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It was the middle of the night during winter, but you didn't care. You had to talk to someone. You bundled up as best you could and walked to the house of the only person you felt would understand. _______________ You were shivering by the time you reached Ivan's doorstep. Pounding on the door, you prayed he was awake enough to hear. It didn't take long for him to come to the door, and his surprise was evident when he saw you. He stared into your eyes as you trembled. You knew you couldn't keep up your daily charade for long; already, your eyes were beginning to water. But when he pulled you in for a tight hug, everything shattered. You
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ScotlandxReader Pass the Fags
(I don’t condone smoking, it kills!)     Allistor Kirkland stood under the cover of a large oak tree, gazing out at the light drizzle of rain that had interrupted his wait. “The lass is late…” he muttered to himself.     Every day after school, he would meet ________ in the park, rain, snow, or shine. Their unusual friendship had begun when he met her there six years ago after moving to (country) from Scotland.     He allowed himself a few moments to muse over their friendship. Even he found the level of trust between him and ________ remarkable; they were closer friends than any same gender friendships either on
CanadaxTsundere!Depressed!Reader-Invisibility Pact
For !PastaPyro567 ( :iconicyloneliness: :iconsilentlypoetic56: Contest (Not certain what account, or if the contest is still going) WARNINGS: Trigger warning, Swearing, Ideologically sensitive materials, Ridiculously high level vocabulary, the awesome trio are kind of antagonistic He was invisible. Not in the literal sense of the word. No one seemed to notice Matthew Williams, so he felt like he was invisible. He had no friends at school, a fact painfully reenforced every time his brother, Alfred F. Jones, was invited to another party. They'd both been adopted by two friends, Arthur Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy. Arthur barely ack
RomanoxReader- Dentists
(AN~ Romano so…….swearing.) “Maru kaite chikyuu, maru kaite-” You woke to the sound of your cell phone ringing. Groggily sitting up, you grabbed it and glanced at the screen. It was one of your good friends, Feliciano Vargas……at five in the morning. You had a lot of trouble imagining the cheery Italian up so early, but you decided to answer it anyway. “Mnn…Hello?” “Ciao, bella! I was-a only gonna leave a message. Why’re you up so early?” You felt your eye twitch. “I wasn’t awake until you called. Why are you up?” “Kiku got me up for-a t
Prussia x Reader Claustrophobia
 (AN~ I do NOT support the consumption of alcohol! Or swearing.) You woke up with a pounding headache. A few bewildered seconds later, you remembered why; your friends Alfred and Gilbert had thrown a huge party at their dorm room, and you’d had a little more to drink than usual. Of course, it was nothing compared to how much they had ingested. Alfred could hold his beer quite well, and had only begun to get tipsy after drinking twice as much as you. As for Gilbert, he could hold his beer too, but…. You’d lost count of how much the  German   Prussian  had consumed after his eighth bottle. The party had ended when he jump
Canada x Reader: Snakes
It was spring break. You had invited your two best friends to come over to help you celebrate with a small barbeque, just the three of you. A huge smile crossed your face as the familiar truck pulled into your driveway. As soon as it stopped, the driver jumped out and sprinted toward you. “YO! SUP, DUDETTE?!” your American friend shouted, almost crushing you in a giant bear hug. “Hey, Alfred,” you managed to choke out. He let you go and held up a cooler. “I brought burgers!” “Hello, ________,” a quiet voice said from behind the loud American. You walked around Alfred to see Matthew, your shy
HetaliaxReader Greatest Fears Navigation
~ Gigi Here ~ This will be the navigation page for HetaliaxReader Greatest Fears! Note:           1. None will be lemons, limes, or any other kind of citrus fruit           2. All will be heterosexual relationships due to my inability to write homosexual relationships           3. All fears are canon or plausable headcanon           4. I will take requests   STATUS: OPEN FOR THOSE MARKED FEAR NEEDED A list of fanfics for you! Enjoy! Canada (Matthew Williams) - Snakes - Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt) - Claustro
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