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Submission Guidelines
:bulletblue: Are anthro wolves allowed? Yes, but it must resemble more wolf then human.
:bulletblue: How to submit your work: Choose the appropriate folder from the drop down menu by the check box for submitting to thewolfpack. Folder rules and guidelines can be found on the left hand side. [or] View the folder your art fits into and it's rules, and submit to that folder instead of featured. This will help the administrators get through all artwork more effectively. Thank you!
:bulletblue: Please only submit your deviations ONCE. It can take us some time to get through all the submissions, so please don't think we forgot about your submission. Double submitting the same deviation will not get it accepted any faster.
:bulletblue: Advertising - YCH, ADVERTISING and COMMISSION INFORMATION is NOW being accepted in the MEMBER FOLDER. Please use the right folders when submitting to avoid a decline.
:bulletblue: Original Work - Works submitted here must be original and your own. References must be cited, especially on photo manipulations.
:bulletblue: Administrators have the right to respectfully accept or deny any submission, content or membership on their discretion. Members have the right to know the reason(s) of denial and request a review.
:bulletblue: Members are encouraged to display our Group Icon to show pride in our pack. You may also display our stamps, logos or badges. See below.
:bulletblue: All DeviantArt rules apply to our group.

Any comments or concerns regarding your experience, submission or otherwise, please contact Colliwolf (Alpha) and the matter will be looked into.
For more information, see Pack Rules

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The Wolf Pack has been an active group since 2004. We promote community and constructive activities. Our 7000 members have contributed a massive gallery warranting 275,000 pageviews. Our admins check the group often, and art is posted quickly. Come check us out!
Founded 17 Years ago
Sep 19, 2004


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7,433 Members
6,306 Watchers
303,384 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Fall morning by Melody-of-Forest
Like a Hedgehog in the Fog by Dezigre
Cacti and cacti for miles by Uwnycorne
Fall Forest by Melody-of-Forest
Wolf Art - Fantasy 1
fox queen. sketch. by TANGALBW
Bite me by Avourkrah
Calmness by AngryHamster00
Wolf Art - Fantasy 2
Calm by Kilrasta
Swap Marin 2021 by Llamashard
Wolf Moon by rieke-b
Wolf Art - Anthro and Part-Wolf
[C] YCH Shad Lara by Hynvale
Adalsteinn by shirogu5
Desert Wolf by Deepromma
Guitar Time by Deepromma
Wolf Art - Realistic 1
Keres by Shirohoru
Collab art Hidden hunter by Valiberite
Dreamer by NorthVibes
Blues by Canis-ferox
Wolf Art - Realistic 2
My OC - Zennet|Random sketch by SadjaDeOro
p| Junbug by echiax
My OC - Zennet|Random sketch by SadjaDeOro
Iberian wolf by niendraws
Photography and Stock
Wolfe by wolfcliff
Restless Wanderer by wolfcliff
Kiss and Make Up by Jack-13
I'm Just Old and Tired by Jack-13
Comics and Comic Panels
Crown of Life: Prologue Page 23 by Stoateh
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 103 by KillerSandy
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 487-488 by Respeanut
Crown of Life: Prologue Page 22 by Stoateh
Reference Sheets, ICONS, WIP, Badges and Other
Reference to the big dog by Valiberite
Aspen (AMF) - Character Sheet by JackyAlfur
Fury the Wolf by jlwolf279
Skye the Wolf by jlwolf279
Photo Manipulations and 3D
Black Wolf by ArtsyPandora
Crafts and Sculptures
Dire Wolf_Stickers by RikaArtWork
Literature and Writing

Mature Content

Closed Fantasy Archive 1
Evan hhh by Sajgoon
Closed Fantasy Archive 2
Fighting with the rain - Commission by Nereiix
Closed Fantasy Archive 3
Rinny and beautiful world by Argona-TF-spy
Closed Fantasy Archive 4
Ciarbelle ref by Arthatter
Closed Fantasy Archive 5
Control by Phoebjoydawolf
Closed Fantasy Archive 6
Sweeter Weather by Phoebjoydawolf
Old "club" and Contest Submissions
Wolf portrait VIII - Summer Wolf by BeckyKidus
YCH, Commissions, Adopts, Member-Advertisement
[OPEN] Wolf Adopt! by SadjaDeOro
Contest and Art Trade Folder
Find magic under the water by evitoser


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Bullet; Blue Fall Update:  We are unable to make new journals under Eclipse, so until further notice there will not be any featured submissions or group events. We apologize, we would of preferred to remain an active group. We are still here accepting art, by and large. (Posted October 2020)
Bullet; Blue Eclipse Changes: Eclipse has fallen upon us, and it's going to change a lot. I don't sign on much, and Dezigre signs on when she can. Every other admin is inactive, so art might not get accepted for a day or two. There will be no group activities planned until after I get used to this new format, and we can get some help around here. Sorry for the lack of participation, this is not ever where I wanted to take these groups. (Posted June 2020)
:bulletblue: AlphaWolf echiax has retired from active administrative duty. A thousand THANKS for many years of service and dedication. (posted April 29 2020)
:bulletblue: BetaWolf Admin Position OPEN We have BetaWolf Admin positions open to members who would like to accept artwork and participate in Group Events. Experience is a plus. NOTE OUR PACK TODAY! (Updated May 2020)
:bulletblue: We are looking for TheWolfPack related submission to display in our blogs and front page. You may use our logos, mascots or any other group identifiers. Submit to the appropriate gallery, and send us a Group Note giving us permission to use as a club ID. (posted Oct 2016)

:bulletblue: Therapy wolf program Who's with me on this? I'd have benefited from therapy wolves a few years back!
:bulletblue: Wolf Park is an education and research facility located in Battle Ground Indiana. Since 1972, we have studied wolves and other wild canids to learn more about their behavior and assist researchers in the wild. Each year we teach thousands of visitors about the importance of predators in the ecosystem. We assist researchers around the world with studies of subjects including cognition, behavioral, and comparative between wild and captive animals.

:bulletblue: Summer Contest Info CONTEST OVER, see contest page for results. CONTEST PAGE. (posted October 2019)
:bulletblue: Omega Rank CLOSED Charlott-A I am interested- I try to promote any group I am in through artwork, tags, etc. I’d also be willing to work with artists in your group to promote their work via various stories I write, such as Lycaon, on wattpad and quotev- I’d provide links to both the artists and group. I’d try to submit regularly, however submissions would be limited this week and next. After that I can submit as many times as necessary- if that’s any help.

:bulletblue: If you're a member note Colliwolf for consideration in advertising your group activity here.



Comment below, Note the Group, or contact Colliwolf, Alpha
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