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I recently released the first chapter of my new series: Cut Corners! The story focuses on the life of disadvantageous cats in societies named Guilds, and delves deep into the struggles they face to communicate with one another.
Cut Corners: Chapter 1 - A Peaceless Night,A Peaceless NightLulled MeditationListen to Crystal Peak - Christopher Larkin for the Full ExperienceA fluffy black cat deemed Dusk walked through the stoney paths of the Essen Sector cave. It was quite peaceful at this time, removed from the usual bustling crowd racing to get to their places. Crystals and gems embedded into the dimmed walls flickered with light as the retreating sun poured in, casting a soft haze over the frigid cave. Dusk took in a deep breath, smelling the cool air. He continued walking, emptiness filling his mind. He truly had nothing to think about. Being an Essen Sector cat, he was devoid of any emotions. This didn’t bother Dusk as much as it should, mainly due to the fact he had no clue what it would be like to have any. He always considered it an opening for a cat to be weak. A cat without emotions to tempt them is a stable one. After a few moments of walking, Dusk exited out of the place he called home. The sun had cocooned itself into its nest, as the moon began its journey to replace the lost light. Dusk found this… lulling, in a way. Even without the ability to feel, he knew this stillness was interchanged from his normal day. It was a peace he got to enjoy, even for just a minute or two. He closed his eyes and let the empty sounds swirl around him, a slight breeze brushing across his face momentarily. He allowed himself to get comfortable, sitting gently atop the dusty, cracked ground. “Are you seriously praying again?”A voice suddenly announced itself from the cave, snickering raspily.Dusk barely moved an inch, not seeming to be shocked by the new company.“No, I’m meditating.”“Meditating, praying, same thing.”The voice scoffed, seeming to grow louder.“I mean, It’s colder than the cave out here. You’re mad.”Dusk felt a tail brush against his side as he opened his eyes, gazing over at the voice’s red and blue figure.“Well, Daybreak, I actually have skin on my bones, unlike you.”“Wow, what a low shot.”Daybreak replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes.“And here I was looking to tell you something.”“If it’s about your ceremony, I’m aware. You’ve bragged about it so much, everybody knows.”Dusk twitched his torn ear, turning his head back to the sky. He closed his eyes once more, allowing the stillness to continue its takeover.Daybreak seemed… weirdly pleased with that response, standing up and beginning to turn away just as quickly as he had arrived.Dusk attempted to continue his meditation, but he wasn’t satisfied with the lack of a reply. He opened his eyes, looking back at the lithe red cat.“You should join me. It’d get you used to hypothermia.”Daybreak looked back at him, stopping.“Oh, I’d love to, but I don’t need someone finding me out here with the likes of you.”He smirked a little.Dusk flicked his tail agitatedly, standing up.“Then I’ll just follow you. You’ve ruined my silence, anyways.”“Oh noooo, not your silence! How awful!”Daybreak cracked a chuckle, whipping back around and darting towards the cave.Dusk didn’t wait for a second, swiftly bolting after Daybreak and digging his sharp claws through the stone to gain traction. Right behind him was the moonlight slowly creeping into the cave, seeming to give chase right after the two.___Sopping HerbsListen to Hollow Knight - Christopher Larkin for the Full ExperienceThe soft sound of rustling leaves was echoing outside of the Mage Centre. Inside, a long Russian blue cat sat, quietly sorting herbs into piles. The physical world around her was dimmed, the only visibility being the looming darkness ever present in the dusk of the night.The cat ran her paws along each individual herb, utilising memory to sort them correctly and efficiently. It was a mindless process she had been performing for seasons now. The only company she had during this process was the gentle breeze brushing past her soft fur, carrying a soft scent of precipitation alongside it.After completing the mind-numbing task, the Mage pushed the newly sorted piles aside, shuffling over to the back of the den and lying down atop a bed of moss. Closing her sightless eyes, she curled up against the rough birch wood outlining the shelter. ‘Goodnight, peaceless night.’She thought dully to herself, slowly fading into a state of slumber.CRASH.A loud roar crackled above the wooden den, causing the sleeping blue cat to jolt awake. She swiftly jumped to her paws, rushing towards the edge of the den to be met with rain battering against her roughly. The growing puddle underneath caused her to stumble backwards.The Mage hastily whipped around, dropping to the ground and pawing for the previously sorted herbs. To her dismay, the piles were present, but seemed to be sopping with precipitation from the raging storm outside.“Stupid Crow, stupid-”The aforementioned Crow grit her teeth harshly, shoving the soaked stems aside.“There goes a quarter season’s worth of healing.”To make matters worse, the downpour stirring outside only grew in intensity, forcing Crow to retreat into the depths of the den.With searing rage, Crow slammed her face into the dry moss from before, unsheathing her claws and slashing a scratch into the pointed grass below. It had taken her a whole season to build up a sustainable collection of herbs, only for nature to unleash its wrath and tear the effort to shreds.Crow took in a long, deep breath, sheathing her claws and splaying out over the bedding. The wood covering above was barely able to clash against the sleeting rainfall, leaving the riled up cat to lay blankly inside the drenched enclosure.