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Baryonyx walkeri goes for a stroll

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Been a while since my last upload here, but oh well. Here's something I've been working on on-off for the past 3 days. A Baryonyx combs the rocky shore of its island home the morning after a storm in search of fresh seafood, and she's lucked out - a large leptocleidid lays dead amongst the rocks, and she's arrived before the scavengers could really get started.

The environment of the scene is inspired heavily by Durlston Bay, found in Dorset. The Durlston formation underlies parts of the Wessex formation, so it's possible that similar exposures to what we see today would have been visible back in the Early Cretaceous, too. The rocks in particular were a nightmare as there is no real shortcut to rendering the varying geometry, colours, and textures that make them look believable enough to fit in with the rest of the scene.

This is probably the best full scene I've done to date, so I hope youse all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!
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Wonderful scenary and wonderful dinosaur :)

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Good to see your work again.

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This is truly a beautiful piece of art, it’s so realistic and when I look at it I feel like I’m looking back in time
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Baryonyx goes for a Walkeri. Awesome work as per, really stunning!

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Love this so much!

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This is excellent, there's such a great mood in this piece. You really captured that early morning shoreline feeling! The details are fantastic--I particularly love the seaweed, it's got such life to it and feels so convincing--and your brushwork is immaculate. I absolutely love it!

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Thanks! Glad you like it!!

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The rocky outcrops look like a pliosaur lol

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Do you mean the one in the distance?

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yep, next to the cliff

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You may be proud of a background like this! What patience put into painting all those rocks, and it really paid off. The placement of the Baronyx on the shore also makes sure she stands out even in thumbnail view, despite the 'busy' rocks. Love the colouring you gave her too!

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Ahh, thank you! Patience has never been my strong suite when it comes to painting, but I'm glad I stuck with it for this one.

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This is absolutely gorgeous! One of the best pieces of paleoart I've seen in a while.

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This is amazing. Great work.

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