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Submission Guidelines
:bulletblue: Are anthro wolves allowed? Yes, but it must resemble more wolf then human.
:bulletblue: How to submit your work: Choose the appropriate folder from the drop down menu by the check box for submitting to thewolfpack. Folder rules and guidelines can be found on the left hand side. [or] View the folder your art fits into and it's rules, and submit to that folder instead of featured. This will help the administrators get through all artwork more effectively. Thank you!
:bulletblue: Please only submit your deviations ONCE. It can take us some time to get through all the submissions, so please don't think we forgot about your submission. Double submitting the same deviation will not get it accepted any faster.
:bulletblue: Advertising - YCH, ADVERTISING and COMMISSION INFORMATION is NOW being accepted in the MEMBER FOLDER. Please use the right folders when submitting to avoid a decline.
:bulletblue: Original Work - Works submitted here must be original and your own. References must be cited, especially on photo manipulations.
:bulletblue: Administrators have the right to respectfully accept or deny any submission, content or membership on their discretion. Members have the right to know the reason(s) of denial and request a review.
:bulletblue: Members are encouraged to display our Group Icon to show pride in our pack. You may also display our stamps, logos or badges. See below.
:bulletblue: All DeviantArt rules apply to our group.

Any comments or concerns regarding your experience, submission or otherwise, please contact Colliwolf (Alpha) and the matter will be looked into.
For more information, see Pack Rules

Group Info

The Wolf Pack has been an active group since 2004. We promote community and constructive activities. Our 7000 members have contributed a massive gallery warranting 275,000 pageviews. Our admins check the group often, and art is posted quickly. Come check us out!
Founded 16 Years ago
Sep 19, 2004


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7,311 Members
6,251 Watchers
291,885 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

The Furious flame by ktrew
Lifesaver by echiax
Bleeding sun, wounded soul by echiax
#11 by Demortum
Wolf Art - Fantasy 1
Running with the wind (Sierra - completed YCH) by Calupes
Honey and Milk by Mmouse18
Guidance by Goldefern
Behold the sun. by feldgeister
Wolf Art - Fantasy 2
Vijay by Nellsian
Corruption | Lua Cheia by Ookamina
The Wolf with the Deadliest Gift by Hisani26
Shiranui Front Jump by perple-tertle
Wolf Art - Anthro and Part-Wolf
Leap by suppafurry
Teen Romance by AlexisReitcher
Blade of the Sea by Art-Surgery
Akaru by KaroMataki
Wolf Art - Realistic 1
Solitude by UworiWolf
friendship by JullyNaru
Disconnect by DaniBeez
Strange Things by Dezigre
Wolf Art - Realistic 2
Sunrise by UworiWolf
Saying goodbye to an old friend by Pilami42
Boundless Glory. by Wolf250
Routaaiti by CanisAlbus
Photography and Stock
Faelen by Deliquesce-Flux
Mouse? by deadwolf140407
Duet by deadwolf140407
Nova by Deliquesce-Flux
Comics and Comic Panels
Recreation of Infinity - Prologue Page 10 by Chykiora
Recreation of Infinity - Prologue Page 8 by Chykiora
Recreation of Infinity - Prologue Page 11 by Chykiora
Hunters: The Outsider Page 36 by x-HuntersWolves-x
Reference Sheets, ICONS, WIP, Badges and Other
Wolf Dragon - Custom by MasterCrimmy
Hatch by Fueron
Demon Wolf OC : Sigrid by Hisani26
f2u howing wolf Icon by gennovir
Photo Manipulations and 3D
Outdoor day by Ulfeid3
Crafts and Sculptures
Custom Liger And Wolf Keychains [commission] by ChibiPyro
Literature and Writing
Beating Fear-Aniwood Short Story*This isn't an excerpt*Dark branches from leafless bushes snagged at Ben’s light grey fur as he ran through them. Tufts of his fur were yanked from his sides, but he didn’t care. Ben had much bigger problems on his paws.Ben swerved to the right, leaping over another clump of leafless bushes. He crouched behind them, gulping down a lungful of air. His throat burned and his muscles ached from the efforts of running. He froze when he heard paw steps coming towards him. He wrapped his tail around himself, trying to stay quiet. He looked around for an escape route, but everything seemed to blocking any way out. He began to panic more as his pursuer came closer. What am I going to do?Ben’s heart stopped when he heard a low growl behind him. He slowly looked over his shoulder, only to be met with his nightmare. A huge black shadow was staring at him. Its eyes were red slits and the very atmosphere around it made Ben cringe in fear. The Shadow loomed over him, casting darkness over Ben. He yelped and jumped to his paws. With his tail between his legs, Ben darted away. The Shadow swiftly pursued. Ben ran towards a gap between two dark trees, hoping he could lose The Shadow if he jumped through. As he got closer, though, the branches on the trees grew thicker, blocking his exit. Ben skidded to a halt in front of them, his heart threatening to burst through his chest. He turned around to see the Shadow standing over him again. Ben backed up against one of the trees, fear flooding his thoughts and drowning any thought to run.Ben stared up in horror at his nightmare. He held his breath and dreaded what ever the Shadow would do to him. I-it’s just a dream, he thought to himself. My dream. He stood up straight, trying to gather any courage he had left. He stared right into the Shadow’s glowing red eyes.“T-this is my dream,” he stammered. “Only I control it.”The Shadow growled. Ben tried to concentrate, picturing a peaceful forest. Slowly the surroundings began to change. The dark trees were replaced with birch and the leaves returned to the bushes. The gloomy light brightened and the undergrowth under Ben’s paws grew soft and bouncy. The Shadow looked around with wide eyes. It turned back to Ben, narrowing its eyes and snarling, before slowly fading away. Its eyes were last to fade away. Ben stood still for a moment before breathing out a sigh of relief. His heart stopped jumping out of his chest and his mind began to clear. He looked around and noticed everything was beginning to fade. I must be waking up. Ben closed his eyes and when he opened them again, he was back in his den. He looked around and managed to spot Luna sitting in the back of the den. Her dark fur blended well in the Shadows, but the white patch over her eye gave her away. “Howler and Ashu went hunting early this morning and the Delta made Shadow help the Omegas babysit” she said, answering Ben’s question before he could ask. Ben smirked. Of course Shadow was in trouble again Luna padded over and lay beside him. “Are you ok? You were jumping around in your sleep,” she asked, the concern in her voice was very noticeable.“I’m fine,” he answered. He thought back to how he had banished his nightmare from his dreams. “I’m sure it won’t happen again.”...
Closed Fantasy Archive 1
Evan hhh by Sajgoon
Closed Fantasy Archive 2
Fighting with the rain - Commission by Nereiix
Closed Fantasy Archive 3
Rinny and beautiful world by Argona-TF-spy
Closed Fantasy Archive 4
Ciarbelle ref by Arthatter
Closed Fantasy Archive 5
Control by Phoebjoydawolf
Closed Fantasy Archive 6
Sweeter Weather by Phoebjoydawolf
Old "club" and Contest Submissions
Wolf portrait VIII - Summer Wolf by BeckyKidus
YCH, Commissions, Adopts, Member-Advertisement
ADOPTS - Wolf (OPEN) by Cestovani99
Contest and Art Trade Folder
Find magic under the water by evitoser


