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Brevity is wit.

Name: Hermes di Mercurio
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5" | 167.64cm
Weight: 107.37lbs | 48.7kg
Magic User: n

[ STR 1 ] [ DEX 5 ] [ INT 5 ] [ CON 1 ] [ END 3 ] 

SKILL: [ Info Network ] Hermes likes to know the going-ons of everything. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the city through a large and extensive web of informants and contacts.

[ Advantages ]
    • Allows Hermes to know of things and events before others.
    • He has contacts across the board - underground and government.
    • Having access to so much info means higher-ups may let Hermes go.
    • He can investigate more reliably by calling in favors with contacts.

[ Drawbacks ]
    • The people in his network expect favors in exchange for their help.
    • Favors can range from legal to illegal and Hermes has to perform them.
    • Hermes needs to carefully balance his loyalty to each contact.
    • If he fails to balance loyalties, contacts could become enemies.
    • Hermes also must spend a wealth of time to maintain his informants.

reserved, meticulous, helpful, deferential, deceitful, wary
Hermes is a quiet man, though that doesn't necessarily mean he's unapproachable. He just likes to think first, taking care to speak and act carefully. Hermes hates waste, striving to keep his movements and words economical. He's rather easy to get along with and often goes out of his was to help people out.
He's not very willful or argumentative, which means it's very easy to overwork and step all over him. He doesn't like confrontation, preferring to stay on the sidelines. Hermes also has no qualms lying to achieve his goals. Due to his background, Hermes is somewhat distrustful of people trying to get into his good graces.
Hermes' motto is "make every word count".

+ sweets
+ coffee
+ information
- wastefulness
- laziness
- arguing

    • Hermes' favorite coffee is caffe marocchino.
    • He's fond of any dessert but loves tiramisu.
    • He considers Romeo to be his brother and though not related by blood, his grandfather who lives in the countryside.
    • Hermes is also somewhat touch-averse.
    • He likes to collect trading cards!

Hermes grew up in dirty back alleys and deadly loyalties. When he was 10, he got wrapped up in the squabble of a local gang - they needed a courier, and Hermes was in the wrong place at the right time.
Romeo was the gang leader that hired Hermes, but he also took the boy under his wing. Hermes found comfort in the fact that someone had his back, someone he could trust. Romeo may have teased Hermes mercilessly and held his paycheck, but the man also made sure Hermes was eating enough and stayed safe.
On the other hand, there was Camillo, who acquainted Hermes with the way favors worked in the underworld. "All kindness must be repaid." And Camillo was kind, up until the last bit. Despite Hermes' tears, he didn't stop, and Romeo would always end up picking up the pieces, a gun missing just one round in his back pocket.
(Sometimes, when he remembers, he thinks three people died in that run down motel room instead of one.)

After the dissolution of Romeo's gang when Hermes was 12, he found himself bouncing from place to place. From this to that, one gang to the next, Hermes ran packages and messages. Always careful, always wary.
He made a name for himself throughout the years. Il Corriere, they called him. A messenger silent and swift, who never asked any questions and seemed to always know what you wanted before you did. Hermes kept himself a step ahead of his employers by crafting an extensive web of contacts and some old fashioned eavesdropping.
What they didn't see where the hours Hermes poured into helping and befriending, making alliances and trading favors. From the foulest of humanity to the tip-top of the government, Hermes made sure he had all his bases covered. Information was worth more than gold, after all. And who would know more than the God of Messengers?
Thirteen years after his introduction to the criminal underworld, he received a unexpected letter. An invitation. The characters "OI-A7" pulled at his curiosity. Hermes was never one to say no, anyways.
For a want of a messenger, or so they say.

Hermes sat on the steps of the porch, cutting slices of apple to pop in his mouth. "I'm careful, Nonno. You know I am."
A heavy sigh. "One of these days, you'll have to make a difficult decision, you'll have to choose between one or another. On that day, little rabbit, you'll find your precious web all wrapped up around your neck."
"I'll be careful, Nonno." The apple was sweet, all sugar and water, crunching between his teeth.
"I just worry it won't be enough."

Timezone: PT/PST, GMT-8
RP style: headcanon or short lit
Location preference: discord
Notes: i may be slow to respond as i'm often busy!

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