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Rainbow Slide Emote

Here's an adorable, colorful little emote of a fun rainbow slide :iconrainbowlaplz:

I used a template here for the emote: [link]
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It's so funny, makes me happy 
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this is so cute
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CUTE!! :heart:

How can I possibly use your icon in my text? :D:D:D
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you click on the "+ Add Media" button that appears below where you write a comment :nod:
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Oh, that ones so cute! One of your best ones yet! Now i can't stop thinking about Care Bears though. :XD:
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YAY!!! :XD: I haven't thought about Care Bears for YEARS...

a girly girl, huh? :iconnudgeplz:
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I have no clue why Care Bears is the first thing that came to mind when i saw this. I haven't thought about them since i was like 7. When i was a toddler i had two plastic care bears figures at my grandmas house. I never actually watched the show, but i had the figures bcuz my grandma thought they were cute. I had the dark blue one with the storm cloud on it that looked all grumpy and a pink one that was all happy and stuff. I LOVED the dark blue one (as you can tell from how well i remember it) and i HATED the pink one. THat pink one was too pink and happy! So i used to make the blue one beat it up, or throw it off a "cliff" (table), or sometimes the blue one would accidently drown the pink one. I was such a sweet toddler...... The SWEETEST. :sarcasm:
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I never watched the show either :XD: I think I had a care bear at one point, but it never interested me :grump: either way, you sound like a delightful little child :XD:
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I WAS a delightful little child. :sarcasm: My mom says i was her baddest child she ever had, my brother is violent, but hes not as bad as i was. We also had a family picture, but it didn't have my sister in it. Just me, my mom, and my dad on there wedding day. I told my sister (this was when i was like 4 or 5 and she was 2 or 3) that that was the family picture, and because she wasn't in it she wasn't part of the family. I told her she was just temporary and we were going to replace her soon. I made her cry over that so much that my mom finally just had us take a new family picture. :P
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:noes: you are so awful!!! :XD:
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Yes, yes i am. :)
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