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Mermimi May Event (OPEN)

You come across a strange stand on a secluded part of a beach. There seems to be no one else around, except for the strange man resting behind the shade.
"Hello there child!" he suddenly calls out. "Got some really valuable tools here. Though I'm not responsible for what happens after you use them!"

You're faced with the option of purchasing these items from a strange man on a beach~

The Blessed Star is $15. The Cursed Sand is $20.
You may purchase as many as you wish.

You ask the man about the Blessed Star:
"Ay, that star's been used by many a mercreature. I seen it. They come up on the land and place that star on their heads and poof! Suddenly they got the legs and everything. I don't know where they go to but they come back, take the star off and back into the waters they go."
It seems like this item will allow your mermaid or mermimi character to possess a human form.

You ask the man about the Cursed Sand:
"Oh this one is hard to come by. Came from the deepest parts o' the ocean. I hear its been used by witches to curse their enemies into a life in the sea. They turn into mermaids! Oh, but sometimes it doesn't work quite right.  But that won't ever happen, don't worry!" He slaps your back and roars with laughter.
It seems like this item will allow your character to transform into a mermimi.
The cursed sand will allow you to add up to three items to it to influence the final result of your mermimi design.

"What happens if I used this cursed sand on a mermimi?" you ask.
"Ay..." he sighs, with a sadness in his eyes. "They become corrupt. Soulless creatures, you never hear from them again. Though I won't stop ya if that's what ya really want to do."
You wonder... what would happen? Maybe you'll give it a try.

"So, what'll it be?"

Terms and Conditions:
-Please allow up to two weeks for the item to take effect!
-The design will be delivered to you
-For those wishing to transform a CS into a mermimi, you will need the permission of the original species creator first.
-No holds, please pay using points or paypal.
-Feel free to use whichever form you wish afterwards! Have fun~

Those who have purchased star:

Those who have purchased sand:
1. plushmii
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This brings back memories of Neopets and Night Circus XD
thewrabbithole's avatar
omg i played neopets but
what is night circus!!!
gojowind's avatar…

It's a book, and they created a game for it, all text, here:

I used to play it when I was bored and reading your description brought up the memory of it. So they have choices like what you have an a bit of narration XD
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ohh omg! that's really interesting~ i should give it a try some time.
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"Ah, so you'll go for the Cursed Sand, is that right? Well, don't say I didn't warn ya. But even I don't know what'll happen if ya use it on a mermaid type."

Please reply here to purchase the Cursed Sand!
$20 or 2000:points:
[Link a reference to your character as well as up to three objects of your choice!]
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I'd like to buy one please :3c

Items: chipped fan shells, a small knife, a Ka'Lai based on her pet black goldfish? 0: I'll definitely pay extra for it 
thewrabbithole's avatar
Sure thing ^ ^ Please send the payment ($20 + $8 for a ka'lai) to the paypal
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"So, a Blessed Star is it? Just place it on your friend's head and they'll become humans. Take it off whenever you're done being on land, the ocean's more pleasant anyways."

Please reply here to purchase a Blessed Star!
$15 or 1500:points:
[Link a reference to your mermaid or Mermimi character!]
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