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[verse 1]
All i ever see are the ones staring back at me
As if they can tell i hold the keys to the gates of hell
If you can stand the fires and keep your feet firmly on the ground
The burning will take you higher and treat you well
The night it calls all of us who've taken the fall
With fire in my blood in the blood of us all
We come when the moon has called

The night is alive with the smoke and the fire
I'm the first to arrive i'll be taking you higher
Just like the moon as he chases the sun away
I run with the wolves and the dark around me

[verse 2]
I'm not worried about second glances the shadows will cover my descent
The ones who see me won't get those chances the night is alive with my intent
To take this curse and run with the pack now your fate's been reversed cause i'm coming back
The hunter's become the hunted so lock your doors or you'll end up


The moon is my needle the clouds are my tourniquet all i need to get my fix
Who wants to live in the light in the dark i'm a god and i choose whether you stay alive

my song Lycanthropy from my solo project The Wolf And The Wildcat -
© 2009 - 2022 TheWolfAndTheWildcat
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