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Here's most of the designs I'm trading/reselling!
I prefer, in order:

:bulletblue: $$ (Paypal/ Venmo)
:bulletblue: Art
:bulletblue: Points
:bulletblue: Other adopts (customs OK), though I will be picky

Some of these I'll be pickier on than others ;w; but for the most part I'm looking for these designs to get a good home, that's most important for me.
Feel free to ask questions!

You can check here:

Or my trade/sell folder on ~…
And I MIGHT be willing to part with these! ~…

Open adoptables:…

Thanks for looking!

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 for :
would anyone here ( maybe multiple if you like any) interest you:…

( I offered before on tH but have added more characters since then)

if inot I understand thank you!! 
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ahhhh its tempting but i think i will keep him for now ;w;

though, is there any other character you'd like for these two? and…
(trade/sell thread is here: o: art/designs/myo LF: CS )
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akajsks I didn’t see anyone else I could use T vT
but if you ever do change your mind I could trade those two and even an other character ( + art and cash) for the Ailes.

thank you and have a good day !!! vwv)
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i will think about it! im really tentative on this design ;w; but if i do change my mind i will let you know!
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 ahh I don’t blame you! that design is gorgeous TvT 
thank you for getting back to me and have a good rest of your day!! 
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I love Quillon, he's so precious!!! 
Would anyone in this trade folder interest you?:…
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I'm still considering!
would i be allowed to revamp this design?
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//rolls in and places on the counter

i don't have a lot to offer lmao but I can offer a shitton of art and if there's anyone you like in my trade folder lmao
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aHHH im sorry i think i looked thru your trade folder like 5 times and i think i got everyone i wanted from there RIP
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Lmfao r ip
Aw well uwu
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It's okay!!! When I have more than $10 in my bank account I'll come back for him lol
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omg make sure you can eat first!!!
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30 Points
+ Costum Adopts / Dress [max. Three]
+ Adopts from my Open Adopt Folder
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i don't see anyone i could use from your open adopts, sorry ;w;
thank you for offering!
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it's okay <3 
it was a try. Hope he gets a home, this cutie ;v;
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thank you! i might try again to reconnect with him or come up with a story ;w;
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aw thats a idea qwq 
i'm curious about him >w<
0T-T0's avatar…

65 points (that's all i got rip) and 1 fullbody art? :0
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aw im really sorry i just traded that guy!! Is there anyone else that interests you?
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Aa not really ;; it's alright then nvm ^^'
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;u; number 1 from your second set of Fluffas, the blue/white/red one is a super cutie 
But like I'd said before I don't have much, nor can I so PayPal ;u; would you do other types of payment?
I have a journal for characters to look through if you would trade afkdjcdj 
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ahh sure, what kind of payment are you able to use?
i checked your trades, but i didn't find anything i think i'd use, sorry ;w;
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