still standing there holding Levi's hand while watching everybody go about their business. Some went over to the faucet, others went to the toilets, some even removed their shirt to completely wind off.And I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice the smirk Kunieda Aoi threw in my direction. Shit, I completely forgot that she has an eye like a hawk when it comes to discovering people's feelings towards each other and all that romantic rubbish. And she further enforces it by giving me the thumpsup from her position next to Jean who was busy wiping sweat with his shirt."Jean. That's disgusting! Your shirt is not a handkerchief!""I'll wash it anyway, Captain!"Then I noticed that Marcus was struggling with his straps. The belt across his chest seemed too thick to easily undo. Kid must be burning up from the effort, he's itching to remove his top. Ok fine. I'll help. I pried my hand away from Levi's and went over to help him undo the straps. He didn't hesitate taking off his shirt afterwards. After a quick exchange of "thanks" and "don't mention it", I went off to my little pudding who hadn't moved from his spot. And… is that an expectant look I see? I hesitantly stood by him, giving him a look as if silently asking for permission. Then slowly yet surely, went back to holding his hand.He didn't resist one bit.A few minutes later and everybody cleared out of the yard – still didn't miss Kuneida's mischievous sideways glance on her way past us - With just me and Levi standing there still gluing our hands together.......What now?Then I decided it'd be for the best if I removed my hand. As much as I cherished every second of me holding hands with the dazzling piece of ass before me, it might turn awkward if we prolonged the moment.We stood facing each other. He looked at me as if waiting for my next move."Wanna go back to the barracks?" I asked. What else should I say?"Sounds good. Wanna drink some tea with me?" so my advances didn't bother him after all. He's still as inviting as ever. Sweet!"I just had tea, Levi!" I chuckled."I'll put mayonnaise on it"Sonuvabitch…Ok don't panic. But I guess Humanity's Strongest Soldier is having a small blush crisis. Shit, I wanna panic. Guess I should do something to put us at ease.I walked in his direction to playfully put him in a headlock. Something you'd think is just an excuse to touch him. Weeell that's partly true but it's also cuz I love playing with him in general. What? It doesn't always have to be sexual, y' know!That's when something unfathomable happened and I'm not even sure whether to call it ‘great turn in events’ or ‘situation gone horribly wrong’.As I was nearing Levi, I stumbled across a blasted rock that just SO happens to be conveniently in the way.You can guess what happens next.Come on! it's easy!If you guessed that I fell past Levi while he stood by me, then you guessed wrong.If you guessed that Levi caught ahold of me and prevented my fall, think again.If you guessed that I fell right on top of Levi and took him to the ground with me, then ding ding ding! Correct answer!Just how the fuck did this happen? I thought shit like that only happened in anime!And what's not helping the matter one bit is the reaction Levi gave me. I expected more of a ‘get the fuck off of me before I knee your balls’ kind of response. But he actually looked…Aroused.And before you say it; no, I'm not imagining it. No I'm not fooling myself into believing what I want. That's a turned on face right there and if you don't believe me then you have his blush and…. Holy. shit.What're you doing to me, Levi?The embarrassed face. The tussled hair from the fall. The blush. All had me freeze with me right on top of him. He's not moving. He's not saying anything. He's just lying there with his body sprawled compliantly beneath me and… panting.,You think he just stopped at that? nope! He turned his head sideways while still giving me that ‘fuck me like you mean it’ gaze (or at least what I hope it meant) and exposed that delicious long neck.,If I were anyone else, Levi would be quick to react and push the person off of him. Might as well mutter a quick 'Tch. Clumsy moron' and brush it all off.But no… he's just quiet underneath me giving me the fucking bed eyes. The only motions that came from him was his quickened breathing and what I think to be him closing his legs. Don't tell me he's ‘feeling’ it down there, too?Hanji said to kiss him anywhere but the mouth. She never said anything about not kissing his neck, yes? Ugh, come on! This is serious! Shut up, dick! I'm thinking with my actual head, not yours!"Go on! Kiss him! Whatterya waiting for!"I said shut up! I don't need you to ruin it!"You’re the one who's gonna ruin it unless you plant these lips on that yummy column of meat! Just smell it! Doesn’t that musky scent turn you on~~"You'd better mind your fucking business before I cut you off!"You wouldn't! Without me, you can't top!"Why, you little…"Hey I want in too! I wonder what he packs under these clothes! I'm getting soaked down there!"Oh no… not you too, pussy…"Hey, Toushi! Me and my twin need to get emptied!" Even my balls are getting bitchy.This is just fantastic. I'm in a suggestive position with my love interest while stuck in a mental turmoil with my own genitals.This situation couldn't possibly get any wor-"Hmm…" aaand it did. Yup, that was Levi whining beneath me. I don't know where he's going with these sounds but it's not helping my condition one bit and FOR FUCK'S SAKE stop squirming!"Just look at him. He wants to be ravished"You're a jerk, Mr. Dick. You know that?"Hey now. Remember all the times we spent together in toilets?"Doesn't give you the right to tell me what to do."Need I remind you that I helped with your stress when you'd feel the need to-"Cram it, something is happening."Ha…." Shit. He's panting and squirming and… he rested his head sideways and just laid there closing his eyes.He looked completely submissive…Huh. Never figured that guy for the docile type in bed. Kinda hot actually.Makes me wanna…Fuck him.I moved my lips a little closer to his soft neck.He just looks so delectable when surrendering himself like that.His breath hitched.My nose mere inches from my goal.Just a small dive with my head and I'd be sucking the bloody hell out of that mouthwatering flesh like slurping mayonnaise straight out of the bottle.Then I hesitated. A wave of second thoughts started to hit me one by one.What if I kissed him? How would he react?Does he really want it? Sure he does. Just look at him!But what if it upset him? What if he's not ready?Oh he looks more than ready alright. He looks practically in heat.Protect him. Don't exploit him.…..The last one stopped me right in my tracks.What was I thinking? I'm basically taking advantage of his vulnerable condition. Even if he looked like he wanted it, doesn't mean I'll give it to him on the spot. These things need to be taken seriously.I finally decided the right thing to do.No, I wasn't gonna pull down his pants and give him the time of his life.I got up.He jerked his head towards me when he felt my weight on him no longer. Still blushing and breathing shakily. Unbelievable. I haven't even done anything and he's already heated. Is his body really that sensitive?I gave him my hand to help him up cuz his knees must be in shambles right now.Then I enveloped his small body in a squeezing hug."I'm sorry." not sure what I was apologizing for. For the awkward situation, for allowing it to take place longer than it should have, or for the fact that I almost took him perhaps against his will. I broke the hug then held his hand apologetically awaiting his answer.,“…” He didn't reply. He looked up at me with a face that didn't seem like him at all. Levi is not one to show weakness to anyone, enemy or ally. But when he does reveal this soft side of him, he looks different. Looks… beautiful.,Step 5: just kiss!And a small little peck on his cheek it went. This was as good a time as any, right?"Let's return to the barracks, shall we?""Nooooo!"Don't let me hear your fucking voice, you jizz shooter.I looked at my gorgeous squad captain; he simply nodded with that dazed look. Poor thing couldn't seem to trust his voice.Before I could stop myself, I gave him another kiss on the forehead. I stilled my lips there while brushing his insanely soft hair lovingly, still holding his hand.Then we started leaving the training yard. My arm around his shoulders. My other hand not leaving his.I really have to be careful. This relationship is just too good for me to lose over stupid mistakes.I need a smoke… 

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