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AlF: Blaine Holst

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overview >>>

Name: Blaine Holst
⤜ Species: Dove Beastkin
⤜ Gender: Male

⤜ Age: 125
⤜ Appearance: 25
⤜ Height:  6'1" | 185.5 cm
⤜ Weight: 138lb | 62.6kg

⤜ Nationality: Born and raised in Meshana, moved to and lives in Yuan

class aspect >>>

⤜ Class: Contractor
⤜ Element: Curatio
⤜ Flower: Jasmine flower

⤜ Companion: Draconia

⤜ Spells:
  • Purify - Purges things like poison and infection, and can be used on the body, in water, and on land.
  • Mend - Heals flesh wounds and bone breakages. Requires preparations like stitching and setting for large injuries.

personality >>>

  • kind-hearted - Blaine is a gentle soul, and hates to see innocent people harmed. He is sympathetic to the struggles and pain of others, and is willing to lend an ear or helping hand to those who need it.
  • selfless - He tends to put others before himself. As a healer, he's a servant of the people first and foremost. Blaine can be a little self-sacrificing and self-destructive when it comes to saving other people.
  • friendly - Meeting new people is exciting to Blaine. He's very sociable and likes to make friends where he can. Blaine believes in being friendly and nice, because everyone deserves to be shown kindness.
  • scholarly - Blaine's love of learning is what led him to where he is. Blaine enjoys gaining new knowledge and the insight that others have on the world. He often travels in pursuit of research.
  • meek - It's quite easy to take advantage of Blaine, especially as he doesn't like to go against the flow. He would rather get along with everyone rather than stand up for himself, even if he should.
  • timid - Blaine is easily cowed by force and easily frightened. Though he's a traveler, Blaine has seen very little of the darker side of society. Courage is not a thing that Blaine knows very well.
  • naive - Blaine has been sheltered for most his life. Though he's treated and seen the effects that different horrors afflict, Blaine has very little experience with them himself. He can be easily misled.

  • Draconia
  • hot summer days
  • the night sky
  • stargazing
  • reading

  • weaponry
  • harsh words
  • arguments
  • sour foods

Blaine was born and raised in a small town in Meshana. He was raised by his single mother, who was the revered apothecary and doctor of the town. His mother taught him that all life is to be respected - be kind, and the world will be kind in turn. He grew up at his mother's side as she sorted herbs, remembering the fragrance of the healing materials as she sorted them. He grew up helping his mother treat patients, the hunters who were wounded by monsters, the farmers injured in accidents. From the time Blaine was a child, he knew he wanted to take after his mother.
So he set his eyes on Yuan, for their vast records. If there was anywhere he could improve his knowledge, then Yuan was the place to go. The day Blaine turned 85, he bid his quiet hometown goodbye and took to Yuan. He settled down in the capitol and started researching. He knew his hometown's plants inside and out - but there was a whole world out there, and so much more to learn!
One day while Blaine was wandering around the capitol city of Yuan, he caught sight of small black lizards. Fond memories of his childhood rose to the surface - of chasing lizards on the mountainside and splashing up streams. Blaine captured a lizard - he named it Draconia, after a novel he once read. Draconia kept him company through his years in the archives, looking over medical records and knowledge.
And when Blaine became tired of reading and overcome with the need to stretch his oftentimes bound wings, Draconia was the companion he kept as he traveled through the world. On his travels, Blaine encountered people from all walks of life - people who needed help, and some who didn't. His medical expertise and want to assist saw Blaine becoming a traveling doctor.
But there's only so much one man can do on his own. Blaine soon found himself burnt out and feeling empty. He returned to Meshana to see his mother, to tell her of what he had seen and done, and his mother, ever wise and vague, directed him to search Yuan for answers.
Blaine quite literally stumbled across Azaria. Realization dawned on him. This was a way to help, to keep peace. With his goal set firmly in his mind, Blaine went to obtain a blessed seed. Coaxing the seed into growth, then finally a flower, Blaine reached out to pluck the glowing jasmine flower- Oh. Draconia ate it. Swallowed it into one fell swoop.
Well. That's how it is, Blaine supposed. He joined Azaria to become an envoy - and freely offers his skills and knowledge to all who would need it. 

  • Asher Holst - Blaine's mother, who still resides in Meshana.
  • Blaine tends to burst into tears if yelled at.
  • He's quite clumsy!
  • While very knowledgeable in medicine and the healing arts, Blaine often has lapse in common sense.
  • He believes the best of everyone.
  • Blaine can't fly - his wings are permanently crippled from a combination of childhood accidents and wing-binding.

rp info >>>

⤜ Timezone: PT/PST, GMT-8
⤜ RP Style: Would prefer headcanon, but am also willing to do short paragraph
⤜ Location preference: Discord
⤜ Notes: I'm fairly busy, so if you're looking for short paragraph, I may be unresponsive.
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