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Welcome to my page! :D

Thank you in advance for the watch and favorites. They mean a lot to me! If you want to talk don't be afraid to send a note. I love talking to people even though I can't keep a conversation going to save my life. But I will try! Please use notes and not the chat feature!

PLEASE do not send a note asking if you can ask me something. Just go ahead and ask! Anyone who does this will be ignored.


Other places to find me:



Florena Reference

Can I chat with you?

Absolutely! I love talking to people. Never be scared to send me a note.

What programs do you use?

Tablet: Huion Kamvas gt-191

Drawing: Gimp, Paint Sai, and Adobe photoshop

Are your commissions open?


Where can I find your commission prices?

Commission Prices

Can I see your TOS please?

Do you accept art trades?

Yes, with mutuals only.

Do you accept requests? (Make sure you READ the journal!)

Can I offer on your characters?


Can I draw your characters?

Yes. Spirit and Florena are SFW strictly unless they're with their mates. Everyone else can be drawn NSFW with whoever as long as they're the same species.

May I use your art?

Please note me. Art that features other people's characters are forbidden from being used. However, I MIGHT allow art of my characters being used depending on what for.

That moment when you make fudge pie for your co workers and not one person eats it. :')
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