We Are

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We Are

[verse 1]
We are there
We are everything thats saved you from your fears
Whisper in my ear
Those three words i'm longing to here
We are there
Running       through the open air
Laid bare
By the currents of emotion that we share

Fly to meet the sun
Will you let me be one to hold you
Every night
Of our lives
Fly to meet the sun
Will you breathe the rays into your lungs
And kiss me here
I'll taste them on your tongue

[verse 2]
We are one
We are every parent loving every son
By the feeling that at last we've finally won
We are real
We are flesh and bone and earth and stone and steel
All is clear
In this place where we have both learned how to feel


We are home
We are every time you've danced while you're alone
We will show
How to breathe within the water as it flows
We are strong
We are every sunset every perfect dawn
Shared with one
That you never thought you'd ever come upon

My song We Are from my solo project The Wolf And The Wildcat -
© 2009 - 2022 TheWolfAndTheWildcat
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