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Crazy Night

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I really don't know. Natani was doing somthing? and then she killed someone? I don't exactly know the details, perhaps you can fill them in. I imagine it would be better than what I would think of.

Inspird on the Twokinds forum
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Nice! Very Natani!
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In this day and age we have to worry about drunk driving.
Back then, they had to worry about drunk fighting.

Great work by the way, love the sword.
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Ha ha HA!

...but seriously, nice pic. Aside from the whole blood-soaked bit, she looks quite sexy ^w^ And after looking at the original pencil sketch on the 2kinds forum, I must admit that ink suits your drawing style best. There goes another one from the pencil sketch community...*sigh*
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HA ha HA HA!

...But thanks for the coment. I still do pencil sketches, but they are just not nearly as badass as ink. Yes, I said it, badass. Ink is badass. My favorit part about the whole thing is the disheveled bandages. They imply things.
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