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NES Clock and Calendar (For Rainmeter)

Not available in stores everywhere...
Not a Nintendo Power exclusive...
Not even for Club Nintendo...
Not a Nintendo DSi app...
Not exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Online service...
It's not even an accessory, peripheral, or attachment to the original NES...

So what is it?

It's just an all-new retro way to keep up with time!

The Nintendo Entertainment System Clock and Calendar, only for Rainmeter;
based on the retro gaming console that started it all on October 18th, 1985.


- Three sizes to choose from (Small, medium, and large; it all depends on either your preference, and/or your desktop's size.)

- Create up to 32 custom designs! Choose a variant, right-click on the skin, then select "Edit skin"! Simple enough, right? Pick your own colors from either RGB decimals (255,255,255) or hex triplets (FFFFFF) to make up to 32 custom designs of your wildest dreams! Yes, even customize the color of the background by choosing any color you want!

Download today, and you'll be keeping up with time again like it was the 80's.
Now you're playing with Rainmeter power.

Nintendo Entertainment System © Nintendo, 1985
© 2016 - 2021 TheWolfBunny
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Excellent work! :)
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Thank you! I'm more proud of my Super Mario Bros. 3 skin, but I'm glad you also like this one too.
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My pleasure! :)
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Hey! Remember me from 2018? Guess who updated the NES Clock and Calendar? Take a look!

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You did a great job!

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Thank you very much! With the new update I did, people can choose any colors as they please to their desires!

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