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Spring 2020 & COVID19
The ArtOfThePawAndFang / TheWolfPack family wishes you, your family and friends the best of luck during this global pandemic. Take care of yourself by keeping yourself safe. While we are all stuck inside, we are considering any group activity to pass the time. Reply to this journal if you would like to see an art trade, contest or secret spring santa. And Peace Hope & Light during this difficult time.
Featured Submissions

.:From darkness comes light:. Completed YCH by Valkorey


This is home where we are by TaySafi


:bulletblue: AlphaWolf echiax has retired from active administrative duty. A thousand THANKS for many years of service and dedication. (posted April 29 2020)
:bulletblue: BetaWolf Admin Position OPEN We have BetaWolf Admin positions open to members who would like to accept artwork and participate in Group Events. Experience is a plus. NOTE OUR PACK TODAY! (Updated May 2020)
:bulletblue: We are looking for TheWolfPack related submission to display in our blogs and front page. You may use our logos, mascots or any other group identifiers. Submit to the appropriate gallery, and send us a Group Note giving us permission to use as a club ID. (posted Oct 2016)

:bulletblue: Therapy wolf program Who's with me on this? I'd have benefited from therapy wolves a few years back!
:bulletblue: Wolf Park is an education and research facility located in Battle Ground Indiana. Since 1972, we have studied wolves and other wild canids to learn more about their behavior and assist researchers in the wild. Each year we teach thousands of visitors about the importance of predators in the ecosystem. We assist researchers around the world with studies of subjects including cognition, behavioral, and comparative between wild and captive animals.