___Undercover MossListen to Dung Defender - Christopher Larkin for the Full Experience “KEEP GOING! GET UNDER THE TREES!”The Nodus Sector Colonel yelled out as he looked over the big group of wet cats. They were all frantically rushing to pull moss beds out from under the stormy sky. He kept his eyes squinted, watching to make sure their gazes stayed fixated on him for commands.A short white cat named Salvia did just that, overlooking his Colonel carefully. He gripped hold of a moss bed lying atop the dark grass, beginning to back into the dense forest behind him. He was shivering violently from his drenched pelt, and it didn’t help that he was forced to squint to keep the beating precipitation out of his eyes. Salvia finished pulling the moss bed under the trees, going back for another. However, as he bolted to grit a new bed in his teeth, he skid harshly, causing a tumble as he slammed face first into the wet ground. He lifted up his head, looking at his Colonel and biting his tongue sheepishly.“SORRY, COLONEL ZYGO!”Zygo narrowed his eyes, shaking his head slowly as he turned his gaze away to check on the Council.Salvia simply continued his work, pulling two moss beds at once. They definitely weren’t light, and while he realised that quickly, he blatantly ignored it. As he continued to struggle, he turned his line of sight to spot a figure dashing towards him.“Sal, stop.”The figure stopped next to Salvia, swiftly grabbing a bed from him and helping out. He watched Salvia for a reply.Salvia was clearly displeased with the help, attempting to rip the bed back from him.“I got it, Snap! I’m strong!”Snapdragon pulled the bundle of moss away, continuing to keep gaze with him as he backed up into the forest.“No, you’re struggling, and I’m going to help you.”Salvia whined in annoyance, barely reading Snapdragon’s lips for his retorts. He turned away, throwing his singular bed next to another and racing to go retrieve more.Snapdragon quickly followed, his tail lashing out behind him.Salvia looked up, watching as lightning danced around the sky. The glimmer of the strikes reflected off the oncoming raindrops and created a flurry of yellow light below. The sight was accompanied by an eternal silence, which left Salvia appreciating the visibility more and more. As he turned his attention back ahead of him, he gasped, trying once again to prevent himself from face-planting into the grass. Whilst he avoided embarrassment, his running caused a spray of liquid to kick up in Snapdragon’s face.Snapdragon grit his teeth a little, locking eyes with Salvia.“SORRY!”Salvia grinned cheekily.Snapdragon just pushed past Salvia and snagged a moss bed, beginning to pull it into the trees.Salvia frowned a little, looking around for a bundle of moss to take back. He spotted a singular remaining bed, darting over as fast as he could to reach it. He bent down and gripped it with his teeth, walking backwards and being careful not to slip in the endless puddles that lay in his path. As he reached the forest, he pushed the moss bed aside, collapsing over from exhaustion.Cats of all ranks began to hunker down beneath the trees, a guard of thick leaves above preventing rain from dripping in. Zygo stepped onto the dry grass, shaking his sopping fur as he spoke with other members of the Cavalry.Salvia closed his eyes, panting and shaking from the intense work he endured. Before he could experience the joy of sleep, however, he felt a paw nudge his side, causing him to look up.“How many did you get?”The paw belonged to Snapdragon, flicking water out of his tail. He connected gazes with Salvia to make sure he was listening.“Six.”Salvia lied, narrowing his eyes.“I could’ve had more if you hadn’t intervened.”“Look, okay. Nobody needs you to show off.”Salvia scoffed, looking away.Snapdragon quickly positioned his face in front of Salvia’s, forcing him to pay attention.“I’m being serious here, Sal. You could’ve hurt yourself.”“I don’t want to hear you belittle me!’Salvia sat up, physically turning around so as not to face him.Snapdragon glared at him for a moment, laying beside him once more and trying to connect gazes again.“I’m not belittling you, I’m simply trying to look out for you. You can’t keep biting off more than you can swallow.”Salvia was getting frustrated. He closed his eyes and hit Snapdragon forcefully with his tail, hoping he got the message.Oh, Snapdragon got the message, alright. He simply didn’t care. He continued to lay beside Salvia, glaring at him.Salvia felt his stare without acknowledgement, holding his paws over his head to warm up. After Snapdragon eventually turned away, Salvia opened his eyes and gazed up through the trees, watching as the sky continued to beat down with its harsh tears of sorrow above.‘I’ll bite off as much as I want to, thanks.’___ABOUTCut Corners is a straight-ahead written series created by Raven Rain, taking place on a planet named Creon Crust. The story focuses on the life of disadvantageous cats in societies named Guilds, and delves deep into the struggles they face to communicate with one another.Website, Archive of Our Own, Deviantart, Wattpad... 
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