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PYL Clock (For Rainmeter)

My first-ever non-video game Rainmeter clock! And this one is based on my all-time favorite cult classic game show, Press Your Luck! And don't worry, just because this clock has a dollar sign doesn't the mean the Whammy's going to come out here and take it away. It's perfect to own if you love to go for the Big Bucks and avoid the Whammy!
So, no more explaining! Download right away!

05/24/2017 Update: The clock and calendar are now combined in version 2.0! The PYL calendar is no longer available.
08/12/2017 Major Update: All the yellow numbers are now fixed.

Press Your Luck is copyright of FremantleMedia
© 2017 - 2021 TheWolfBunny
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Likin' the colored eggcrate display here. It looks cool, even in emulation!

Now, looking at this, it makes me wonder why no one has made a proper eggcrate clock yet...
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Thanks. Glad I'm the first to do this.
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No problem.

Did you know it wasn't just these three color filters (green/red/yellow) used? They used blue and purple as well, on Spin Off (1975).
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This gives me an idea...

Spin Off based Rainmeter clock.

Rainbow eggcrate clock with split flap calendar.

(On the show the eggcrates were purple, blue, green, yellow, and red, from left to right, and had indicators for good dice rolls. The score was shown on a split flap readout.)
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Pretty good idea, huh?
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PYL's my favorite, too!
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