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The Wolf Pack has been an active group since 2004. We promote community and constructive activities. Our 7000 members have contributed a massive gallery warranting 275,000 pageviews. Our admins check the group often, and art is posted quickly. Come check us out!
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7,615 Members
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Brave The Lightning`s Glow [+SPEEDPAINT] by Dezigre
Lights of The North by Dezigre
Swallow The Moon by Dezigre
That's a soft carpet by Pilami42
Wolf Art - Fantasy 1
Death by Wehtake
CM | Nyctenix by TheJokingJester
Puppy [Request] by AlphaLeafstorm
Yen by ImagineCorgis
Wolf Art - Fantasy 2
Deadwood | SPEEDPAINT by Firesong-Stormi
Love by Sienme
Stargazing by angsttronaut
Wolf Art - Anthro and Part-Wolf

Mature Content

I Don't Even Notice It by Callistine
YOU ARE MY KIND by wisahkecahk
Death x Loona by AgusTheLatinFurry
first meeting by d1n0alex
Wolf Art - Realistic 1
Pure Soul by Lunaotic
Nyxx by Wehtake
Pining for My Dear Luna - Cover by Chykiora
YCH OPEN (2 SLOTS) by Terrafoxe
Wolf Art - Realistic 2
Down the river by Wehtake
Everest by Volinfer
The Touch of the Sunshine by Tupi-Art
Grandma's tales by WolfRoad
Photography and Stock
Arctic fox, casting for Disney by woxys
Trio-2 by flashoverheels
Design Adopts (2/4) by Wolgron
Canine Adoptable OPEN (2/2) by CREEDBEAST
Comics and Comic Panels
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 246 by KillerSandy
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 247 by KillerSandy
CoL: Chapter 2 Page 1 by frankxface
I have lost my soul by Abyss-Of-Pain
Reference Sheets, ICONS, WIP, Badges and Other
Icon by savvika
Icon by savvika
Makoto reference sheet by Ookami-Shoujo-16
Morph Icon by iMorpheusss
Photo Manipulations and 3D
Secret Santa 2022 by deadlylupine
Crafts and Sculptures
Origami wolf bracelet, Stainless steel by BDSart
Literature and Writing
ACT 4: The Origin of Ours, This is a segment of the fourth act/episode of a far future project. It is not complete, as a lot of concepts and story elements are still missing or are unrefined. So, I will only share the segments of the story which I am confident of., ,,,, * * *The Gritstone Academy was quite empty this morning, so was the classroom. I arrived earlier, before any classes had begun. Professor Harvey was sitting at his desk and scrambling through his books and papers. He hadn’t noticed me until I walked pass the seats. “Mr. Kahiro!”, he said cheerfully, “What brings you here this early today?”“How long until your lecture begins?”, I asked him.Alphard took a pocket watch out of his coat. “Quarter of an hour or so; I’ve time.”“How much can you tell me about this?” I passed him those few research papers that I brought in my briefcase. Alphard inspected them frowning. “Marvelous… Truly marvelous.” He looked at me, “Are these yours?”“My father’s.”, I said.He lowered his look again. “I don’t understand biology much, especially not human. Perhaps Professor Brook could tell you something about it.”“I was better interested in their history.”“Ah, I see!”, he said, “Well, I’ll tell you this, all knowledge related to humans is very limited, even more than about wolves. Most of it was either destroyed or lost by the time they went extinct. Wonderful species they were. As clever as us dogs; and even older… Mind if I ask, are you religious Mr. Kahiro?”I looked at him strangely. “Not really, no.”He nodded. “You see, many researchers say that dogs were created by humans. 30’000 years ago, they assume. And even back then, humans were a developed civilization.”“Many historians say that humans were remorseless.”, he continued, “They fought wars, exterminated species, destroyed environments; but so have we. Dogs are the reason why many wild canine species and humans are extinct. We share a lot in common with humans, actually: culture, language, religion – everything, nearly. Most of our beliefs are based on theirs, only we altered and called them our own. We even embraced human languages instead of ours. The reason why we are as developed as we are today is because we evolved to be so, to be like humans; we mimicked those greater than us to become greater than them. Now, why only we developed complex thinking is not yet known - felines hadn’t experienced change - A canine brain wasn’t capable of such virtue; yet here we are.”“You really admire humans, I see.”, I said once he was done.“There are no emotions in history, Mr. Kahiro”, he grinned, “Only facts from sources.”“Yes; of course…”, I said. “Strange how little we know about that great of a species.”“As I said, we jeopardized them.”, professor carried on, “We do not have exact explanation of how it initiated, but humans and dogs were in very bad terms. Franc de Manuel said it: two conscious beings can either be friends or nemesis. Humans were afraid of us, because we were so similar to them in mind and mentality; thus, they did all that was in their power to destroy our kind. And they barely did so; many breeds were lost due to battles and assaults. However, what doomed humans was greed. Not only had they fought us; they fought each other more. They craved more power. They let us be, and that gave us a chance to rearrange and expand our society. Later, humans suffered great losses, from wars and diseases; the Black Death came and wiped out nearly a third of their population. We took this opportunity and began striking them. Our weaponry and tactics advanced greatly, and with wolves’ and other canids on our side they didn’t stand a chance.”“Wolves fought too?”, I asked.