:bulletblue: Summer Contest Info CONTEST OVER, see contest page for results. CONTEST PAGE. (posted October 2019)
:bulletblue: Omega Rank CLOSED Charlott-A I am interested- I try to promote any group I am in through artwork, tags, etc. I’d also be willing to work with artists in your group to promote their work via various stories I write, such as Lycaon, on wattpad and quotev- I’d provide links to both the artists and group. I’d try to submit regularly, however submissions would be limited this week and next. After that I can submit as many times as necessary- if that’s any help.

:bulletblue: If you're a member note Colliwolf for consideration in advertising your group activity here.



Comment below, Note the Group, or contact Colliwolf, Alpha
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Calupes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hey guys, if you are interested in claiming a slot of my commission list, check out my journal! :3 I am doing canines and felines, and there are only a few slots left. I would be so happy to hear from you! (:

COMMISSION INFO and PRICELIST 2020 {Open 2/3}Hi guys, so I finally decided to open up commissions to safe up some points If your interested in commissioning a piece of art from me that's designed specially for you, check out the information below :DCOMMISSION INFOI will draw: - Canines - Felines - Some gore - Neon colours and more unnatural markings - Characters with hair, horns, etc. I will NOT draw: - Anthro - NSFW - Extreme gore - Machines, vehicles, armor or simular RULES - Accepted payment: dA Points (if there is a reason why you could only do paypal, send me a note and I will see what I can do ) - Payment in advance- Your commission will be added to my to-do-list after I recieved full payment- No refunds unless i didn’t start the commission yet (I‘ll tell you when I do so, but I usually start pretty quickly) - You can ask me for updates and progress shots - You have no right to further use the image for commercial use or to sell the image- My signature must not be removed- I have the right to decline a commission if I don’t feel comfortable with it- For winged or very complex characters extra costs might accumulate, but that will be negotiated individually via note Please note that I complete commissions depending on how well they fit my current time-schedule. So if your commission involves a lot of detail and many characters, it might be pushed back a little bit to when I have more time to work on it. Please understand that this benefits the quality of the work and we all have a Real Life that can sometimes get in the way. HOW TO ORDER: - SEND ME A NOTE titled „COMMISSION“ In it provide: - Clear digital reference (I can work off of description when the character is simple (ie. „white cat with black paws“) but not when more complicated markings or placements of markings are involved)- A brief description of the characters overall mood, so that i can better decide what expression to use - Commission Type - Wishes for a pose, colour, etc. (let’s find a balance between customer wishes and artistic freedom here ) Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need explanation! CATEGORIES Note: A simple coloured background (means a maximum of 2 colours involved, for example a gradient or a shape), a white line around the characters to make them look a little more cartoony or a quote/name written in the picture comes for free. For different background options take a look at the category „Fullbody w/ simple Background-Element“. Include it in the note, otherwise the image will have a transparent background (except busts). Headshot Flat: 500 points Shaded: 700 points Extra character: 300 - 500 points Bust Flat: 700 points Shaded: 900 points Extra character: 500 - 700 points FULLBODYFlat: 1000 points Shaded: 1500 points Extra character: 800 - 1300 points FULLBODY W/ SIMPLE BACKGROUND-ELEMENT (A BG-element can be piece of grass, leafs, sky, etc. or a simple/abstract semi-transparent colouring of the background behind the character) Flat: 1200 points Shaded: 1700 points Extra Character: 800 - 1300 points TO-DO-LIST1. Gracesme2. OPEN3. OPENIf all slots are already taken, you can send me a note and ask for a reservation on the waiting list. I will then note you as soon as I will start with those. :)
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CheetahW Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2020   Digital Artist
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Anybody here  like more abstract wolves?
573e3575-c541-41c1-bc8f-ceae1720c83c by MATH-WOLF
Colliwolf Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2020
wolfmarian Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2019
Question: Are Strong themes, blood, mature allowed?
Dezigre Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here`s the line from our rules and regulations:
:bulletblue: Suggestive and Adult Themed works are accepted if done tastefully (for god's sake have some dignity), however they MUST bear the appropriate content flag and be permissible by deviantArt's rules and regulations.
We kept declining extreme violence, artworks where the only point was expressing 18+ stuff. Blood can be accepted in pieces where it is not distracting much (ex. hunting scenery) + all the 18+ stuff must be flagged correctly. Our admins go through each case individually.
CelestrialAngel Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I *can't* draw. Do you still want me in your group? 
echiax Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2019   Digital Artist
This is a group for all skill levels. As long as you follow the rules, you're welcome to stay :)
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Thanks for uploading photos. and sharing my work
You are awesome.

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My first group.
Have some stuff uploaded will take many weeks to complete.
Can check out at my page wolfcliff.
Thanks again
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It was our pleasure, and glad you joined too!   WELCOME to the pack! 
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