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Mermimi and Ka'Lai Info

Hi everyone~ This infographic displays basic info about the Mermimi species and Ka'Lai.

Here's the comprehensive journal about them, if you want to learn more!
Mermimi InfoWelcome to the world of Mermimi! This document should prepare you with the basic knowledge of Mermimi and how to hunt one of your own, should you choose to adopt one!
seashell turquoise fabric border c seashell turquoise fabric border c seashell 
What's Mermimi?
Bullet; Blue Mermimi is mermaid type closed species. They inhabit the waters of the Earth and have complex societies just like humans!
Bullet; White They can be male/female/neither or whatever you like~ they are just as varied as humans in that regard!
Bullet; Blue They don't wear any kind of normal human fabric, because that will just get wet and they will have a hard time swimming.

Of course~ if you want to see some samples of Mermimi/Ka'Lai that have already been created:
  2. Computerwar by thewrabbithole  3. Animoo by thewrabbithole 
These belong tocomputerwar and animoo , respectively
Again, these are both closed species, please don't create one for yourself, don't heavily reference/steal/etc. of my designs.

Mermimi Database:
Mermimi DatabaseThis journal will keep track of who owns a Mermimi!!
Customs are currently $25, and come with a Mermimi design and rights to the character.
Custom matching Ka'Lai are available to any Mermimi owner for additional $8
More details/order form: Custom Mermimi Info
Mermimi / Ka'Lai Info:

1. Melody + Chime // thewrabbithole 
2. Aenon + Caol // computerwar 
3. Jinji + Payaso // animoo 
4. Latte + ???// tourniiquett 
5. ??? // UP FOR SALE
6. ??? // Uchuu-Kun 
7. Sugar // thewrabbithole 
8. Powder // thewrabbithole 
9. ??? // UP FOR OFFERS 
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these are precious hnngh <333
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Wow, this is cute^^
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thanks so much!! :,D
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You're very welcome :D:D (Big Grin) 
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these are adorable!!!
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Thank you!!! Happy you like them 😘
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Naruto - Naruto Crying Icon i feel like ive committed a terrible sin lmao~ ty devin :heart:
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thank you!! :heart: been working on them hard >:3
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Ah no problem, I can tell you've worked on them!! :3
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