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[NS] Event 0: Icebreaker

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He had arrived at the so-called "icebreaker" rather late. Seeing as all things had progressed without him, Wilhelm took to sticking by the fringes of the areas, simply observing the activities. There was such a variety. Not that he'd be overly good at any of them. Wilhelm found himself exploring the dull hallways of the location, wandering aimlessly. It was there that he encountered a purple-haired man.

The other man didn't seem to be in too good a shape, so Wilhelm fetched a glass of water for him. A short amount of small talk later, Wilhelm learned the man's name was Micaiah. He found himself slipping into familiar patterns of inquiry - what's your job, what do you like to do in your free time, do you know anyone here?

"O-Oh, I knew Monsieur Deveraux... from, you know. Before this happened... that's all, though."

Ah, Elliot Deveraux. "What a coincidence," Wilhelm found himself saying, with faint distaste. "I know him as well." Know is a strong word here. More like Wilhelm had encountered Elliot, and then was forced to endure his presence more as they both grew up.

A beat passed. "... he means well..." Micaiah supplied, fiddling with his collar and cup.

"I'm sure he does."

After that, the conversation simply fizzled out. Wilhelm had no more questions to ask, and neither did Micaiah, it seemed. When his phone started buzzing, Wilhelm gladly took the distraction. He checked it, pleasantly surprised at the news, and bade Micaiah a farewell. (He had an audition to catch, after all.)

my piece for the icebreaker event! managed to get this done by the deadline, haha...
fastest way to end a conversation: mention elliot

micaiah belongs to Eulerian-Circus and wilhelm belongs to me (and elliot who belongs to @/gracefulsunshine!)

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Well done for finishing this! It looks so good and it's always cool to see people bonding (over Elliot? haha)

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thank you!! ^^
elliot is a uniting force in the cabal wheeze
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He truly is hahaha