“Oh yes. We made a truce with them. But only temporarily.”, he said downcast.He stood away from his desk and climbed the library ladders at the world map. “Here, and here.”, he pointed at East Europe and Siberia, “Those were the areas with the most wild canines concentrated on them. We united forces with them and took over the Northern Asia. In the meantime, from Balkan and Middle East we captured nearly all land bordering with Indian ocean. Italy and France fell a decade later, as well as big part of Central Asia. By the following century, we discovered the New World by crossing the Bering Strait, made allies there and by the time it was conquered, canines held two thirds of world hemisphere. And from there on, the remaining territories were overrun, and the humans there… annihilated. And the biggest trait in this event was our evolution. Not only had it granted us complex thinking; our lifespan tripled by 12th century, and our litters were more successful. All that only to become what we fought against…”I was looking at my father’s papers and processing all that Professor Harvey explained. “What happened to wolves then?”, I finally asked.He sighed and got off the ladders: “Greed. We were greedy. We mimicked humans so much we even appropriated their flaws. The world was too tight to us. Like humans, we yearned for more; we failed to coexist with our neighbors and, simply, took them out. Not all humans were wicked; neither were wild canines, and we couldn’t find a reason to remove them, we were practically the same species. So, we falsified the excuses then. Assaults and diseases; and none of those were real. Of course, there is no evidence that tells so, it’s well known that the stories were false and propagandic.”“And nobody stood against it?”“Very few did. There had been rebellions and uprisings but that only worsened wild canines’ reputation in the public eye. The crowd mostly supported the authority. Dogs were intimidated by the stories, and we engaged a segregation war. Almost all wild dogs and canines suffered these losses. Dingoes and coyotes are currently at the edge of extinction, as well as many fox species. But wolves, they weren’t of such luck.”I was standing still like wood. Professor Harvey took his pocket watch out again and adjusted his glasses. He got ready to speak before I preempted him:“Have you ever heard of Fenrir?”, I asked cautiously.He looked at me plainly and lingered before answering: “Yes, he was an important part of wolves’ religion. He was pretty much their supreme god.”“Tell me more.”, I said.He thought about it for a brief second. “One moment.” He went to the commode below the world map. “I have a book somewhere…” He pulled out an encyclopedia entitled ‘Legends and Myths, 2nd edition: Mythology’. He opened it on the content page and frowningly searched through the tiny letters. He scrolled the pages to the one he was looking for as soon as he located it in the content table. The page was entitled ‘Norse Mythology’, subtitled ‘Vanargand’. There was an image of a drawing resembling a wolf mangled in heavy chains on the adjacent page. Alphard moved his view from one paragraph to another, then pointed at the one near the top of the page.“Yes, it too is from human mythology. He was the son of the Nordic god Loki, alongside Jormungand, a sea serpent.” I took a deeper breath on the mention of a serpent. “In the human mythology, Fenrir was tied in chains created by dwarfs because gods feared his power. After he was chained, he began howling, so the gods stuck a sword in his mouth to stop him.” The mention of the sword sounded clearer than other words.Alphard moved on to the next paragraph: “And during the Ragnarök, the last stand between gods and evil, Fenrir is destined to break his chains and defeat the god Odin.”He flipped the page and read through it slightly before raising his look and announcing: “As with everything else, canines adapted this story and Fenrir is depicted as a god in wolf beliefs. He is the symbol of rebellion and justice, and the protector of their kind. Although, the story stayed almost the same. Perhaps to denigrate the humans in wolves’ eyes.”I wasn’t focused on anything he said after the beast’s origin. It was bugging me, all these legends and events – it seemed so related. I tried to connect the dots, as ridiculous as it sounded, but I knew there could be truth in that myth. I experienced the unbelievable the other day; nothing seemed impossible to me anymore.“Perhaps canines and humans were in bad terms because of Fenrir.”, I said. Professor’s face spread into a plain smile, and he chuckled through closed mouths:“Hm! Who knows; maybe we dogs hated wolves so badly because of the myth about how humans became of them!” He looked at me, but I stayed serious. He wore off his smile noticing that. “Well, either way there would have been an inscription if that was the case. But if I was a wolf back then, I sure would have embraced that story.”He closed the book and took it back to the commode. The classroom was now filling with students. I chucked my father’s papers back into my briefcase.“You should really take those to an institute.”, he said from across the room, “I’m surprised how your father even managed to do research on human bones. The last known skeleton was lost a few years ago; all the cargo sank along with the ship.”“Hm… Maybe he worked on it a while ago.”, I reckoned, “He researched many beings; but he never spoke much about it.”“I see.”, professor said as he took one final glance at his pocket watch, “Well, I am out of time. It’s been a pleasure Mr. Kahiro!”I just turned around when he remembered: “Oh, if I may ask: what exactly do you need this for; regarding wolves and humans?”I dragged a look over him. “Out of curiosity; why? Do you charge for lectures?”“No, no!”, he laughed, “For you not. I’ll be here for whatever you need me for!”,...
Closed Fantasy Archive 1
Evan hhh by Sajgoon
Closed Fantasy Archive 2
Fighting with the rain - Commission by Nereiix
Closed Fantasy Archive 3
Rinny and beautiful world by Argona-TF-spy
Closed Fantasy Archive 4
Ciarbelle ref by Arthatter
Closed Fantasy Archive 5
Control by Phoebjoydawolf
Closed Fantasy Archive 6
Sweeter Weather by Phoebjoydawolf
Old "club" and Contest Submissions
Wolf portrait VIII - Summer Wolf by BeckyKidus
YCH, Commissions, Adopts, Member-Advertisement
[YCH - $40] Forgiveness (CLOSED) by SilverWolf866
Contest and Art Trade Folder
Find magic under the water by evitoser


