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AlF: Draconia

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Name: Draconia
Species: Coal Skink
Gender: Agender
Element: Curatio
Skills: Flight (wings), Armor (scales), Claws, Feathers

personal >>>

Draconia was a coal skink minding its own business before Blaine swooped in. At first, it was frustrated with Blaine - who was this dove-winged fool? But as the days passed, it began to settle in begrudgingly. Blaine was warm, kept it fed, and if it made the fool happy to see it respond to the name "Draconia", then well, it would. And so it settled into an easy companionship with Blaine.
This "friendship" came easy - Blaine was wont to leave Draconia to its own devices, which it greatly appreciated. Oh, well, there was that stint where Blaine decided to travel, and nearly got himself killed, the fool. What was Draconia supposed to do? It skittered underfoot and watched as Blaine discovered Azaria.
As Blaine grew a blessed seed, Draconia stayed near. Whatever was to happen now would change everything. It was getting tired of watching Blaine run himself to the ground - Draconia would take this decision out of his self-destructing hands.
The glowing jasmine flower unfurled. Draconia saw how Blaine was entranced by the pale petals, and that wouldn't do. It opened its mouth and swallowed the flower whole, the chill of the magic radiating from its belly. (And maybe now Blaine could stay safe. Not that Draconia cared, of course.)

  • Blaine Holst - Charge, idiot, and everything else. Draconia's own personal headache.
  • Draconia uses it/its, they/them, whatever pronouns. It used to be a coal skink, it doesn't care about gender.
  • However much Draconia complains about Blaine, no one is allowed to harm the fool. He's Draconia's, so back off.
  • Draconia is mostly invested in food, sleep, and sitting on Blaine so he can't do anything stupid.
  • Draconia's basically Blaine's mother at this point. It realized this and needed to lie down to process it.
  • It has a fairly equal relationship with Blaine anyways.
  • Draconia: I should've left you on that street corner. / Blaine: But you didn't!
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