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Ok testing out this journal thing while I learn the ways of DA. I've been watching JasmoColors stream her coloring and it was such a revelation I just had to try my hand at it. I'll never be an artist but I'd like to know that I could tech someone how to use GIMP as an artist if I needed to.

So obviously the first thing I did was search out DA for coloring books. I found a picture of Harley Quinn who is one of my favorite female characters. I should probably just say favorite characters period. I'm really really sad and a bit frustrated that her costume has changed so much from her original animated series outfit which was a clear send up of a Harlequin Doll. Her newer "sexy" outfit doesn't have that.

I'm ranting about Harley now but the point was I found a classic Harley outline and I figured I'd take it for a spin. Man was that a tedious task. And yet I enjoyed it. I love the tedium and repetitiveness. But I know myself and I know other people I can see the parts that others wouldn't like. Me I would live for it if I had a nice screen and good machine to run with me. Still I took the dive and tried to color it. Now when I watch Jasmo she's very good at what she does. She's studied art to some degree. Yet her colors are not what I'm looking to do. My goal is for a more cartoonish look, less realistic, more flat. So in that respect I'm VERY pleased with what I was able to do with the drawing.

In my first pass I did a lot. I learned about the apparently new color palettes in GIMP because I know how to pick colors and THAT certainly wasn't in the GIMP i know and love before. I do however like it. Jasmo has a pallet challenge she does every once in a while and i wonder if instead of her image if she wouldn't find some use out of the GIMP palette but I don't know enough about the challenge nor her workflow or her areas of ignorance to bring up such a relatively unimportant thing. I'm too busy learning from her. I like the colors I picked. I feel confident I can tweak them because I do think Harley's white's could be whiter but I do worry they'll blend into the white background I intend to put behind her. My fix for this is my plan to do research. I wanted to do this all off my brain but I'm willing to at this point give myself my pat on the back for what I HAVE done and complete it using information from other people. See how they use white without making it seem like a chromakey on a white background.

I am having a few issues I didn't anticipate in my journey drawing. First are the missing pieces. I love the drawing but Ivy's missing a pupil. I don't know if this is a stylistic choice but all the colors I've seen of this drawing are of the realistic/hyperrealistic/surreal/3d type. None of which will work for my more flat cartoon style. I need to find a way to fill that eyeball because while Robin and Batman can get away with it via their masks. Ivy can't. Next I had a lot of trouble with gaps and incomplete lines. I'm gonna keep going back to her but when I watch Jasmo color most of the time she's got a nice clear picture of what to draw and where it ends. it's glorious. I've seen her create lines like when I saw her countour a globe which was awesome. But to my knowledge she doesn't always need to do that. I blame this in part on the drawing I suggested. I tried to find something simple and clean and this wasn't as clean as I thought.  The next problem might be related but this isn't a big sexy line drawing. It's a pixelated decolors drawing. I can tell because I can still see colors in the lines, errant pixels all over the place. As a wannabe perfectionist it's probably good for me to try to learn to accept flaws. It's been weeks since I last looked at this picture and at first glance I don't even see the problem spots anymore. Still it would be nice to get one of those 300px/in drawings and go to town. 

I've done some more work on the drawing since I posted the first pass. Very little. I've colored Ivy's hair and I'm mostly satisfied with that. I need to do her vines but honestly the biggest problem I have is her bloody eye. I have no idea what to do with that thing. All the colors I have seen of this are realistic/3d and I want a more flat style. So I don't really have much of an idea how to do the eye. I've tried a few things and they make her look crazy or warped. I'll have to cave on this "solo" effort and consult animations and see how others have done it. I'd really like to try to do SOME sort of texuring. And maybe come up with a heart breaker background of some sort.

Current Goals: Get that vinework done (area select fails will have to path it out), do something with the eye, give Ivy's hair a hint of green (I don't want it all green I want brunette hair with hints of green), adjust Harley's whites, maybe rethink hammer colors


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