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Bullet; Blue 2022 Update:  We are not a dead group, actually we check this every few days. But we have no planned group activities until further notice. You are still welcome to join and post art, and if there's any issues please let us know.  (Posted September 2022)
Bullet; Blue Fall Update:  We are unable to make new journals under Eclipse, so until further notice there will not be any featured submissions or group events. We apologize, we would of preferred to remain an active group. We are still here accepting art, by and large. (Posted October 2020)
Bullet; Blue Eclipse Changes: Eclipse has fallen upon us, and it's going to change a lot. I don't sign on much, and Dezigre signs on when she can. Every other admin is inactive, so art might not get accepted for a day or two. There will be no group activities planned until after I get used to this new format, and we can get some help around here. Sorry for the lack of participation, this is not ever where I wanted to take these groups. (Posted June 2020)
:bulletblue: AlphaWolf echiax has retired from active administrative duty. A thousand THANKS for many years of service and dedication. (posted April 29 2020)
:bulletblue: BetaWolf Admin Position OPEN We have BetaWolf Admin positions open to members who would like to accept artwork and participate in Group Events. Experience is a plus. NOTE OUR PACK TODAY! (Updated May 2020)
:bulletblue: We are looking for TheWolfPack related submission to display in our blogs and front page. You may use our logos, mascots or any other group identifiers. Submit to the appropriate gallery, and send us a Group Note giving us permission to use as a club ID. (posted Oct 2016)

:bulletblue: Therapy wolf program Who's with me on this? I'd have benefited from therapy wolves a few years back!
:bulletblue: Wolf Park is an education and research facility located in Battle Ground Indiana. Since 1972, we have studied wolves and other wild canids to learn more about their behavior and assist researchers in the wild. Each year we teach thousands of visitors about the importance of predators in the ecosystem. We assist researchers around the world with studies of subjects including cognition, behavioral, and comparative between wild and captive animals.

:bulletblue: Summer Contest Info CONTEST OVER, see contest page for results. CONTEST PAGE. (posted October 2019)
:bulletblue: Omega Rank CLOSED Charlott-A I am interested- I try to promote any group I am in through artwork, tags, etc. I’d also be willing to work with artists in your group to promote their work via various stories I write, such as Lycaon, on wattpad and quotev- I’d provide links to both the artists and group. I’d try to submit regularly, however submissions would be limited this week and next. After that I can submit as many times as necessary- if that’s any help.

:bulletblue: If you're a member note Colliwolf for consideration in advertising your group activity here.



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Anti-Swedish wolf hunt poster. by Augustwolf22   
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